Skyrim Mod: Populated Lands, Roads, Paths

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Populated Lands, Roads, Paths

Populated Cities


Immersive Patrols:

Intro/Outro Music:
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  • Supreme KeK - Lord of KeKistan

    A mage, a warrior and a thief walk into an inn and the innkeeper says, what is this? A guardian stone! XD

  • njlopez fitness

    I don't like the OBIS mod because the random banits I find have very odd colorful face and sometimes have jacked up square purple shields. I'm gonna delete it soon because it's not very lore friendly

  • Tracker947

    No one suspects the Turkish Inquisition.

  • Luke vortex

    are there more bandits too?

  • Pineapple dude

    No scripts? Maybe this mod could come to ps4?

  • Blake Bauman


  • Jam Jor

    Who was that guy with a cow following him at 0:20? What mod is that?

  • Chibbles

    I like how the thief helps you kill the assassin but instantly tries mugging you even though you just killed a trained killer.

  • Dank Finn

    Turkish? airlines? how the fuck? why?

  • Poop Scoop

    I like how you almost over explain it I like that

  • Jack Of Hearts

    Anyone else getting assets failing to load followed by a freeze and ctd when approaching Ivarstead with this mod?

  • Gilles Wuyts

    What if you kill all the new NPC's on the road, do they respawn?

  • Pooky Jean

    hey should've made the original skyrim es like this

  • icedupwolf

    This mode is extremely buggy. I would sometimes get random NPCS attack me for no reason. I am not a werewolf or vampire. I do not have a bounty. The vanilla NPCS are fine and leave me alone. Only the ones in this mod give me problems. If you have a heavy mod load beware of this mod.

  • karimkopra

    every time i open ur god damn videos i find my self downloading something I WANT TO PLAY THE GAAAAAAAAAAAME >______<

  • Harry J

    Not enough random people spawning for me

  • ArchFiend

    i know this mod there are adventururs robbers travelers and wandering knights and travaler act as a vampire

  • chris winter

    Can you not hire Mercenaries in the Console version. IS it a load order thing cuz I'm using the Masterlist from a dropbox document.

  • commandrock37

    what do airlines have to do with mods?

  • Mulder

    New link.

  • Chibbles

    Is that magician going to distract the dragon with card tricks?

  • Kill3rCat

    Quite sad that the people indigenous to the province (Nords) make up only 48% of the population...

  • TheRealRaper

    IT KEEPS SAYING ''string too long''

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