How To: Realistic Combat in Skyrim Special Edition

A collection of Skyrim mods designed to make your combat encounters more realistic. Some of these mods make the combat more hardcore, others adjust weapons, a few alter the mechanics and some make just aesthetic changes. Overall, if you value realism and immersion, and you're looking for a challenge, you'll enjoy this mod list.

All music from The Witcher 3 by Marcin Przybyłowicz

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Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim:

Combat Evolved:

Mortal Enemies:

Realistic Melee Range:

Sturdy Dragons:

Animal Tweaks:

Lethal Traps:

Real Bows:

LeanWolf's Better Shaped Weapons:

Practice Dummies:

Visible Favorited Gear:

Run For Your Lives:

Realistic AI Detection:


No BS Projectile Dodge:

Realistic Ragdolls and Force:
  • ThePunisher ThePunisher

    Nice video thanks to u I experience much better combat then ever before with Skyrym SE, love youre voice btw

  • Devin Sullivan

    obsessed with Witcher?

  • MrPetur4o

    Fantastic list, thank you!

  • Luis Trejo

    They are nords, why would they run from a dragon?


    I use Ultimate Combat 3 + Deadly Dragons, my Dragons are f** Monsters and normal enemis are somethimes sick strong i have to dode / parry alot and its very hard to go drew some dungeons.You know its hard if you Quicksafe after each enemi xD

  • Nicholas Williams

    None of these mods enhance combat, only hp damage ratios in difficulty, and add other annoyances... The dodge mod was the only real combat mod. The rest is glorified shit. It's like they spent a couple hours making the mod then they upload with the title "Dynamic combat" LMAO hahaha

  • Liam Eady

    superb selection of mods. Many I didn't have before that I must make room for now.


    Nice and Knowledgeable video but the frame rate! I could count every frame!

  • David Snow find the best mods, lady. The Bethesda gamers community appreciates you

  • Koubitz

    This video took far too long. Thanks for your patience as always my lovely Kouties!

  • Acalson

    I hate the freaking hack and slash combat. I would rather something like for honor in a game like skyrim or even something simple like just a block/ parry system.


    How to mod nipple for male only.

  • V. •

    Which ones of these are on console? These are the sorts of mods I would really like.

  • Eftsenhen 0

    Sturdy dragons I think was removed

  • T.O.G. That One Guy

    why only special edition?...

  • 1293ST

    uhh .. special edition ... nope

  • KillahBee

    sturdy dragons is gone off nexus??? pls reply

  • Chris Agatep

    Very well made mod showcase

  • Dino Palladino

    Koubitz, what is your thoughts of Skyrim Unleveled? I like its major changes and adds depth to combat. Add Combat Evolved and Vigor, and you can get a good game.

  • MTRredux

    "80 year old granny fighting a dragon is not realistic" What you think Nords are a bunch of milk drinkers!

  • Elijah Auld

    13:00 Favorites all weapons

  • Ominous Presence

    Recommended mods if you want stronger and more interesting enemies to go along with the changes to combat AI: - Advanced Adversary Encounters or Revenge of the Enemies- High Level Enemies- Organised Bandits of Skyrim- Simply Stronger Dragons- Diverse Dragons Collection- Splendor Dragon Variants Have fun!

  • ∞Phantasm

    Great list! However, Sturdy Dragons is now removed from Nexus... any recommendations for an alternative?

  • Viruxz Gaming

    Can i use this mod for my xbox 360?

  • Aether Films

    How to make Dark Souls combat in SkyrimSetting difficulty to LegendaryEquip wooden sword

  • MTRredux

    If skytweak ever comes out on SE it would eliminate the need for the melee combat range adjustment and enemy arrow dodge mods.Those are both settings in skytweak.

  • Dvo rak

    i hope AI will be smarter with trapsand i'd like it if AI were more brave when it comes to climbing stuff and jumping

  • MicKy

    I downloaded these mods after watching your videos, good shit, the only one I didn't like was the Mortal Enemies, the reason why is simple, Magic.. My favourite type of play is a Spellsword and I noticed that when you cast a Fireball, for exemple, until you release it your character turns like a slob.. Sure, I understand, and liked, the mechanic when it worked with melee weapons but with Magic?! Seens a bit weird.. Almost like my Fireball weights a ton..

  • Jamez0117

    When vampires attack is made by the same author as Run for your lives and is another must have.

  • Nipple Collector

    5:26 ;( poor guy just wanted a friend

  • SVM

    So, I have over 30+ mods installed right now. There all under 200 MB do u think it will interfere with gameplay? Or possibly cause lag?

  • Adam Davies

    -____- special edition

  • Skeeter McTavish

    "more rullistick"

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