Characters and Voice Actors - ELDER SCROLLS V: SKYRIM (Updated)


Music: "Skyrim Theme Remix" by Pascal Michael Stiefel
Check out his channel for awesome remixes
  • The Joker

    serana's voice sounds exactly like catwoman's voice

  • Hannah St. Clair

    Some of the characters they made look a lot like the voice actors

  • CatsRevenge

    I oughta slap you, steven, for Barbas. Hes the most annoying follower in the history of the Elder Scrolls. Pushing you off clifts, standing in the center of a exit like a barricade, and barking so loud... that every bandit in skyrim can know where you are. Barbas, as much as i value your immortality and tanking skills as a follower... fuck you, man. Fuck you, you stupid dog!

  • TeddyKGaming

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  • MichelleObama isAman

    Beware Beware, the Dragonborn comes.

  • Jerk

    SO many killer voice actors.

  • linkdude55

    Like 3/4 of all of these voice actors/actresses are super cute like damn.

  • Black Shinigami

    oh laura bailey voices serana

  • GabbeYa Skillz

    With all those voice actors why did Bethesda only use a few voice actors for the far far far majority of the npcs?

  • MrPeterGoldman

    Corri English gave me a boner.

  • Dick Shelton

    The Three Eyed Raven!!!!!

  • Stefano_8732

    Joan Allen also played Pamela Landy in “The Bourne Supremacy”.

  • James Lim

    I'd love to see them all irl having a conversation

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