Beyond Skyrim Cyrodiil : Gold Coast Environment Showcase.

DISCLAIMER : This was created for my Portfolio and does not indicate a release for Beyond Skyrim Cyrodiil: Gold Coast.

New assets created by Markus Liberty.
Landscape and level design by NafNaf_95 with help from Wellpap
  • Kindred Spirit

    Music reminds me of the theme from Unbreakable.

  • Soroush Toraby

    Omg !!!!!!! Please release this moddddddddd plzzzzzzz

  • Eve Grey

    I swear to God The Gold Coast Looks like the Mediterranean

  • Sage Masters

    Amazing work, I'm so stoked for it.

  • Steel Xcaliber

    This looks like when it's finished, people will make mods for this mod to extend play time, like with the base game.

  • Tanner M

    My favorite game. The heart of the game (the story, characters, atmosphere, writing) were all so well done that it's a timeless game. So much nostalgia and discovery from when I first played it. I still replay it with vanilla graphics, and we have Skyblivion in the works. I just hope they can maintain the same atmosphere the original had but everything else in it looks amazing

  • GSpotter63

    I get goose bumps just thinking about taking a grand epic quest spanning the entire continent. Making friends and meeting foes along the way. Taking month of real time to complete.I would love to lend a helping hand …. But alas I have very little skills with witch to lend a hand. Unfortunately I am more of a connoisseur of great gaming than an artist.

  • Shinji Ikari

    I feel like Beyond Skyrim Cyrodill should share work with Skyblivion, it would lead for a more quick development for both teams. Enivornments and assets by both teams would leave for more time in the creative process. Quests and the like

  • Spas Tic

    This is the most mod ive ever seen.

  • Braiven

    You guys just blowing me away. Nice job with all. Be proud of yourself.

  • You’re about to say Touyu

    wonder how the rest of these are coming along

  • tendjinn

    This is simply incredible and I'm very particular about music. Not to put too fine a point on it but the project would be insane (or deaf) to not include it. I'm truly blown away.

  • GordieGameplay Reacts

    I need some a mods for Xbox One for SE.

  • HiiPER MaaDMaan

    My question is would there be more beyond skyrim projects ported to the Xbox in the future?

  • Vulcanoctus Al-Abass

    Looks good, but it would be better with:An Imperial naval shipyard, preferably one that's deterioratingA ruined AnvilThalmor shipwrecks

  • Alex Diamond

    Holy fuck bethesda needs to step up their game or else these guys will take over

  • Dr Orbital

    Awesome can't wait.

  • HN

    Would you make another video, one year later comparison?

  • The lead skater in Alduin on ice

    Greetings from High Rock :D

  • Sareth Eldair

    That is great work....congratulations on the release of Bruma too...

  • Astaroath

    everything looks perfect except 04:22 the tents look very bad, like melted ice cream instead of cloth

  • Ian G

    I thought I hated Oblivion because Skyrim is so much better... until I hear the music, and suddenly good memories resurfaced and I remembered all the fun I had in Oblivion.

  • Austin White

    Is this available on ps4

  • Supersmurf

    Anvil looks amazing! I can't wait for this mod to finally be released.Is it dependent on skse? If not, are there plans to port it to special edition?

  • Inseyn

    Isn't beyond skyrim: bruma pretty much the same? Or is this the same thing but from different people

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