How to get into Vampire Castle (glitch fix): Castle Volkihar door fix get serena

Thx guys your smashing the views hope u enjoyed have a good day
  • umbudiga

    Thanks for this. Just did it with a book!

  • Keaton Monroe

    Thx man this helped alot

  • Sugagenius with Bts jjang jjang man bbong bbong

    thank u so much i finally got in

  • Subthing1

    !!!!! Take the mod =) the name is: "Volkihar Castle Main Gate Bugfix"

  • DubstepDeano 194

    Hopes this works on special edition thanks mate

  • ken kobayashi

    I teleported through the wall but when I press A to open the door the castle it didn't work

  • John O

    wait when i come back to the castle the gate is still closed. do i have to clip through the wall EVERY time to get in?

  • John Shotter

    well first time ever i had to use this glitch i was going for a palidin build at level 31 and i thought all was lost Thank You

  • Lynx0 4.0

    it wont let me enter the actual door

  • The Real Show Boy

    thx for all the views like and subcribe just comment if u want a sub4sub helping all grow together #GTS

  • Jon P

    Thank you! So annoying having her as a permanent follower when she can't even hold stuff. Plus it's impossible to farm souls with her killing everything too quickly lol

  • Kitty Kiss

    just a tip it's a little easier if you do the whirlwind Sprint while you're still going towards the door. it takes a few tries and some good timing but it works well in the end.

  • Khajiit Wilson

    Thank you thank you thank you I finnaly got In THANK YOU

  • Allelujah

    I can't get in the door...

  • John O

    dear god that was an ordeal for me, thank you sooo much. still im really butthurt they didnt fix this glitch because it seems like an issue for a lot of people

  • Crazy Sonic

    I don't have shouts ffs!!!

  • Brody Palmer

    Someone please HELP got into the castle using the plate glitch gotTurned into a vampire now I'm stuck inside the castle as a vampire I have no way of even fast traveling since I can't go back to human form

  • Jimi Kay-Deskati

    I have the problem with the wood door...please I need help.

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