Gothic 2 Complete Remaster! Gothic 2 is BACK 15 years later

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Gothic 2 "Returning" is a biggest gothic mod ever created. Made by small russian team of modders under the command of project leader Trazege, Returning 2.0 is completely overhauling whole game in lore-friendly way, adds dozens of new locations, quests, items, new factions, story chapters and much more, giving 250+ additional gameplay hours in total.

English installation guide:

Gothic 2 Returning 2.0 original forums:

Returning 2.0 wiki:

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Background music - amazing Kai Rosenkranz

  • Slim Shady

    and waht is with a german version

  • Hryhoriy Kalinin

    Я, видимо туплю, но тем не менее спрошу - а где найти линк на даунлоад и установку?

  • Ahmad Abdollahzadeh

    That's all well. But how can I get this?

  • Udnas Navzar

    soooo were can i buy this ?!

  • JustSebi4U

    kann man es auch auf deutsch spielen? englisch ist ja schön und gut, aber die deutsche originalsynchro ist mit abstand die beste.

  • JacktheRah

    The game was originally made by a small German developer team. And there were six things which made this series fantastic: the gameplay, the chracters, the story, the atmosphere, the music and the voiceacting. And this mod seems to fullfill 5 out of 6. And as a German I would love to see that the community in Germany translates the game into German (best case: with lots of the original cast). Don't get me wrong: the Russian voiceacting surely is fantastic but even if I'd understood it I'd prefer the original one due to nostalgia.

  • ichschwoersosehr

    Will there be an english or german version at any point in the future?

  • My nature videos

    Russian voice acting, instant mood killer :(

  • Morrigan

    "weary weary" special indeed

  • Naive Dreamer

    Лет ми спик фром май харт :D

  • Razvan Marin

    LIKE complimenti bel video.Ti aspetto sul mio canale.Gameplay dì ottima qualità 1080p.Grazie

  • Sinitar Gaming

    Returning 2.0 complete let's play series is out: 2 4k ultimate graphics: cut dialogue between Xardas and Pyrokar:, please share this video so more people can discover this amazing project. Read the video description for possible questions ;) And don't forget to join our Discord to stay in touch: installation guide RELEASED:


    There is still no Remaster, its just a Mod so....Clickbait with Masterpiece..

  • ZlatomiR AleksandroV

    A true jewel of of the genre! Huge world with hidden places and the freedom to explore and complete your quests all based on your choice! The game is amazing!

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