The Siege of Markarth (Skyrim Machinima)

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  • Burnt Beef

    lol there were Riften guards in there

  • the dovakin

    every time that guy went invisible I was expecting the predators clicking

  • Hazel

    Attack of the Clooooones

  • D.M. Kramx

    Wish the damn end had nothing to do with that damn dark brotherhood

  • The Pyromaniac

    3:01 Just a casual day in Skyrim.

  • Rick Riot

    8:04 oh my gawd music gets intense he left it on his dick

  • Solid Matt

    2012 <3 Better times :P

  • Frieza

    some man just want watch the world burn Lol

  • Frieza

    when wearing the nightingale armor it feel like the batman

  • Tyrannicon

    Good to see ppl still watching my vid!

  • Dylan Wilson

    What side on your on, Markarth or Forsworn

  • Turbo-Dog

    Was this historcally accurate!?

  • Notions of Grandeur


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