Skyrim Mods - Week 153 - Jaw Dropping New Armor!!

An armor that is "to die for" HAHaha...

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Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin by Preeum
Merta Assassin Armor UNP - CBBE by Deserter X – Mitosuke
Nock to Tip Master Edition An Archery Overhaul by Foster
Shezrie's Old Hroldan Town by Shezrie
Skyrim Kart
  • PonyBoy 1337

    what is the intro song?

  • devil66699945

    should please do a Play Station 3 version of this mod instead of a PC.... PS3 version of every mod, or at least a few handful of female armour mods.... IF you can

  • Paul Gran

    Are all those mods you are showcasingf in the playlist available for Mod Manager too?

  • Banana Tim

    MxR, you got me into slooty armor. Nicely done 👍

  • Sentena

    MxR you don't need a better GPU you need a better CPU.

  • pringleboyo

    that picture of ulfric stormcloak is so fucking cryptic i cant stop laughing

  • kuba bak

    I have verdant on Xbox one how do I get the summer texture?

  • Mary Offenderman

    Like how he uses lord of the ring and legend of Zelda music

  • Gerfoe, One with the Cheese

    Funny how the first time I watched this video you have a girlfriend. I just had to laugh a bit.

  • Gear Hog

    So the 'Nock and Tip' link is to the Compatibility patches.

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