The Siege of Markarth (Skyrim Machinima)

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  • Holy Wyvern

    Aguhughh I really need to know what mods were used here

  • Xeneth Sixx

    The backflip jumps on the roof felt unnecessary

  • Albert Sawko

    Can somebody say what mod was he using for his weapon? I mean the sword, not the dagger.

  • Guilherme Henrique Yagura

    nightingale + dark brotherhood? fool

  • butt red pants

    festus krex is not the leader of the dark brotherhood it's Astrid I'm not hating

  • Valentine AlkoPone

    Who knows thats teleportashion magick is this?????? Sry for perfect languche

  • Clock Maker

    The forsworn got turned into guards after they took arrows in there knees

  • D.M. Kramx

    Wish the damn end had nothing to do with that damn dark brotherhood

  • Solid Matt

    2012 <3 Better times :P

  • VeNuS2910

    the kids cannot die...

  • Mr. Pablosek

    Meh... you can't use music... the music you put in is shit and doesn't give the epicness feel of the battle you could just use skyrim boss battle music...

  • Drakken

    Um i think that is Nightingales armor from the thief guild's quest line

  • Canadian Bacon Jr

    I took an arrow to the knee.

  • darius kerby

    what mods did you use

  • Gabriel Rodgers

    Cacelomo and there for markarth should've had dwarven spheres and spiders at the least

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