In Skyrim, Far Far Away (All Star Wars Mods) (HD)

Our 4th video in our Mod Collection Series, and today we are looking at none other than Star Wars, and all related mods. This one was most certainly the most time consuming, especially when it came to rendering/editing, and at first i wasn't sure it'd work!

Nonetheless here it is, and today we are looking at 16 Mods relating to Star Wars!
As always, if you have any comments or suggestions please don't hesitate to ask.
Next up will be Harry Potter & Hogwarts.

Download Links to Mods:

Darth Vader:
Star Killer Armor:
Mandalorian Armour:
Rebel Armour:
Jedi Robe V2:
Storm Trooper Armours:
Prequel Armours:
Star Wars Races:
Zabrak Race:
Star Wars Blasters:
Magicka Sabers:
Magicka Sabers Expaneded:
Speeder Bike:
Sith Academy:
Imperial Credits:
Force Abilities:
The Way of the Force:
Death Star (Moon Replacement):

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  • Theorcman2008

    Vader doesnt cast force lightning FAAAAIIIIILLLLL!!!!

  • Riku

    and by "junk planet" he was preferring to raxus prime.

  • spiffdaddy

    they have auto crossbows and shit but not a single blaser in SE Pc eather crossbow >>

  • DSNoodleLover 1987

    where is the Xwing mod?

  • Nick Sparrow Studios

    starkiller armor removed where 2 get noe

  • spiffdaddy

    To bad most arnt in the skyrim special eddition pc.i serched star wars and only found 4 mods in SE

  • ClanAllta

    Dude, use a candlelight spell. we can't see shit.

  • Phillys' FreestylezTM

    Who saw that dude at 2:37

  • L0ST HAL0

    So glad skyrim special edtion will have mod for console

  • Dxziie

    It's return of the jedi

  • Arijan Komsic

    moders I beg of you please make an star wars overhaul

  • Juanse Álvarez-Torres

    5:53 Boba Fett* technically is the same as Jango Fett’s armor, but Jango’s armor is silver color, Boba Fett's is green.

  • Sleepy Smurf

    Twi'lek and Togruta.

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