20 fun things to do in Skyrim

Bandicam, you dug your own grave by endorsing this garbage. Perhaps think about removing that watermark at some point.
Well here's the result of the day's work, 20 things that you can actually do in Skyrim, but I really do not advise them. If you hate Nazeem or Heimskr this is the video for you! Cicero also makes a large appearance, and so do the horkers.
-Outsmarting Horkers
-Many, many arrows in argonian crotches!
-And quite a few fatal mistakes

Nazeem, you should watch this, it has the cloud district in it.
  • CL4P TP

    2:34They ask you how you are and you just have to say that you're fine, but you're not really fine...

  • Icy Bite

    Lol i'm never get 200 skooma or mead

  • Martynas Šekštelo

    What spells name in 4:22?

  • Jaeden Lieberher

    My favorite thing to do in Skyrim is to run away from horkers. It’s so fun!

  • Nathan Redder

    Sending Nazeem to the Cloud District was the best! I laughed the whole way through😂 great job 👍👍

  • FairytaleFanatic

    Enrolls in Bards college, smashes drum against barrel

  • Filip Johansson

    Kill everyone in witherun as a warewolf...

  • Melissa Dodge

    I killed so many of my horses from just accidentally riding off cliffs

  • Caleb Cummings

    For some reason, I die of laughter from horkers in breezehome.I think it has to do with the fact that there is a lot of chaos and explosions and horker noises.

  • Neo Yaturi

    "have an incredibly horrible idea" ??? i saw that skooma overdose...

  • Chris Little

    Nooo the poor hornets used so much effort to get up then you go FUK RU U

  • ehh Max

    Still finding all sorts of things to do and areas to explore and discover every time I play XD

  • Tsumefan2

    so when you had that skooma party, were you a high elf XD

  • A Muskrat

    All that skooma and heimskrs are making your game run at 10fps

  • DUB

    Intriguing, but highly disturbing

  • DAYna

    This was bloody hilarious. Laughed aloud way too many times. Thanks!

  • min sunhee

    No. 18 is my hobby. Actually. HAHHAAHAHHA

  • anime Springtrap

    What, ciccero is alive ? How ? You need to kill him in a quest, how is it then possible he is alive ?

  • nymphadora tonks

    number 20 was so funny it's bc whenever I'm going to the cloud district he's always say that line

  • Skitty the Dictator

    This is why I love this game. Despite all of the glitches and other problems, it's still enjoyable because of all of the shit you can do, especially if you have a good imagination and/or mods

  • Fluff Muffin

    3:34 you have to unsheath it. 😂

  • DUB

    Just watching this waiting until 12 am to see the shop offers on clash Royale

  • Fricken Chicken

    I killed all the guards in the small towns (Falkreath, Ivarstead, Morthal, Riverwood) got thousands of bounty 😂

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