Characters and Voice Actors - ELDER SCROLLS V: SKYRIM (Updated)


Music: "Skyrim Theme Remix" by Pascal Michael Stiefel
Check out his channel for awesome remixes
  • Honza Berka

    Where is m'aiq? 😭


    WHAT IN THE NAME OF OBLIVION DO YOU WANT?! -Maven Black BriarAlso what soundtrack is this, it's not the skyrim or morrowind one because they sound different to this.

  • Hannah Meehan-Stanfield

    Don't worry I found it

  • Just a Random deathclaw

    Didn't Stephen Russell play as Nick Valentine in Fallout 4??

  • Hannah Meehan-Stanfield

    I know most of the lines they say is that bad

  • hesam rahmany

    The fact that after all these years and after hours of playing this game I still didn't know some of this characters drives me .crazy

  • Lord Molag Bla

    Some of the actors and actress look like the the characters

  • Shiny Hoppip

    A NEW HAND TOUCHES THE BEACONexactly what I thought she'd look like

  • Duke Nukem

    Ooo Maven's one is hawt

  • TeddyKGaming

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  • Marvin Salabagang

    Is it a coincidence that an Argonian is voiced by a Jew?

  • Jacob Carter

    Thank you for making this video

  • thegreatcalvinio

    I hear they're reforming the Dawnguard!

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