Must Have Skyrim Mods

Today we are going to start with the very basics.. this is a list of the MUST HAVE Skyrim mods.. for 2017. This list of mods should be installed in practically everyone's game as these are not giant flashy overhaul mods. These are mods that fix, clean up and just make the game better objectively.. well pretty much. I threw in a couple mods you might not have known you wanted as well.

All these mods are for the Skyrim Special Edition version of Skyrim and are available and updated as of 2017.. but that doesn't mean that original Skyrim misses out as these mods are available for the original version as well and the only real difference is that the first mod USSEP is called USLEEP.. check them out on Nexusmods.


The Nexus link for

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Author: Unofficial Patch Project Team

The Cutting Room Floor
Author: Arthmoor

Better MessageBox Controls
Author: ecirbaf

Better Dialogue Controls
Author: ecirbaf

SkyUI 2.2
Author: SkyUI Team

60 FPS Interface
Author: Wirodeu

D13 Get Up Stand Up
Author: Dark Angel 13 Argonil

Run For Your Lives
Author: Arthmoor

When Vampires Attack
Author: Arthmoor

Acquisitive Soul Gems
Author: eyeonus

Alternative Start
Author: Arthmoor

Author: Vuud



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  • Dogg

    whoever made the subtitles was high

  • PlaguedByEarth

    Mosty Arthmoor's mods. Not bad taste.You should really put more emphasis on featuring the mod author's names in the video, though.

  • Nickname in 2018? LUL

    What's the name of that armor in the thumbnail?

  • MONASHA Nazri

    can it work for Legendary edition?

  • ching s

    For some reason for alternative start u need all dlcs

  • Zendruo Flynstin

    There should be SKSE64 to use skyui

  • Nobert Stanel

    4:53 That guy with bear helmet and axe... ;D Thank you, - great review !

  • RicoLen1

    I will never play without the Ordinator perks mod again. I know it's a preference thing, but holy crap it adds so much replayability. The monk I made was so rewarding to level up. Early on I depended on Lydia or whoever to do almost all my fighting for me. Fighting was so friggen hard with just light armor and bare fists, but as I got my light armor skill up to 50 and then 70 and 80 I just got to be a monster. My fire elemental charged fists are bad ass. Now I'm hanging with frost trolls and blood dragons with no more effort than I would with a paladin type character. Restoration (for the offensive and healing auras), Light Armor and bare fists has never been so much fun. I feel like I'm a Diablo 3 style monk.Now I'm working on a World of Warcraft style Hunter, and it's so much fun just playing an archer in vanilla Skyrim, that adding the ability to drop bear traps and tame wild animals to fight as my companions is just a total blast.Can't wait to make a real bard next, the speech skills that make this possible look great. Add in a little bit of destruction, light armor and one-handed and this character could actually be not only a distinctly unique way to play but a lot of fun, too. Bards are a hard class to get right, but Ordinator has made real efforts towards making this possible.Also the heavy armor tree's conjuration boosts look great for making a death knight.Kudo's to whoever made the ordinator perks mod, they really put some time and effort into bringing back a bunch of old school Elder Scrolls classes, as well as prominently identifying other traditional classes played in other RPGs. Before, I was always playing some vague warrior with healing abilities, or a kind of sorta rogue with destruction, or a wizard that could smith, but now with all the new perks added into trees that make sense (no new trees added, just all new perks to enhance the old) I know exactly what I'm working towards and what how that's going to aide me in my overall development of my character.

  • DoomDodgers

    You just saved my ass so much pain, you magnificent bastard! I was just yesterday wondering if there'd be a mod that'd stop shitty souls from going into my expensive soulgems. This whole video actually is full of little big things i've needed, but didn't know how or what to look for.***NOTE: 60 FPS Interface mod WILL NOT WORK with SkyUI, it will make you invisible in map, meaning you can't see where you are. I play non-special edition skyrim. This happens even if you say no to all when activating the mod.

  • Lochden


  • J Alves

    Idk anything about shit like this, how do i get mods? Like how do i use them on my xbox

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