SKYRIM BATTLE #2 - 1000 Imperial VS. 1000 Stormcloak

SKYRIM BATTLE #2 - 1000 Imperial VS. 1000 Stormcloak

A HUGE open field battle outside whiterun between 1000 imperials and 1000 stormcloaks, Ulfric Stormcloak and General Tullius lead each army, who will win?

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  • Winek

    Abre el puto plano cojoneeee

  • aff four

    this looks quite shitty. especially when folks start levitating.

  • Midnight

    Stormcloak! Hail Talos!

  • tomythekiller38


  • Uranus

    Holy shit man 75% of the comments is stormcloak prognangda. Death the to the stormcloaks!

  • AncientAbilities

    OH NO HES UNDER 1FT AWAY FROM ME!!!!!Better use a bow

  • Darth Revan

    If this is how the civil war was in the game then Skyrim truly would’ve been the best elder scrolls game.

  • Galimeer5

    I'm calling shenanigans. The Imperial soldiers weren't properly equipped, having no shields, heavy sets, and often using iron daggers.

  • Painex

    1:32 hover Cheat detected

  • wolf war

    The stoarmcloaks won but at what cost???

  • Seb0rn

    Not a fair battle, the Stormcloaks won anyway.

  • Jimmy Neutron

    skyrim belongs to the skeletons

  • Yionibal Ortiz

    Ulfric works for the Thalmor

  • AT3H

    9:44 ulfric is dead lul

  • Sput Nik

    2:41 I am sorry, but my people have called me.

  • Tommy Nattaway

    Too many bodies to loot.

  • Cosmic Contrarian

    This was the most upvoted suggestion from the previous video, awesome because it was going to be battle #2 anyway. I'm glad it was the most upvoted though because it shows that I'm in touch with what you guys want to see in battles, super important!Often when I'm watching battles I get more ideas, so if you guys have any battle suggestions post them, especially if you get them watching this video, that's where I get my best ideas!THANK YOU for all the birthday messages on the last video and THANK YOU for all of the suggestions!If you've not seen the previous battle, here it is -, comment and subscribe my friends. As always, thanks for watching!EDIT - YOUTUBE STILL PROCESSING TO 4K, FUUUUCKKKEDIT 2 - 4k AVAILABLE NOW, YAY!!! :D

  • Maria Rgyghtghyyhhythygyh

    stormcloacs are better!!!!!

  • Joshue Rivera

    Dude the cgi is crazy how'd you make them fly like that 😂😂 jk

  • dragon4568

    I wish I had mods for Skyrim. Probably should look into the special edition.

  • Maria Rgyghtghyyhhythygyh

    fuck Impearles they are ass!!!!!!!! :(


    Now THIS looks like a damn war

  • Larsus

    I always dreamed of a game like this. A game where you could have massive battles and control the character and be part of it, but with good and engaging mechanics. Basically, a Total War game (where you more or less get to fight your personal battles) but being able to control your own character and fight in the heart of it, with enjoyable controls and mechanics.Mount & Blade looks like the closest to what I've always sought. I usually quench the need by playing GTA and battling the cops, imagining that I'm in some sort of endless war... but the fact that I'm on my own and that you get killed fast breaks the immersion xD Or entering a stronghold in Shadow of Mordor and fighting the orcs forever...If you know of a game similar to what I described, please let me know :)

  • Quick scooper No scope faze

    Wish the civil war was as cool as that

  • Paul Martin

    1.4k dislikes from imperials

  • Paul Martin

    imperials were given high ground and fire

  • Ein Mensch

    How did you make this war?

  • William_BroBrine

    F the storm cloaks and the Imperials all i want is the best for skyrim. For skyrim

  • Deadgreeninja CoG

    Where’s the heavy imperils and heavy tormcloaks plus where’s the orc and etc... imperial troops?

  • Harry Hudson

    Skyrim belongs to Lydia

  • Musashi Wasabi

    stormcloak wins the battle ahaha

  • Aadil Ali

    Stormcloaks for life

  • Ampero Perez

    This is so epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😄😄😄

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