Skyrim Mod: Settlements Expanded

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Settlements Expanded

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  • Duy Nguyễn

    dovahkiin, another settlement needs your help. Here, i've marked on your map

  • Sean Stars

    I'm so happy my favourite game of all time still has a modding community creating cool shit like this. Really good video, Brodual.

  • Kerple

    Is this compatible with Holds?

  • Project Scrolls

    If you listen to the video at 0.5 speed brodual sounds drunk af.... love the vid :D

  • deadboy 12

    What happened to that Argonian?!

  • Kęstutis Markevičius

    im a bit new to skyrim modded, so can someone tell me how i am supposed to read the full senteces of a perk when i have mods installed like Perkus Maximus? it doesnt show the full sentence and i cant understand its meaning. can someone explain how to fix this?

  • Ben Hollis

    Also Arthmoor (author of the unofficial sse patch) has mods for lots of places like Karthwasten, Ivarstead, Shor's Stone and all those types of places to expand them

  • Magi V

    What the hell was that...THING in the ending card


    How compat with ETaC and/or Cut Content?

  • Go Cardinals

    Will this come to console?

  • Tovarisch Yutaraptor

    Thanks to Preston I can't see the word Settlement without thinking how much Fallout 4 sucked.


    Pretty sure Coldstone Mine is actually a prison in the Interesting NPCs DLC quest mod

  • LivedKestral 950

    I saw settlements in the title somewhere in the comments there is a wild Preston garvey

  • NakedAvanger

    I need somebody to tell me if there is an immersive college of winterhold mod for skyrim SE out yet

  • Yeenosaur

    Is there any way of blocking MxR reviews from my suggestions, I would rather have useful reviewers like Brodual and other channels like them pop up in my suggestions then useless ones.

  • Domenico

    Anybody with this installed know if it hurts your FPS bad?

  • Michael N

    Grrr...what a shame this is only available for SE

  • happy bidet

    is this available on xbox 1 and ps4?

  • Saška Prpić

    What abut "Immersive Settlements"? Witch one is better.

  • Runningback02

    it's crazy how old this game is and it's still my favorite 🙂

  • Jon Keeley

    0:40 that guy just appears outta no where

  • adamsrealm

    Can you please state in the title or description which version of skyrim this is for? Thanks :)

  • Matthew Rivera

    Is this on special edition for pc?

  • Wojak Sienkiewicz

    I tried it out, and it's honestly pretty cruddy. The idle animations often glitch out, the lighting in Coldstone is weird and the whole area looks off, the blacksmiths all have the exact same stock, and the NPC's added, despite having no quests, dialogue, or any character at all, are all essential for no reason.Plus it adds new areas which won't be affected by mods like ELFX. In general, there's just compatibility issues.

  • Max Piccione

    That ending.... Scared me for life.....

  • JJ BB

    do you use an enb????

  • BM Bolt

    Will this mod come to Xbox?

  • BrutusES

    I wanna know what that track is called on the outro card

  • Liam Fosdike

    That poor child at the end

  • Whiterun Guard

    Is it on PS4 probably not, but I want it

  • Pedro Gomes

    This mod is also commonly known as SMELTING EVERYWHERE

  • Sir Guar

    The deciding factor for me was the compatibility with Holds (yayy!)

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