How To: Realistic Combat in Skyrim Special Edition

A collection of Skyrim mods designed to make your combat encounters more realistic. Some of these mods make the combat more hardcore, others adjust weapons, a few alter the mechanics and some make just aesthetic changes. Overall, if you value realism and immersion, and you're looking for a challenge, you'll enjoy this mod list.

All music from The Witcher 3 by Marcin Przybyłowicz

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Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim:

Combat Evolved:

Mortal Enemies:

Realistic Melee Range:

Sturdy Dragons:

Animal Tweaks:

Lethal Traps:

Real Bows:

LeanWolf's Better Shaped Weapons:

Practice Dummies:

Visible Favorited Gear:

Run For Your Lives:

Realistic AI Detection:


No BS Projectile Dodge:

Realistic Ragdolls and Force:
  • V. •

    Which ones of these are on console? These are the sorts of mods I would really like.

  • Anarchism Democracy Taken Seriously

    theres another mod i recently found called kill with skill, it makes the game more stat-oriented if you have lvl 15 one-handed and block vs a bandit with 25-30 in one-handed and block your gonna get your fucking ass kicked, but if its the other way around you become more likely to kick their ass, and the better you are with your weapon of choice the more likely it is that you will perform a kill cam when you kill said enemy.(combat becomes ALOT!!! More Lethal Without Any Damage Tweak's but is heavily) (influanced by your stat's wich like it or not is about as real as a game can get)Combined this with Combat evolved mortal enemy's and "Draw - A Duel Wielding Mod" wich lets you challenge people to duel's and Spar with the guard's, all this together should be all you need for a Flawlessly realistic Player Vs Human Enemy Experience. and sparing with the guards would be great for lvling up but there's a bug where sometimes the guard thinks your actually trying to kill him then the whole regiment comes after you so be sure to save alot if you get the Draw Mod.

  • nikos ni

    Anyone seen a lets play with those kind of at realism or any at all? I onlybseem to find reaolism mods for çold and needs not combat

  • Bert Jete

    Koubitz You make the best mod recommendations. I tried your Survival mod guide for Fallout 4 and I loved it. So now I'm here to try some of these out. Thank you.

  • MicKy

    I downloaded these mods after watching your videos, good shit, the only one I didn't like was the Mortal Enemies, the reason why is simple, Magic.. My favourite type of play is a Spellsword and I noticed that when you cast a Fireball, for exemple, until you release it your character turns like a slob.. Sure, I understand, and liked, the mechanic when it worked with melee weapons but with Magic?! Seens a bit weird.. Almost like my Fireball weights a ton..

  • MaxOfFewTrades

    thanks so much! I wanted to find a way to have my fist fighting character have an intimidation greatsword on his back!

  • Mark Zero Gaming

    Nice video, good recommendations. I've been mulling over combat mods to add to my build and frankly I might steal this whole list from top to bottom and see if it works well for me. Thanks for this.

  • Julian Rangel

    couldn't find mortal enemies for the xbox one. Is it just me?

  • A Vaegir Marksman

    archer draugr overlords should be extremely overpowered with this mod. they can insta kill you even on normal mode without mods LOL

  • David Snow find the best mods, lady. The Bethesda gamers community appreciates you

