Skyrim: The best way to start a new game!

Don't you all hate just how scripted the opening scenes are? What would you do, if you could change things!

Mod that allows you to create children avatars:

Music: Kevin MacLeod


  • Windex

    roses are red,violets are blue,i love skyrim and so do you!

  • Nebby

    Some say Lokir is still running

  • patrick nolan patrick nolan

    my game glitched the guy who got shot for nuning just ran I did not even try to he just ran away

  • Robertdoesgamesism

    I used these cheats to be so many quests XD

  • WAYNE Hvozda

    best way to start the game FUCKING PUT DRAGONS EVERWHERE

  • KAY9

    I like how the Stormcloaks instead of escaping, they go back in line to await their eminent doom lol

  • Bulkred Dragonborn

    Haha fucking hallerious

  • ιndrιcavlυrrmyιѕ X

    Pwahahhahaha. So dorky.

  • someBODY once told me

    is this dramaalert music?

  • Josh Lefelhocz

    Does the captain still say Forget the list? Or is there some mod that makes her say F*** the list?

  • 100TurtleGaming

    Live another life2.0

  • RedRose

    Now I understand why everybody was so amazed that the dragonborn managed to escape Helgen. "You survived Helgen".

  • Maaquchi

    i like to start my day off wet.. sore ... and glowing complexion.. <:O does skyrim have a surprise butt sex start up...?

  • FodSpeed

    You've committed crimes against skyrim and her people. what's say you in your defense?

  • Cozmic

    Now that is how a fantasy world is supposed to be.

  • ulises avila

    Beutifoll way to start Skayrim it's very god

  • RageGamer

    At least j-zargo will be the Arch mage now.. .. .

  • Karl Sheen

    whats the music at 1:10 ?.....also...this was fricken hilarious!

  • Maaquchi

    alduin is using clone jutsu... xb

  • Melina Leonis

    What happens in Helgen stays in Helgen

  • Epic playz

    total chaos... and I love it

  • Daniel Outlaw

    would add more vampires and a army of chickens

  • MlgFatGuy

    I think I had the much skooma...

  • Gwise

    Lokir got away! Woo--hoo!

  • abdullaah !

    Whats the 2nd song is called?

  • Romelo Halo

    So if write "kill" in the console every one of front of me will die ??

  • ulises avila

    Amsicing apocalipsis and final it's kid dead

  • Kncperseus

    I wish they made Alduin bigger. He looks just like your average dragon.I know now what I must do

  • FodSpeed

    Non Fucks were given by ulfric that day

  • TheCrazyBadGamer

    im doing this for every cutscene now

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