Skyrim - Top 10 ENEMY Mods | 2017 Edition

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Welcome! Showcase and personal comments for the most interesting, challenging and rewarding ENEMY mods for Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition according to your truly. The best enemy mods in different categories - creatures, bosses, combat, AI, perks & skills, encounter events and immersion.
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==== MUSIC ====
Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Blades of Might:
Vindsvept - Satyr:
Alex Roe - Beckon a Foul Beast:
Vindsvept - Nightfall (metal version):
Vindsvept - Collision:

==== MOD LIST ====
Ultimate Combat:
SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators + patches:
Skyrim Immersive Creatures + fix patch:
Revenge Of the Enemies 2016 + patches:
Advanced Adversary Encounters + patches:
OBIS - Organized Bandits in Skyrim:
Deadly Dragons:
Moonlight Tales - Werewolf and Werebear Overhaul:
Immersive Patrols:
ASIS + it's improved ini files:


I do not own Skyrim or Skyrim mods. All credits go to Bethesda. Thank you for all the TES series. Also tonns of thanks to all modders and Nexusmods community who made next-gen Skyrim possible. Cheers!
  • John Ellis

    Title of video should have been-How to turn Skyrim into Dark Souls

  • fredEVOIX

    Attention users of : Rebirth Monster - HLE SIC Patch.esp you may have read below that I complained about rebirth monster mod, the problem is that merge patch :/ just found the person who did it not only merged creatures and powers but also boosted bosses making them stupidly OP (some are 80 instead of following player level in rebirth) I did not expect a merge patch to have changes that are in none of the base mods, I'm making a new merge patch and will upload on nexus monday

  • Melchizedekian Order Of Jeshurun

    Asis is one of the best mods ever. It's just as you said. After installing all these spell mods & perk overhaul mods, the only thing cooler was giving the npc's access to them too & overhauling their Ai. Battles are super crazy, but way more fun!!!

  • Attornado Andrea

    Does Revenge of the enemies replace all the draugrs with skeletons? Because in the Bleak Falls Barrow I only found skeletons at level 1/2

  • Nephi Henry

    what sword is the orc dawnguard guy using?

  • Young Chef

    bethesda take notes of these mods> a superior and smart ai along with unique abilities and fighting styles will separate an ok game from THE BEST GAME . p.s. give us TES 6 !

  • AnalizaTheSnark

    For those with Skyrim SE, many of these aren't available. I ended up using this combination: Advanced Adversary Encounters, High-Level Enemies, Genesis (both Surface and Dungeon versions), Combat Evolved, Wildcat Combat, Realistic Ragdolls and Force, Violens, Enhanced Blood Textures, Deadly Dragon Priests, Zim's Dremora Improvements, and Immersive Patrols. It has made my game significantly harder, to the point that I actually had to finally step down the difficulty from legendary to Master. So far battles have been insane. I barely know what is going on half the time, and Amazing Follower Tweaks are a necessity because I need to have at least 3 followers backing me up when I get swarmed by 10 NPCs at a time.I still need to get a dodge, creature and probably a dragon mod (I am still killing them in a few hits when, thanks to my other mods, bandits are now kicking my ass). Asis and RotE are available and would be nice, but I am waiting for SKSE64 for those as they are not complete without it. Hope that helps for those SE users who need these kind of mods too :P

  • Naeloo Pardayan

    For fuck's sake ...those rolls turns skyrim into some Dark Souls hardcore shit...the guys finally did it and it looks fucking great...thanks alot for the video friend...all of this goes into my next modding recipe

  • ifofcourse

    This is actually a really good and informative video, thank you very much!

  • Attornado Andrea

    Mmh, I want to ask you a thing, I noticed that my enemies are vey weak(in terms of health,not damage) with this modlist: I have wrong load order or something? PS: my character is level 3 right now.

  • Maciej

    What is it called enb?

  • Alazarn Freeman

    попахивает русским акцентом

  • StarDagger Rihannsu

    Thanks, love your videos.

  • Bora Özerdem

    Very well made thank you

  • Dragon Grandpa Gamer

    The title is misleading. Except for obis most mods here are ai or combat mods.

  • Kyle Heltsley

    Is the ultimate combat on Xbox one?

  • speedguitardemon

    Do you use the original Skyrim or the special edition?

  • BrandonHeat92

    What about for ps4 ? I wants to make my playthrough extremely difficult. I would love a mod to increase the amounts of enemies.

  • DemonJaden

    Some bloodborne music for the video. Loved it

  • Sinitar Gaming

    Timing:Ultimate Combat - 00:32SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators - 02:23Skyrim Immersive Creatures - 03:55Revenge Of the Enemies 2016 - 05:39Advanced Adversary Encounters - 07:07OBIS - Organized Bandits in Skyrim - 08:39Deadly Dragons - 09:58Moonlight Tales - Werewolf and Werebear Overhaul - 11:08Immersive Patrols - 12:12ASIS - 13:05Dat combat/movement animations: (combat and greatsword) (movement) (sheathe/unsheathe)Dat weapons/armors: (daedric katana) (dawnguard armor retexture) (greatsword and shiny armor) (robe) (sword in ASIS showcase)Dat thumbnail images:

  • deadass boy

    what mod do you use for the trail the the sword leaves when you swing it

  • kjellman96

    Was a long time since I played but if I recall correctly Immersive Patrols always crashed my game. Does anyone know if this has changed?

  • DeathIsLight

    Dude without your guide my game wouldn't be as EPIC as it is right now. the gameplay is honestly amazing with your combat Mod stack you show at the end of the guide! thank you!

  • misterRDF

    Great video - thanks for the upload

  • ∞Phantasm

    Have you happened to figure out which mod causes that floating canopy in the sky at 2:45 outside of Whiterun? I've been trying to figure it out for a few days to tell the author of the mod, since it is probably an easy fix.

  • Ominous Presence

    Great list. I'd recommend AAE over RoTE, though.

  • A'J

    hollys**t i got a strange bug, any enemy even a low lvl bandit if they throw 2 destruction spell on me i died instantly, LOL

  • Dream on

    which mod do you use to put shield on your back

  • Danny Simms

    Most of these mods are good. However, I strongly suggest not to use OBIS especially after having tested it. There are a few major problems with the mod (and these aren't really 'bug' issues just gameplay issues). First, it makes guards effectively and completely worthless in the game. The Bandits are so above and beyond them that any encounter between guards and bandits will result in the guards deaths in seconds meaning basically if there is any bandit attack anywhere in the world they will annihilate all in their path. Second is that during the Companions quest, the Silver hand have OBIS bandits. Yet, they are not listed as what type of bandit they are. So, when you attack them... especially trying to sneak you risk insta death by attacking... yeah that was a thing with no way to know that would happen... no clue or hint. Third, OBIS effectively forces you to have a balanced playstyle instead of sticking with what you want. Some enemies can only be killed by magic... some only by melee. Thus, if you wanted a mage character... it forces you to actually train skills that you had no intention of ever using. So it's not a mod problem... its a balancing problem with that mod in particular and there are others that balance it better. So suggest avoiding that one.

  • Ali Zurkany

    You're really good at giving an overview of what the mod offers. Most people just say a simple thing about what it does, but you list most important things which is very good. Keep up the great work.

  • austin baker

    Are these on Xbox one.

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