Must Have Skyrim Mods

Today we are going to start with the very basics.. this is a list of the MUST HAVE Skyrim mods.. for 2017. This list of mods should be installed in practically everyone's game as these are not giant flashy overhaul mods. These are mods that fix, clean up and just make the game better objectively.. well pretty much. I threw in a couple mods you might not have known you wanted as well.

All these mods are for the Skyrim Special Edition version of Skyrim and are available and updated as of 2017.. but that doesn't mean that original Skyrim misses out as these mods are available for the original version as well and the only real difference is that the first mod USSEP is called USLEEP.. check them out on Nexusmods.


The Nexus link for

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Author: Unofficial Patch Project Team

The Cutting Room Floor
Author: Arthmoor

Better MessageBox Controls
Author: ecirbaf

Better Dialogue Controls
Author: ecirbaf

SkyUI 2.2
Author: SkyUI Team

60 FPS Interface
Author: Wirodeu

D13 Get Up Stand Up
Author: Dark Angel 13 Argonil

Run For Your Lives
Author: Arthmoor

When Vampires Attack
Author: Arthmoor

Acquisitive Soul Gems
Author: eyeonus

Alternative Start
Author: Arthmoor

Author: Vuud



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  • CopperGaming29

    SSE Fixes is also a must have mod

  • Decapitated Monkey Penis

    pcea 2 is soooo great. just saying.

  • Sir Sir

    Too bad the game developers never took a page from online mods and fixed the special edition Skyrim

  • SakuraWulf

    More special edition... next.

  • Zach

    Open Civil War. I recommend you guys to check it out. Nice civil war mod that let's you attack the provinces in the order you want. Or do the war like a board game if you wanted. You can lose battles. And you can lose the main war itself. Very nice mod.

  • John Jeffry

    children mod where Even Enemies have Children & they are frightened of You ,really change the whole scenario in a battle

  • Naomi Collinson

    When starting new games, instead of having to do the carriage ride just save at "Who are you?". Then you can load up, make a new character and be on your way.

  • Chris Lovitt

    Does anyone know the name of the animation replacer mod he's using at 0:18?

  • Maeve Doyle

    I used alternate start in my current playthrough and it's great! I made my character a snob who lives in Proudspire Manor but lost all her gold on gambling

  • AlexZgamer

    Do they have these mods for PS4

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