Skyrim Mod: Living Takes Time

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Living Takes Time

Clock Widget - A Matter of Time

Intro/Outro Music:
CC BY 3.0 -
  • TheKrigeron

    Exactly what I wanted. when I'm reading a book I want to actually realize I spent the night binging the Wolf Queen series.

  • Raptormann0205

    >be me>playing skyrim>be a vampire at stage 3 blood starvation>craft leather boots>be using this mod, time passes and turn to stage 4>immediately get slaughtered for making a pair of leather boots

  • That One Guy

    I just use that one mod that makes it so menus dont pause. Think its called skyrim souls or something

  • Nermaltrash

    Did he say that your skills decrease over time Worst mod ever

  • Juan Bermudez

    2:19 Armadura do Arquiero huehuehuehue

  • P G

    i use the console command -settimescale to 1It would be fun with it too!

  • karimkopra

    this game need fat people mod every one in good shape ! . it just making me angry

  • Dylan Villain

    Eh, no, I just want time to flow naturally. I want a mod that stops the game from freezing whenever you're reading or talking to merchants.

  • Carlos Fernando Canales Rodriguez

    What is the mod that u use for the armors? They look more darker, Better and sexy :v

  • qarsoon x meel

    this + RND = fucking starving

  • 100%CertifiedWhiteGirl

    Am I the only one who noticed it's dark as hell?

  • Paistin Lasta

    I just love the name.

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