SKYRIM - Top 5 New Land Mods (Special Edition Mods Included!)


UPDATE: Falskaar is now available for special edition on console and PC! Beyond Reach is also now available for Special Edition on PC; hopefully an Xbox port is coming soon!

Welcome to my first episode of top 10 Skyrim mods! In this video, I show off 5 (plus an honorable mention :P) awesome Skyrim mods that introduce New Lands.

In these videos, I will be trying my best to include 2-3 special edition mods that are also available for console. In this video, both Wheels of Lull and Forgotten city are available for special edition on both PC and Xbox One. Unfortunately, there are no new land mods currently available for PS4, because of Sony's restrictions on mods (ie that they cannot use external assets.

As always, feedback is welcome, and I hope you enjoy! :D






Nexus (Vanilla):

Nexus (Special Edition):



Special Edition Xbox One:

Special Edition PC: (PC)



Special Edition Xbox One:

Special Edition PC: (PC)



Special Edition Xbox One:

Special Edition PC: (It's strange, but I can't seem to find this link on Bethesda net ... if anyone is able to find it let me know!)


7. SUMMERSET ISLES (not mentioned in video) -


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First Track - Doug Anderson:

Second track - Paramedics:

Third Track - Plasma3Music Remixes:

Fourth Track - Ominous Voice:

Fifth Track - Scott Buckeley:

Sixth Track - Redtails:

Note: If you do not see your name and I used your art in this video, it was most likely an accident on my part. Feel free to contact me and I will be sure to add it! If you are not okay with me using your art, I would be happy to figure out some sort of arrangement per YOUR terms. Thanks!


JKromjal - THUMBNAIL (Screenshot from DARKEND):

Okiir - Elder Scrolls Cosmology Diagram:

  • stephen hopper

    i Wish i Could Get Darkend On Xbox

  • Jollibee

    Beyond skyrim bruma???

  • TheSkyFrost

    I just search for skyrim se Wheels of lull on Google and there it was, a link to the mod on nexus se

  • Casper The Great

    seriously... fuck Sony, since day one they were always assholes.I really hope Sony gets hacked once again to the point of bankruptcy. fucking cucks

  • Christian Shelton

    Beyond Skyrim is an honorable mention.

  • XDRAGONX15555

    Forgotten city is actually amazing

  • Stag

    Beyond reach is out for special edition

  • Igor Matić

    Why are you spoiling so much? Name the mods, just mention where to go in order to activate the quest, and that's it! Just so you know, i didn't watched 10 secs.

  • sarah peck

    Also I say Darkend is pretty much the best dark souls land mod because it really is and I know that vigilant is also a good quest mod that would fit a modded skyrim dark souls play through as well

  • Scott Partington

    I like the way not one of these mods are for PS4 ffs , as a PS4 only player skyrim special edition was a complete disappointment and if you own PS4 I wouldn't waste your money or time

  • Limitless Beast

    I left the video on the trivia... show that at the end or something.

  • Shala'Xen Vas Honorata

    Kinda glad Summerset Isles isn't on the video, author is the biggest dick of a modder I've ever spoken to :) though, admittedly it's a good mod. The creator is just a giant douchebag. So much so the professionalism of the mod doesn't even make up for it, in my opinion. (He's a dick to even people complimenting his mod in the comments, at times!)

  • js100serch

    No Umbra Island?... hehehe,... no!, don't look for it just kidding n.n

  • sarah peck

    Someone needs to port Darkend to Xbox one it is like the most dark souls looking mod and it also feels a lot like dark souls obviously unless you don't have any other mods that are dark souls things then it's probably less dark souls but it's still cool as fuck either way

  • Bisqui 비스뀌

    9:07 enderal ... wow!!!!

  • Desmond Olds

    Is darkend for xbox one?

  • Dream Team

    If you've never played The Moonpath to Elsweyr I'd recomend giving it a shot. it's not quite as polished as the ones on the list but the quests are decent and tvhe modders did an ok job going into the lore of the Kajiit. In the end it's not as nearly as good as the mods listed here, but it's worth a try

  • Brad Penman

    * Wheels of lull is NOT on, Falskaar IS on, Forgotten cit IS on, Enderal is NOT on

  • Calico Elf

    Moonpath to Elsweyr?

  • Limitless Beast

    I love your videos! <3

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