Skyrim Mod: Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul

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Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul

Intro/Outro Music:
CC BY 3.0 -
  • y0ungunz

    Can you use this Mod with Dovahkiin Keep and there won't be any problems?

  • Huckleberry

    I have mixed feelings on this mod. I like it because immersion. But I hate it because it seems to mess up my game

  • Mark Martin

    Hold up, If poor weather (somewhat) affects their behavior, What does Silda The Unseen (Windhelm Beggar) do? She has no home.

  • IAmACow

    Does this mod affect followers?

  • Fate Breaker

    someone needs to make a cooking overhaul mod. am I the only one who thinks cooking in skyrim is bland and pointless. most of the food you make in vanilla is pointless since their are potions for everything.

  • Elmos Mayora

    How about NPC like animal and other creature?

  • Kawika Mersberg

    I got this mod and really noticed it when in the whiterun market

  • SageNode

    was there ever a part two for this?

  • Lollipop Mari

    I go to Brodual for my immersive mods. I'm a certified immersion scientists.

  • Fate Breaker

    I freakin love this mod. it makes skyrim feel and looks so much more lifelike.

  • SomeGingerDude

    It would be awesome if Bethesda looked at the mods people made for Skyrim and implemented the same concepts in TES VI whenever they start that

  • Elysium Heart

    Help? cant find part 2 video

  • OG509

    i have that colorful faces glitch

  • MrThademon

    This MOD does not work. You constantly cannot complete side quests and it makes your Silver-Blood family ring dissapear. It's really a lie. Maybe it works on other systems on the PS4 it does absolutely nothing except make your game bug out. The FAQ says it might bug out with an alternate start but they don't bother telling you. Just avoid this one. It's awful and it breaks your save game.

  • Evan Campbell

    No dlc required version? :(

  • Night Howl

    I'm looking for one where I can take guard clothes on and people will think I'm a guard.

  • Alex Gheorghiță

    Ok, I'm posting here since google hasn't really helped. In the MCM menu, some options are disabled. Most of the factions, except The College, Thieve's guild and Companions, are greyed out and unclickable(including Dawnguard and Solstheim, which the mod apparently needs in order to run). Anyone else had/has the same problem? Or has the mod author not gotten around to covering them in the mod?

  • Goku Africa

    so it's been 2 years since this video upload. So what's the progress on this mod? Have they covered all cities by now?

  • Power Fox Gaming

    I actually came to riverwood to the inn and I ended up finding embry on the floor passed out after I gave him all my mead after he danced around for a minute or two and stayed like that until around 11Am pretty cool but small feature but cool anyways

  • Vincent Stover

    if u make custom citizens will they follow these roles?

  • Bademus the Cat

    If someone or maybe the Brodual himself if reading this, guys, can you tell if this mod is compatible with Relationship Dialogue Overhaul? Both mods alter the AI and I am not confident about activating both at one time.

  • Kris

    Here's a good question:Why the fuck do we need the DG and DB DLC's ?

  • Justin Cao

    I always lose the immersion when i fast travel to a city at 3am and THEN they all start to go home........

  • Callum Shamwana

    Would the weather influence conflict with the Wet and Cold mod?

  • Z. Turniap

    I used this blindly before, but no more. In short the creator's an asshole, and I refuse to support him in any shape or form. I don't care if it's a diamond mod, my dignity won't let me unsee the fact that it's origins is a big steamy pile of shit, snot, and spit.

  • Smith Tyler

    I may've missed this in some other video, but what specifically dictates your decision to choose a specific mod to make a video about? When I'm browsing for mods on nexus, if I see you've done a video on it, I'm typically more inclined to download the mod.

  • Flavor

    4:16 i never noticed that with the sparks and the water

  • XLGamerAddict

    Hell brodual! Thank you for all the mod spotlights, I wouldn't have found over half of these mods without your videos.I do have a suggestion for a new spotlight, and that's why I commented on this video, AI Overhaul: looks like a very good alternative to ICAO and A LOT friendlier to other mods(especially city overhaul mod)This mod deserves way more attention :)Regards!

  • Daehawk

    I had to remove immersive Citizens because it was conflicting with other mods and screwing up my game.

  • Tawny Embers Mae

    This doesn't affect Inigo does it?

  • Windwalker

    mouse cursor at 0:45 near the broom! lol I found that out!

  • The Chronomancer

    All hail the mods and the modders!

  • Nimzo Nimzo

    "These all come with fitting animations that look great!"Lady pours empty bucket of water

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