Skyrim Mod: Religion - Prayer, Repent and Meditation

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Religion - Prayer and Meditation

Praying Animation Mods:
Immersive Animations (shrines - auto) -
Dovahkiin Relaxes (manual) -

Intro/Outro Music:
Nir Shor's fantastic Musical Lore -
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Kaaz

    "9 divines"[TRIGGERED]

  • Gabi

    I like this! I think my hunter/thief bosmer will worship Nocturnal or Namira, now that the mod adds daedric princes into the mix.

  • Intergalactic Human Empire

    Could you make an update video for the new Daedric rituals and worship of Daedrea?

  • Kyrst O'Keefe

    Is there a mod like this but for Sithis??? I know of one, but the bonus is shit.

  • Axurzhal

    good, now i can be a muslim in this game

  • Gabriel Leonardo

    At least these gods do something... Not that "he works in mysterious ways" bullshit. Calm down bois, it's just a joke

  • Thanscot

    Where is the god of tits and wine?

  • MAK

    This can be useful while role playing as a paladins

  • Ryan Gill

    Does this mod work for Skyrim SE on Xbox one?

  • stormrage2000

    Any Dibella or Mara?

  • Joshua Seagondollar

    This mod is definitely interesting for roleplaying a religious character, especially with Daedra worship now being in it the last update.As a warning though, using this mod with Ordinator does break the Restoration perks involving shrine blessings, so be advised if you intend on using those perks for your character.

  • Dank Potatoes

    Elenwen disliked this video

  • Bella D Copular

    this mod has been updated, however the currnt version dosn't include any support for shrines added by dlc, such as the Auriel's shrine, and the Daedric ones in solsthiem

  • GodofGames2468

    that praying animation mod doesn't work. the religion mod works great, but when I pray, he us stands there

  • Christian McGuire

    Why flesh out the nine divines when you can flesh out the NORDIC PANTHEON!?!?

  • His Holiness

    When can we get a deadra worship mod? ALL HAIL MOLAG BAL!

  • Alias

    They should add quests where if you gain the favor of a pagan-I mean god-then they will send you on quests. I don't mean they actually speak to you because gods don't do that. I mean your just praying and then all the sudden you start a misc. quest to KIL Daedra or something and you find a priest captures and you have to rescue him and he says "It's the gods will" and it ends up with you killing more daedra and things.Btw I was just wondering, do vigilants of stendar kill good Daedra too? Like werewolves, azura followers? Etc.

  • Brendan Gallagher

    would really like a daedric prayer mod so much. Or maybe a tribunal prayer mod for some morrowind nostalgia?

  • Jacob Fite


  • PvtRyan

    Dibella here I come!

  • Articulate Pineapple

    Fuck. I need to get this game on PC and stop being such a peasant.

  • H R

    I hope they add daedra worship

  • Rogue

    tried it, found out its not finished yet and its not very good.

  • Master Joy

    8 divines dude sorry Nord dudes we can break it down white a botle of Black Briar Mead #can i hear some elves in hire

  • the Were Dragon

    Im concerned what fo you do to please deblea

  • Jericho Ware

    Brodual, did this get updated to include Daedra Worship?

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