Skyrim – Top 5 DLC-Sized Mods Coming in 2018; Skyrim's Biggest Upcoming Mods

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim has been out for well over six years, however today we look at what we can expect out of the modding community for the next one. With many DLC sized mods planned to release for Skyrim in 2018, today we’ll be looking at my favorite 5. Here’s to all these TES 5 mods releasing on time.
Lordbound -

Apotheosis -

Beyond Skyrim: Expedition to Atmora –

Skyrim Together –

Cantiligo –
No official site :/

Outro Music: Good Ol’ Days – Martin Landh
  • ShadowofDeath Mz

    I’m excited for all can’t wait

  • Johan Piu egtg u sth5gwedra

    Is the "Skyrim Together" only for PC? Or is it available on Xbox One? I would really like to play Skyrim with my friends!

  • Memealiciousboi

    Are these mods all compatible with each other? They won’t interfere with each other if I have them installed all at once?

  • Radmila Nadj

    At mora is like the ice age of tamerial

  • Arjun Srivastava

    I just can’t even stress how amazing of an experience Skyrim continues to be so many years after release. A gem of a game

  • Mettin Kaytaz


  • COW

    0:09 im into being proud of my white heritage and harassing other people for their skin color. Well that backfired huh?

  • Xylem1

    I actually auditioned to voice act for Lordbound. A bit miffed that I didn't get cast now!

  • Andrew Tauber-Herring

    Make these on consoles and I will be happy :)

  • rema fanai

    So eight people are going to be dragonborns,weird

  • Baggy

    When Bethesda won't make TES6 so modders take it into their own hands

  • P. can69cer Lopez

    Apotheosis, Skyrim together, beyond Skyrim atmora

  • SP Inc.

    The one I'm most looking forward to is Rigmor of Cyrodiil, although I do not know if it is coming out this year. But I do hope so! The first one was amazing.

  • Daniel Fattouh

    will cantilago come to xbox

  • Tyrone Smith

    does the ps4  get these mods /dlc's  ??  was thinking about buying this game.

  • caleb stanfield

    If they ever make a Elder Scrolls VI: ??? They should make more dlcs... and a better civil war because honestly I hate the Stormcloaks V Imperials, not a big fan of the S cloaks so I chose Imperials because Cyrodil was the first part of Tamriel (Morrowind too but there's no Dark Elf side :C )

  • nic price

    Will all these mods be on xbox one/ps4 or just pc?

  • Connor Foynes

    these mods get me moister than an oyster!! also what is the mod shown with the two handed weapons on the shoulder animation?

  • Mitchel Jacobs

    Skyrim Together seems an awesome mod to me

  • Zachary Fluke

    Very excited for Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind! I just watched the team’s debut trailer and I think we’re going to really like it. I enjoyed your analysis of it as well, Nate. Thank you for posting that :)


    Hey do you guys think Bethesda will ever add a multi-player for console?

  • Issin TF

    What about Enderal: Forgotten Stories?

  • El Hurón

    It is coming to Xbox one?

  • Vanguard Vex

    I hope Skyrim together comes to consoles.

  • MtsIII

    All these huge mods and still no simple mod that gives you another sheath when you dual wield :(

  • Son Of Arathorn

    Someone should make a mod where they recreate Cyrodiil from Oblivion and combine both Skyrim and Cyrodiil together in a huge map.

  • Mike Boyd

    Will any of these be on Xbox1?

  • aaron

    This man's information is rushed and unresearched - if he was paying attention to the apotheosis mod page you'd see that they will NOT be editing combat systems

  • ItzKlamzXtreme

    I'm very much more interested in how they got Skyrim Together to even work and sync than actually playing the mod.

  • GamerX800

    These only for old edition or special will supported?

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