Skyrim: Assassin's Creed III Mod [MACHINIMA]

Joł.Tak przerwa mała przerwa pomiędzy sztuką przetrwania.Mała prezentacja modu Assassin's Creed III do Skyrima.


Hi, mod adds armor and hood Connor of Assassin's Creed III is such a small presentation, the following links to download.
Connor Robes and Armor.



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  • Iron Shield

    Make music no voices no sound effects plzzz

  • comicblock

    where i can find the robs in the game?

  • Alex

    ok this looks sweet as al hell, and also im pretty sure someone else has made this joke somewhere alongthe line but still, Elder Creed.

  • GroundSmasherTV

    Tak przerwa mala przerwa pomiedzy sztuka przertrwania. Mala prezentacja modu assasin's creed III do skyrima. Minikane MOD. And blablabla. Translate all of that. I dont even know what this mean

  • Seinnt47

    Oh Trevor ..fuck off...we don't have time for this.

  • meeatdingoman

    what file format did you use

  • Morkz

    how to create it? when i go to blacksmith in riverwood to craft its nothing

  • Turillin

    W jakiej to zakładce w kuźni??

  • Mr. Ornstein

    well I wont look at nazem that way agian

  • Ganesha1223

    dude go to steam Workshop and search/download Native American bow and arrow mod.

  • jaiden henry

    that was fucking sick

  • tahlia Meier

    that was fuckin sick

  • Iron Shield

    Great video and a great mod

  • drivinscool game's

    is it on steamtell me if you know

  • Darkwolf523

    Its my job to make sure the assassins are gone

  • Eetu J.

    It's Raton'hnakéton, not some " Connor Kenway ". 😡

  • Kanal TuReN

    Вася решает вопрос!)))

  • Seinnt47

    Już nie pamiętam...chyba "różne"

  • Annelise Krinsky

    cool mod but this video is really bad

  • Safwan Ahmed

    elder scrolls 5 AC 3?

  • 라시굴


  • FXGURU tutorials and videos

    Nazeem trained Connor what

  • cyberkiller

    How did you make connor do the leap of faith at the end of the video?

  • Rozalin

    Poor thing. And down at the end)

  • Georgina Draco

    I'm clicking on the link and it goes to the site, but when I click download nothing happens :I

  • joanna sarkady


  • RedDeadGamer 51

    then u shall fail templar scum lol jk dont take it seriously I'm just being in character

  • The Mighty League Of Legends

    where is the armor located?

  • Philip Clyde

    This trailer is freaking awesome

  • Lion Chin

    Man you make me think this is assassin creed 3

  • Seinnt47

    -.- Go to Riverwood and create it.

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