Skyrim Mod: Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul

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Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul

Intro/Outro Music:
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Dustin Suryadi

    How well does this function with Warzones and Warzones AA? Do picnic-going NPCs travel to places with cannons, landmines, and explosive arrows?

  • Hübris

    Hold up, If poor weather (somewhat) affects their behavior, What does Silda The Unseen (Windhelm Beggar) do? She has no home.

  • XLGamerAddict

    Hell brodual! Thank you for all the mod spotlights, I wouldn't have found over half of these mods without your videos.I do have a suggestion for a new spotlight, and that's why I commented on this video, AI Overhaul: looks like a very good alternative to ICAO and A LOT friendlier to other mods(especially city overhaul mod)This mod deserves way more attention :)Regards!

  • nobody important

    "Helps humanize npcs"*npcs dancing and wildly waving their arms in silence for no reason

  • SomeGingerDude

    It would be awesome if Bethesda looked at the mods people made for Skyrim and implemented the same concepts in TES VI whenever they start that

  • Kawika Mersberg

    I got this mod and really noticed it when in the whiterun market

  • Rusty Shakleford

    Makes the dark brotherhood quest line harder and more fun.. requires more strategy too.

  • antonio bradiano

    My game crashes every time I add any immersion any know why? even the SkyUI. The skse is installed correct so.

  • Justin Cao

    I always lose the immersion when i fast travel to a city at 3am and THEN they all start to go home........

  • Night Howl

    I'm looking for one where I can take guard clothes on and people will think I'm a guard.

  • Watching !

    Bethesda can’t even prefect their own games. Hahaha

  • Azukay49

    Can this mod be taken off any time?

  • Goku Africa

    so it's been 2 years since this video upload. So what's the progress on this mod? Have they covered all cities by now?

  • Damn son where'd you find this.

    I didn't even notice a big difference but now I know. I do admit citizen behavior did feel different.Mostly I noticed that if there was a dragon roaring somewhere for instance but it wasn't a red dot on the map yet they still freaked out.

  • uzumakii naruto

    3:40 that's all I needed to download and endorse this mod......And I can't find part 2 in the description

  • The King Music

    WAIT a good mod covered by brodual (as always) that is available on the ps4

  • Infinite

    I have mixed feelings on this mod. I like it because immersion. But I hate it because it seems to mess up my game

  • Yamé Iraavatee

    now i want play skyrim again

  • Ardin Catish

    This should have been in the game from the start!! I can't believe how bad the 'radiant ai' got in skyrim. In oblivion, people ate, slept, and did stuff. In skyrim, half the population doesn't sleep. :/

  • Alex da Vinci

    2:17 that's "trickle economics" for ya

  • Mario E.

    This is exactly what mods should be about; makes it feel like Shenmue, but with even more depth. Amazing work. This would be plausible to pay for...

  • temporal dialga

    After downloading this mod I noticed the Talos worshipper guy in whiterun disappeared so I looked for him and found him in the whiterun dungeon. I felt had and broke him out :(

  • Someone


  • Liam Lane

    Sadly this mod don't work with Expanded Towns and Cities by missjennabee :'(

  • Kinda Personality

    Does the lite version of the mod provide NPCs specific behavior?

  • Carnage Tf2

    Wont this mod kill npcs?

  • EndLessDream

    Before downloading and installing read this:*THIS MOD IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MOST CITIES CHANGER MODS*Without a doubt, this is one of the most immersive and ambitious mod regarding npc, sadly the author doesnt want to make and let people make a compatibility plugins for this mod.So keep in mind before using it. Unless you're not planning on installing other mods that linked with cities (which are alot) ETaC for example, then try this mod out, its a very good mod. But skip it if you're a modding junkie and wants every little bits and pieces modded, this mod aint worth the hassle.The Lite version is compatible with most mods, but it doesnt include the best appeal of the mod, the AI schedules and behaviors, which are the main reason most people download this mod.

  • Daehawk

    I had to remove immersive Citizens because it was conflicting with other mods and screwing up my game.

  • Calo Kronn

    People like Nazeem still should talk to you when you walk by, Given the fact he seems to walk around town for the sole purpose of insulting people.

  • BrandonHeat92

    I can't find the Khajits ! The khajit merchants don't show with this mod.

  • Steel Tarkus

    I already used this mod but I had no idea half of the stuff in this video was because of it, I thought it was part of the game.Shows how great of a mod it is.

  • Crystal Thunderheart

    I only have one issue yulsalda (whatever her name his) is harassing me.... cuz of the amulet of Mara. She forces me into a conversation whenever I'm in sight.( the only reason why I'm wearing it is because of Kaiden)

  • Lm BORZ

    Whats the best load order for this mod ??

  • Kakashi Hayate

    when i install it it gave me a option lite or full edition idk which one to choose

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