SKYRIM BATTLE #2 - 1000 Imperial VS. 1000 Stormcloak

SKYRIM BATTLE #2 - 1000 Imperial VS. 1000 Stormcloak

A HUGE open field battle outside whiterun between 1000 imperials and 1000 stormcloaks, Ulfric Stormcloak and General Tullius lead each army, who will win?

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  • Firiel Casselius

    Soldiers in the air XD

  • Luis Carlos Henriques Santos


  • BigMoser Gaming

    What makes this amazing is you picked my favorite track out of all the Skyrim music.

  • shandon122

    Can you post your specs? I'm curious what computer you're using to support these many npcs, or did you just film the battle in chunks? I'm curious because I find it hard to believe you had 2000 ai moving at once. I can barely get 100 npcs in open battle and I have a high end gaming pc q:

  • Tachanka

    At the end u can see ulfrick ded

  • TheSovietComrade

    Stormclock Skyrim: Hey Soviet Union. We already defeat the Imperial Skyrim and won the Skyrim Civil War. Now is time to defeat you. We have Swords, Shields, Magic and Dragon. You have what? Soviet Union: We have Guns, Advanced Weapons, Jets, Helicopters and Nuclear Warfare. Fight me if you dare!

  • Cosmic Contrarian

    This was the most upvoted suggestion from the previous video, awesome because it was going to be battle #2 anyway. I'm glad it was the most upvoted though because it shows that I'm in touch with what you guys want to see in battles, super important!Often when I'm watching battles I get more ideas, so if you guys have any battle suggestions post them, especially if you get them watching this video, that's where I get my best ideas!THANK YOU for all the birthday messages on the last video and THANK YOU for all of the suggestions!If you've not seen the previous battle, here it is -, comment and subscribe my friends. As always, thanks for watching!EDIT - YOUTUBE STILL PROCESSING TO 4K, FUUUUCKKKEDIT 2 - 4k AVAILABLE NOW, YAY!!! :D

  • Krispy kritz

    So, why did the imperials fight without shields and heavy armor?

  • Ali Hendi

    What is the code for the imperial with the shield

  • FocusGame TV

    y the fuck are they floating

  • Connor Sydney

    This is the result of what parents would do if you don't eat your greens

  • Robert Crooker

    I liked how you included witcher 3 music as well. Lol

  • themaskedmaniac5

    Skyrim is for the noooooords

  • Dimi Morozov

    Bitch not fair fight because the imperials got the west tower

  • G Howe

    how can u spawn all those npcs in?

  • suomi perkele!

    Also imperias didnt have any others weapon than bow and sword

  • Iban Arregui

    The imperials obviously didn’t win as there was no heavy imperials and they didn’t have shields so bruh not fair

  • Van Steel

    This is so joyful to watch! Especially the ending .. seeing that elven ass kisser shouted off the tower just made my day! Hail Talos, brothers!

  • Philipp Lawrenz

    witchersoundtrack stolen?

  • Nino

    4:07 i was an adventurer like you, then in took an arrow in dick.

  • Oh Hi Mark

    If Skyrim stays united with the empire, they have a better chance against the Thalmor.



  • olivier Van Beeck

    War, war never changes

  • J Wilson

    2:48 a imperial started floating lol

  • VeryMuchAGentleman Tennouji Kotarou

    Nah, Imperials would win.

  • The Spectacular Walrus

    its epic but i its kinda ruined when you see all the people levitating XD

  • xXKenxKanekixX

    Bruh this dude playing Skyrim and The Witcher 3 music xD

  • Owen Prior

    I think their should have been a Wilhelm scream, or maybe a WINDHELM scream.

  • Bit Gaming

    proof that the imperials suck

  • Kaidee - Razz

    Ulfric had the advantage of hight for his shout, so unfair for the imperials lol

  • PrishtinasiDE

    That last stand by that imperial archers was kinda epic.

  • SM GC

    wtf, my pc crashed in 50v50

  • Joey Robert

    enhanced blood texture with that..😳😳😳

  • Bernard Jr Wasp-colin

    I would love to be let loose on that battlefield

  • Spiderglider 135

    1:33 casually floating

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