  • Kickassman 3

    Hey guys, Kickassman3 here. Just thought I come out and say something about this video and Agree on some turns about the combat in Skyrim. I think the Combat in skyrim is Far Clunky. With mod yes. it does increase the feel of Skyrim. But there is just something about Skyrim that is Still fun towards this day. . But the game itself seems outdated. Animations while fighting don't feel like you are actually hitting someone with a Sword or when they swing the sword it doesn't feel like they take damage. Even while on Legendary Difficulty. Sword and Damage Base Damage don't feel unique or there are weapons that don't feel like they are powerful, Such as some weapons you get. I remember that weapons usually end up Leveling up and you can Create your weapons so strong. I still Also love Oblivion. Oblivion is a good example of how the Combat system should work. The enemies seem to easy to me for some reason. Especially when I'm playing. (regarding towards the video where it makes it feel like Skyrim is populated. . . I was thinking that special Edition would have more feel to it, More Quests more DLC and Something Visually different than the previous game. I am disappointed however given that they only made this game so it can be played on their new systems which unfortunately I think that skyrim Special Edition could of done better. instead of a Small Graphic Update and some tweaks to make the game "Crash" less. I know this comment is not Video related, But I just like to tell people and see if they agree that they are going to Revamp Skyrim and make it better, They should put some more into the game then, Make it more appealing or update its "Fluid" action or animation tweaks. Cause there are thousands of Animation's that you can choose from. But the game itself feels "Shorter" than I remember. Its so easy to defeat Enemies Even while on a Harder Difficulty. I remember that Dragons actually spawned more rapidly and i'm sure they have a mod for everything that i'm talking about. In conclusion Agree or Disagree, Do you think that they should "Focus" on a new DLC for Skyrim SE. Maybe do something like they did with Oblivion. . . Or maybe even Establish some new 100+ Quests. Cause you can't always relay on a Mod to do it, Because not everyone's computer has the biggest Ball's and can Haul Ass to infinity

  • Dick Dodger

    Are there any mods that reduce the hack and slash?! If i stagger a bandit thug i should be able to deliver a killing blow just the same as i do on a basic bandit. There is no rasin why a bandit thug should be nearly as tough as a damn giant when theyre wearing little to no armor. And same goes for me, if im wearing armor i expect to be harder to kill vs wearing no armor. Basically i want Fallout 4 level realism in Skyrim, a well placed sword blow or arrow is going to kill just as surely as a bullet imo.

  • EMANUELsonic

    I love Combat Evolved since i play Skyrim, but i did not know Mortal Enemies until i watched this ¿It would work well with Combat Evolved?And if they work well togheter¿ it would be safe to install "the revenge of the enemies"?

  • encrypted insanity

    How come you use The Witcher 3 soundtrack for your Skyrim mods videos

  • Deapcrash

    I got super excited when i saw the visible favorited items. But the dude who made it only has it for special edition. Why man? I'm legit mad at him.

  • Michael Ehspuh

    I always hated that bs side dodge when firing arrows, like it made no sense fuck bethesda for that -_-'

  • Snakeyes

    Terrific list/review of combat mods for SSE. Thanks!

  • alligatorzzzzzzz

    What armor mod is your redheaded character using at 4:12?

  • Koubitz

    This video took far too long. Thanks for your patience as always my lovely Kouties!

  • Honestly ARAM

    The music makes me just want to go play the witcher 3 instead of spending the time to mod this XDXDXDXD

  • Alexandr Verianov

    is there animation mod for combat?

  • Featherless Chicken

    I thought of Shirley curry when you said about grannys wanting to run out with a knife. She is an old youtuber sorry if im wrong but shes like 70-90 years old

  • Luis Trejo

    They are nords, why would they run from a dragon?

  • The DankMemer

    i just wish no armour meant NO ARMOUR fucking imperials!

  • Spankplank

    Wildcat, woudlnt that make bows too op?

  • dagoelius

    Koubitz have you tried smilidon combat mod?

  • Forte of Gray

    Bethesda is horrible with animation.

  • Maks Szmyd

    I don't know if it is because of the amount of mods she has (which should not be case because I am playing with over 100 mods and on a laptop) or something else but the gameplay is in 30 fps. I just wanted to point out that all of these combat mods used at once could drop your fps.

  • Alphascrub

    So this video was exactly what I was looking for. Thx.

  • Acalson

    I hate the freaking hack and slash combat. I would rather something like for honor in a game like skyrim or even something simple like just a block/ parry system.

  • Quentin

    Great video! But how do I install these? Ingame mod menu only found about half of them. What do I type to a search bar to get for example Combat Evolved or Mortal Enemies? Or do I install these manualy from nexus?

  • BATH BUDDIES Sean & Sam

    Thanks for the list of mods, really helpful! brilliant video!

  • Ominous Presence

    Recommended mods if you want stronger and more interesting enemies to go along with the changes to combat AI: - Advanced Adversary Encounters or Revenge of the Enemies- High Level Enemies- Organised Bandits of Skyrim- Simply Stronger Dragons- Diverse Dragons Collection- Splendor Dragon Variants Have fun!

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