Elder Scrolls Online Review [One Tamriel] - It's fun! No, I'm not joking. (NO DLC)

NOT COVERING PAYWALL DLC HERE. So here it is, people thought I was reviewing Elder Scrolls Online before when I was talking about the Morrowind Expansion, that wasn't a review, this is a review. It's still me rambling though. Not much difference right? No, I haven't changed my mind on anything I said in the previous ESO video. Spoilers: The Elder Scrolls Online is a Themepark style MMO that was GARBAGE when it came out initially, now with the One Tamriel update... it's not so bad, really.
  • Dante Pulse

    Dude stop playing mmos your jaded

  • rub ber

    someones but hurt that wow was the best... vanilla thru woltk ... it was easily the BEST MMO ... now ...ehhh but on release and for YEARS ... nothing even came a flys dick of a chance

  • Zaric Zhakaron

    World of Warcraft Ruined Everything - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvK8fua6O64&feature=youtu.be&t=195My thoughts on “ESO Morrowind” announcment - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sr7vl3OX7DEWhat if ESO was Good - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTxjH1rZ2Kk&list=PL9qQ3PJcmlrfRTor4KZZsPcmUS8-eJzRd&index=11Why I don’t do Warcraft Lore - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVtd5KdgkOU

  • JPreciado

    Dark souls games ruined mmos and classic rpgs for me. I hate games that reward progress/power based on time invested. I much rather play games that reward success/progress based on skill

  • I'm REALLY tired

    this game is shit to skyrim

  • Alexander Richter

    Can you play this game solo without missing out on anything? Except for PvP of course

  • Linkman247

    I never played ESO at launch. I just jumped in and have started playing with a friend of mine and I have to say that I have been having fun with it. After leveling 5 characters on WoW to lvl 110, I just needed a short reprieve from WoW and wanted something a bit different. I liked Skyrim when I played it back in 2011 and have always liked the Elderscrolls since I first played Morrowind so many years ago. I figured I would give it a shot since it's had patches, etc. I haven't been disappointed so far, though I would say that the conversion rates for crown gems are generally pathetic. I am currently at lvl 14 and agree that I think WoW's questing is better than ESO. At least when it comes to group play. The thing that I will say I like about ESO is that all of the quest givers are fully voiced. I've noticed that the fellow that plays the voice of Dumbledore in Harry Potter and John Cleese lend their voice talents to the game. WoW has started to add more voice acting but the majority of it's quest dialog is still given through dialog boxes. I rolled a Bosmer nightblade. Yes I like elves and my main in WoW is a nightelf druid. XD. If anything ESO has caused me to anticipate the release of Skyrim on Switch even more.

  • Adras Adraki

    everyone would compaire boston meltdown to the fallout series just like every rpg after witcher 3 is compaired to it. Just like that eso if it was named differently would still be compaired to the es series simply because of the similarities to mechanics setting.

  • smileyShiiZniTZ

    Also they improved the questing in the dlc's its still not the best, but still they are better, craglorn is in my opinion really fun

  • NeatoBurrito

    Yo Zaric mind doing a primer about ESO lore? I've played ESO, Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim and I'm really interested by the lore but I don't yet know enough to understand what makes ESO lorebreaking other than some of the stuff you talked about in your "What if ESO was Good" video and your critiques of that loremaster guy that works for ZOS.

  • Altrantis

    9:25 That sounds like oblivion and skyrim though.

  • The Poison Bucket

    is it too late to jump into this game?: i have a pretty long holiday coming up with nothing to play


    The combat in ESO is the most irritating part

  • Kristopher Smotherman

    The Warden makes all the side quests make sense.....I love this game! Only two weeks in.

  • Ninja_Goose

    My only problem with this video is that you're WAYYY too zoomed in this video

  • Paweł Pakuła

    SWTOR pay to play average game, free aspect of the game is a lie (and I am Star Wars fan).

  • christian908

    So, um, is it my pc or did something go wrong with the video quality?

  • Styx Zero

    Thank you for the first non biased review of this game... I was getting worried everyone was getting payed to blow smoke up zenimax ass.

  • WBTO

    @zaric zhakaron which addons do you use in this video?

  • Adir Iakya

    I played ESO day 1, finished it and got to level 50. I stoped immediately after I understood I did not get to the endgame... I love raids and never played it even once on ESO. according to this video it changed. I might try it again.

