The Siege of Markarth (Skyrim Machinima)

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  • Maria Woodard Ortega

    The Theives Guild They Are Kinda Part Of the Brother Hood But That Nightingale Was A Bad ASS

  • Jeremy Smith

    whoever did this! should try doing the game of thrones battle for the wall! I mean this is awesome.

  • cospro 22

    The guard at the start has the sneak skill of a fucking nazeem

  • IvanPlaysLOL :P

    huh if i was at markarth and those kids attacked i can wreck em easyly without a scratch

  • Shamim Bashir

    How u teleport which spell

  • Revenance sheen

    whats a nightingale doing in this there wasnt suppost to be one in it


    Wait why is he wearing the Nightingale armor if he's with the Dark Brotherhood

  • Lisa Enoch

    This is awesome who is that nightingale he is bad ass

  • Frankie Duke

    Our little hero here has friends all over, standing in the sanctuary with Nightngale armor.

  • ramona Kraus

    lol i loved the endingI loved the whole thing

  • Lord of fury :?

    6:08 why is there a thalmor ?

  • Xavier Garduno

    I kind of wish there was an actual quest to help the Forsworn.

  • Jimmy Harris556

    3:56 calm down batman

  • Trion Fancher

    Those were Riften Guards in the Jarl's Palace... but this is one of the most awesome things I have ever seen!!!

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