The Siege of Markarth (Skyrim Machinima)

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  • Revenance sheen

    whats a nightingale doing in this there wasnt suppost to be one in it

  • For Redwall


  • cospro 22

    The guard at the start has the sneak skill of a fucking nazeem

  • Shadow Assassin

    Wow..Story Of Dark Brotherhood

  • Ericsupreme

    thats not the fighting tactic of the forsworn. they would usually have a few coming from different angles and archers on higher ground

  • bingbong games12


  • Bite Me

    Markarth would be the hardest city to take in skyrim it's built into a mountain and its walls are somewhat natural giant rocks that were already there

  • Shamim Bashir

    How u teleport which spell

  • Trion Fancher

    Those were Riften Guards in the Jarl's Palace... but this is one of the most awesome things I have ever seen!!!

  • Xavier Garduno

    I kind of wish there was an actual quest to help the Forsworn.

  • Marek Vařeka

    what race are you playing???

  • Moon Pie Lover

    by the gods! the forsworn are STILL here in the city

  • Sir white a lot the pagan preacher

    This was so epic, came back for nostalgia. Also cringed at my edgy comments.

  • Ultimate SeanEye

    Im a little bit confused,your armor is Nightingale and your guild is Dark Brotherhood?

  • cospro 22

    7:11 the face you make when your dad says your out of pizza rolls

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