20 fun things to do in Skyrim

Bandicam, you dug your own grave by endorsing this garbage. Perhaps think about removing that watermark at some point.
Well here's the result of the day's work, 20 things that you can actually do in Skyrim, but I really do not advise them. If you hate Nazeem or Heimskr this is the video for you! Cicero also makes a large appearance, and so do the horkers.
-Outsmarting Horkers
-Many, many arrows in argonian crotches!
-And quite a few fatal mistakes

Nazeem, you should watch this, it has the cloud district in it.
  • James Lewis

    ok you don't die spontaneously after you drink a shit ton of skooma, so this guy is a fucking liar

  • tim greencorn

    That was the worse vid ever!!!!!!!!!!

  • Grand Chef

    That Skooma party is a good idea.

  • Jeremiah Dalton

    stole Jarls elven sword and i still have it

  • Zombie bread22

    Lol did anyone see Nazeem come back from the cloud district

  • Desty Productions

    You really have a problem with Nazeem xD

  • Sammie Hopkins

    This was beautiful...

  • Melvin

    That last one made me laugh out loud. I didn't know that slow bridge will actually launch someone xD

  • Jacob Miller

    no with 11 it probably means take of their clothes and use them as a weapon

  • Resan Chea

    Honestly, nazeem is actually the most anoyying person to walk by

  • Maggiemoomoocow22

    Why did I laugh at this 😂

  • Baby Gerbils 4 Ever

    If u drink too much skooma u die? Thash grape 😆😆😆

  • Husky Puppy

    I died at hoarding the jarl's stuff XD

  • Carden Blackthorne

    I love how two of them involve abusing Nazeem.

  • Mischief Jones

    Grins evilly at sending Nazeem to the cloud district

  • Valkrist AJ

    I merried Farkas because his a idiot with a pretty face and his afraid of spiders Or he likes to call them ''The big crawly ones''

  • Purple Foxs757

    That's right kill Nazeem Man I hate that dude

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