Skyrim - 6 Hidden Abilities

6 Hidden Abilities in Skyrim, the perfect edge that you may want for any of your characters!


Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • MyLonewolf25

    Armor level only matters till 567 the maximum armor capPast that it's just pretty numbers

  • Gray Ender

    25% less melee damage is not worth killing (You know who I'm not gonna spoil things)

  • Babble Seed

    a bit of a stupid question, but how do you get a crossbow?

  • Anderson Sousa

    There are no words in our vocabulary to express how much I hate Dwemer ruins.

  • Titus

    I wish I had that great FPS

  • HuyTheGamer

    my name is skyrim and welcome to fudgemuppet

  • Master Omicron

    Go round blackreach searching for flowers?? Fuuuuuck tha

  • The Zanthype

    Video About SkyrimHas The TES IV Oblivion Music On The Background.FudgeMuppets Logic.😂😂😂

  • Charlie Clark

    I just killed the emperor for the dark brotherhood and I felt guilty so I helped out atvmaras temple and now I feel Better.

  • Vinz Roller

    I use some mods in skyrim but Ancient knowledge is amazing i used a potion that i made and that gave me 174% better smithing for 30sec and Some armor pieces that give me 50% better smithing and intotal i got 2651 Armor Rating but ive heared it doesnt go higher than 620? idk

  • Illogical Paradox

    6 abilities in SKYRIM plays oblivion musicGood job there, mate.

  • Bradley Kennedy

    I knew right when I clicked it none of these would be "hidden" abilities

  • Daniel Kishen

    I actually completed the lighthouse when i stumbled across it by accident and i didnt know what the remains were for so i dumped them somewhere, now i'll never find them and lydia will never get that extra 10% healing i have to force onto her when she gets chopped to pieces by swinging axes that she insists on walking through T-T

  • Justin Harry

    Nice oblivion music at the beginning

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