Characters and Voice Actors - ELDER SCROLLS V: SKYRIM (Updated)


Music: "Skyrim Theme Remix" by Pascal Michael Stiefel
Check out his channel for awesome remixes
  • Meetthekiller7

    Holy shit, Esbern was the guy who got cut down at the beginning of The Force Awakens!

  • Swapnil Gopalka

    No Khajit voice actors. I wanted to know who voiced those kitties so flawlessly

  • Silver Crescent Production

    OH. DEAR. GOD. Am I the only one who thinks that most of these characters are based on their voice actors' appearance😂

  • TheJLAMAR23

    I need me some Corri English and some Laura Baily in my life 😍

  • Sydney Mack

    corri English aint fuckin around

  • Chris G

    the voice actor in 6:22 looks like the character he does the voice for

  • Hamza ESSAD

    The voice actor of Ulfric looks less realistic than Ulfric himself

  • Ed Freeman

    Wow, Christopher Plummer and Lynda Carter are in Skyrim!! Amazing. Bethesda did a good job with the acting.

  • MrRupsie

    OMG, Corri English (9:42), with that voice already i was in love..

  • Daniel Hambrick

    That moment when a voice actor's name is Thor

  • kelly salling

    Hermaeus Mora has the most soothing voice i've ever heard.

  • That one Guy


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