SKYRIM BATTLE #2 - 1000 Imperial VS. 1000 Stormcloak

SKYRIM BATTLE #2 - 1000 Imperial VS. 1000 Stormcloak

A HUGE open field battle outside whiterun between 1000 imperials and 1000 stormcloaks, Ulfric Stormcloak and General Tullius lead each army, who will win?

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  • Cosmic Contrarian

    This was the most upvoted suggestion from the previous video, awesome because it was going to be battle #2 anyway. I'm glad it was the most upvoted though because it shows that I'm in touch with what you guys want to see in battles, super important!Often when I'm watching battles I get more ideas, so if you guys have any battle suggestions post them, especially if you get them watching this video, that's where I get my best ideas!THANK YOU for all the birthday messages on the last video and THANK YOU for all of the suggestions!If you've not seen the previous battle, here it is -, comment and subscribe my friends. As always, thanks for watching!EDIT - YOUTUBE STILL PROCESSING TO 4K, FUUUUCKKKEDIT 2 - 4k AVAILABLE NOW, YAY!!! :D

  • Momo iSHiMuro

    Вот такого сражения я ждал когда захватывал Солитьюд!!!

  • Juli der coole Hund

    Flieg Peuple everywhere

  • joshua kim

    So...did anyone else notice Beirand just randomly there and shooting a bow?

  • That1 Gopnik

    How it should have gone 8:13 all looked lost for them Empire...but....THEN THE WINGED HUSSARS ARRIVED!

  • Momo iSHiMuro

    What kind of music is in the video?

  • Sponki_ Kong

    epic battle.....especially when they started flying lol

  • Rotten Apple Reviewer

    Victory to the Stormcloaks! Skyrim belongs to the Nords! You even played The Last Kingdom theme song at one point. To awesome!

  • FrowningFlamingo5

    2:23 why were those guys flying all over the place?

  • Yoshi The One 2

    Of course cosmic is in favor of the stormcloaks since it gets the most cinematic view and he is literally in it.

  • Nejc Balaban

    Death to Stormcloaks

  • Cory Branch

    "Must have scared them off."

  • That1 Gopnik

    See now THIS is what I should see every time i storm a damn fort and kick out The Stormcloaks! An actual battle! Not a 10 v10!

  • Earl Herman

    Can I get a mod for this and other great battles.

  • Crocodile Smash

    The first time The High Ground didn’t work in a battle.

  • pablo alfaro

    "you imperial basterds"

  • boody alex

    Wow what kind of beast computer you're on dude?

  • Cole Jordan

    I really regret not playing this game a few years ago. Do you think it's to late?

  • i live

    8:22 that is a great stratagy just float up untill the fights over

  • MLG Monkey

    The subtitles would be filled with “Nuh...”

  • United We Stand


  • Dr Von

    whats with the floating people

  • Lone Surviver

    At first I didn't really care about the sides of the war but then the imperials started to get annoying so regardless of who was right or wrong I was killing imperial soldiers

  • Neiroe

    Death to the stormcloak rebellion.

  • GC Martin TOUCH

    Imperials vs Stormcloak's & you CHOOSE Witcher 3 MUSIC.. M8

  • 『ɹǝddǝdɯɐS』 kys

    Most of scared em off...

  • O Sem Ideia

    Who need's mages ? We have flying soldiers!!!!

  • Yoshi The One 2

    2:13 most fucked up moment ever.

  • random guy

    The archers are Supposeto be at the back

  • Avo Soldier

    Long Live the Empire !!!!!!

  • Ninja Pandas

    The imperials will get there revenge

  • Geralt Of Rivia

    music likekaer morhen vs skelliga

  • dmitri chehova

    2:11 what kind of wizardry is this?

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