Skyrim: The best way to start a new game!

Don't you all hate just how scripted the opening scenes are? What would you do, if you could change things!

Mod that allows you to create children avatars:

Music: Kevin MacLeod


  • ιndrιcavlυrrmyιѕ X

    Pwahahhahaha. So dorky.

  • FodSpeed

    You've committed crimes against skyrim and her people. what's say you in your defense?

  • Gwise

    Lokir got away! Woo--hoo!

  • Minder Maniac

    I lost it at the giant chickens

  • Robertdoesgamesism

    I used these cheats to be so many quests XD

  • Sanil Jadhav

    I haven't started the video yet , but the comment section is all Sheogorath-ish ...

  • Lavawolf Dragons


  • Windex

    roses are red,violets are blue,i love skyrim and so do you!

  • Lord Alduin

    Me: clicks on video Ad plays for new mobile Skyrim gameFacepalms

  • Maniac Builder

    #out sec i see this wrongun change an npc to a naked child male called sexy 0.o ...

  • FodSpeed

    Non Fucks were given by ulfric that day

  • bitsbubba

    F**k the list he goes to the block

  • Christiaan Denker

    The old lady in river wood: "Dragons I saw dragons and gigantic chickens!"

  • thelukester999

    Just had a good 2 hours of modding skyrim. Time to add one more.

  • Mcleod Mueller-Hill

    I had no idea that sexy rexy was a real celebrity nickname. I thought it was just something that Mr.Rhexx made up for comedic purposes. It was actually one of Rex Harrison's nicknames. Apparently Harrison hated it, though.

  • BOS Knight

    What if this was the regular Skyrim???

  • The Cunt

    Love it but it's normal the chickens are small

  • Sophia Garza

    The giant chickens made me laugh sooo hard 😂

  • Nebby

    Some say Lokir is still running

  • Melina Leonis

    What happens in Helgen stays in Helgen

  • MlgFatGuy

    I think I had the much skooma...

  • KAY9

    I like how the Stormcloaks instead of escaping, they go back in line to await their eminent doom lol

  • someBODY once told me

    is this dramaalert music?

  • Wiji Valencia

    I laff at the beggining lol he finally escaped

  • patrick nolan patrick nolan

    my game glitched the guy who got shot for nuning just ran I did not even try to he just ran away

  • Cozmic

    Now that is how a fantasy world is supposed to be.

  • Emma Strauch

    xD I know what I'm doing now

  • TVD- The Remedy

    Christ... Most chaotic opening sequence ever.

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