Skyrim: The best way to start a new game!

Don't you all hate just how scripted the opening scenes are? What would you do, if you could change things!

Mod that allows you to create children avatars:

Music: Kevin MacLeod


  • Wiji Valencia

    I laff at the beggining lol he finally escaped

  • Thomas the Dank Engine

    Reminds me of my first time playing skyrim... Except the path finding for the carriage fucked up and it fell into rocks and I could never progress. My game broke literally the first time I fucking played it.

  • Colin Buckley

    How did he choose child

  • Babo Planitzer

    rexh u r dumb ass schitt

  • LuckyySeven7

    Multiple Alduins swarm around .. "ok" .Skeletons and random mercenaries spawns out of a clean sky .. "ok" .A giant chicken appears " GODS,NO! "

  • Lavawolf Dragons


  • Paladin Templar

    Idiot but i proper LOLLED, great stuff lol.

  • Emma Strauch

    xD I know what I'm doing now

  • Sasha Blouse

    I hear nothing but the soundtrack of attack on titan this is normal for me

  • Shutdown The Gamer

    Same old boring opening.

  • Brenda May

    You committed crimes against skyrim and her people what do you say in your defense

  • red fox 506

    Best skyrim glitch ever

  • João Marreiros

    ! Trolling seem´s to have started in Skyrim, before even the internet Trolls started.Há!

  • wolf Keoghser09

    but I don't know the expert level destruction spells yet

  • Some Guy

    by far the best skyrim video ever

  • Lolbit The Cute Fox

    Captain what do we do he's not on the list beep the list he gose to the block

  • Samuel Agustinus

    what dlc do you use? respon please

  • TVD- The Remedy

    Christ... Most chaotic opening sequence ever.

  • João Marreiros

    Oh God! That godamned Chicken!

  • Darren Griffin

    the chickens are awesome

  • Morgana The Cat Looking Guy

    This ruins the game.

  • Christiaan Denker

    The old lady in river wood: "Dragons I saw dragons and gigantic chickens!"

  • Ezekiel Crockett

    wtf did i just wache lol just kidding this is true ending

  • Blazey Kat

    Ulfric didnt give a damn

  • GRiiM

    it's so weird!!! more than 30fps wtf is that

  • Kvng Chris

    the music sounds like it comes from ninja gaiden

  • Mega Spore

    whole thing is just wtf

  • Spino Gaming

    F michel bay was the creator of skyrim this is the result

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