  • Paweł Pakuła

    quests in this game are greate. Saying wow quests are better, beause they are more welcoming to doing them in parties isn't valid point. I mean quest with story > kill x this, colect y that but with friend (fun).

  • Zachary

    Yet another MMORPG failure. Horrible it had to done in the same of "Morrowind".

  • mattmarino2014

    Holy shit finally someone says the truth. The game was total shit at launch, but everyone needs to get it again, it's the fucking shit now

  • Arnau Gallarin

    I think that lorewise this game is the best thing than happened to TES since Morrowind.

  • Iron Instinct

    The only thing that I can find wrong with this game is how the characters move. It looks absolutely retarded.

  • olemanwinter1

    FWIW, I played ESO since launch. Everyone I know that's invested a lot of time in the game regrets it. The combat is "fun", but the structure of the game is horrible, the way the company treats the players is horrible, the community playing the game competitively is horrible. ESO became the worst online gaming experience I've ever had including FPS and other MMOs. I'm finally had enough with the last patch. The company is just dicking people around by taking away your progression on one hand and then letting you grind it back on the other. That, and $150 cosmetic items.I'm done. My friends are done. I cancelled my Morrowind preorder and I'm moving on.

  • Sephiwolf 44

    The very thing you hate about the questing in ESO is the very thing I love about it. But I pretty much solo the game... so there's that....As far as checking out other MMOs, those don't interest me. I went to ESO because of the world, lore, history, atmosphere, and so on. And yes I know some of the was changed, however, all TES games do this to some degree or another because of different writers and so on, which I liked how you explained a lot of things in your CODA vs CANNON video. My point here is, I love the fact ESO is a TES game in terms of the world, lore, history and so on but it can be played with friends or by yourself. If you want you can completely ignore all group content, which is how I play. I personally love the stories and quests. And as of this comment I have played almost all 3 alliances completely (as in doing Cadwell's Silver and Gold quests, I have one zone left on the gold quest), I have completed over 940 quests, and am currently champion 312. So yes I have put in a ton of time into this game. I've loved every second. For me this game was worth every bit of time and money I have put into it, but I try to solo complete everything I can, and by solo complete I mean do as many of the quests as I can find gaining the quest adventurer achievement for each zone and doing even more quests than what's required to get that. I do every delve that can be soloed making sure to find the quest if it has one, the sky shard, and the boss of the delve. I also find all the pathfinder locations as well. I also complete every anchor I can find. I will eventually dive into the PVP aspect, but only after I really beat all the PVE stuff. PVE to me seems like it's just more my style. But PVP does look fun from everything I've seen and what little I've played it. While many will find this game lacking, I find it really enjoyable.

  • Zach T

    10:55 where was the tank at?

  • Bustin Blotch

    Guys a tip for anyone who are annoyed from the questing system you can turn off quest givers. There are lots of settings and ui mods you can download to make the game more immersive and less linear.

  • Profit Hanzo

    i'm in Daggerfall Zaric lets do some pvp oath

  • luis enrique vargas azcona

    Actually I have enjoyed a lot the questing in ESO playing it like a single player game. The quests are much more interesting than the ones in Skyrim or Oblivion.There are 2 things that holds them back but I don't care very much about that: 1. Most of the quests can be beaten ignoring the text and just follow the quest marker (they lost ALL their charm if you do that and if you are playing with more people it's likely that you would want to do that to not delay your friends).2. They are effectively designed for a single player experience.

  • PJ Demigod

    My personal opinion is that the devs wanted to make an mmo in the Elder Scrolls universe. Sure, a lot of ESO's features are more MMO than ES, but I think of it as, "It's an MMO, with an Elder Scrolls backdrop". They put us in a time period when lot's of great warriors running about the land would be common, when Tamriel was at it's lowest. The races and locations are still Elder Scrolls, but I think some liberties had to be taken to help it fit in an MMO style. The skill system is somewhat similar to Skyrims perk system, although the Champion system is closer, but has a few tweaks so your skills are now activatable tools.

  • Cornelius Geekdom

    Questing gets a failing grade "its passable" lol I find that funny...

  • Ubeogesh

    I don't have 12-24 friends :(

  • 0o I Died In A Time Machine o0

    ESO is pretty great in my opinion. had the most fun in this game than any other MMO in years! You just can't go into ESO looking for skyrim online (or any other elder scrolls game)

  • jacob Morcha

    star wars galaxy was ruin by wow

  • Delf

    Actually DPS in Heavy armor is not as good as medium, because the medium armor passives give some damage boosts, which is a shame.

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