The Siege of Markarth (Skyrim Machinima)

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  • Gabriel Rodgers

    Cacelomo and there for markarth should've had dwarven spheres and spiders at the least

  • 099Nitro

    Foresworn for the win! Fuck the silver blood family.

  • Jame Graal

    riften guard in markarth too

  • Ant Orta

    Sounds like the forsworn and tornado alarm 2:04

  • Daniel Graff

    Hail the nightingales!Hail the dark brotherhood!

  • Lee John Walton

    first death was a commander & conquer red alert soldier death sample

  • darius kerby

    what mods did you use

  • 7B Emil Mikkel Olsen SoroeBorgerskole

    Why Nightingale Amor in Dark brotherhood

  • sam gaming

    Hey the God of war music

  • Ant Orta

    but imperials did not help

  • Ethan Senden

    What mods does he use

  • Drakken

    Um i think that is Nightingales armor from the thief guild's quest line

  • Maria Woodard Ortega

    The Theives Guild They Are Kinda Part Of the Brother Hood But That Nightingale Was A Bad ASS

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