Skyrim - 6 Hidden Abilities

6 Hidden Abilities in Skyrim, the perfect edge that you may want for any of your characters!


Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Zer0 Gaming

    If You want an immortal friend that will take bullets for you start doing a dead rice best friend but don't continue once you reach the point where you need the rueful axe

  • CL0D

    "Complete the blade's Questline to get a cool perk"i smell the death of paarthurnax. i have not smelled such since 11/11/11 when i felt a disturbance in the void.

  • Spinn4ntier

    You can't have 100% resist to damage, the best you can have is 85 for elements and magic and 80 from damage

  • David Goodwin

    scott is better than micheal his voice sounds like an asmr video

  • 30noir

    Dragon Infusion was broken for the longest time.

  • Hunter Collins

    Is it sad i knew all of these?

  • Wade

    They should make a new Elder Scrolls with the possibility of CO-OP

  • thelikesuff

    u know what is the worst quest in this? one in the blackreach the red nernroots

  • Hkghj Blbvhuj

    you forgot one. you collect all barenzh stones and bring those to vex. thanks to power you get more gems when looting anything

  • Kcat15

    I knew half of these from wandering.

  • Noelle Donovan

    The ability to do 10% more damage to women if you're a male character is actually "Lady Killer." "Confirmed Bachelor" is the one that gives you 10% more damage to other dudes

  • sonpacho

    NPC: Collect (x) amount of (fill in blank)...Me: Sure, give me one sec... ~ player.additem

  • The Fictioneer

    Top 2 Argonian Followers.

  • Aaron blunter

    Sailers repose was my favourite and the first found hidden ability I found in Skyrim lol and the ancient knowledge quest is so fun lol it’s one of my favourite quests and a good place to gain exp and get loot

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