[Oblivion] Modding Guide for Easy Install - "Maximizing Oblivion" (Modding Gallery)

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Key words for this guide: BARE MINIMUM of effort on the player's part. This video is to help players new to modding wanting to use Modded Oblivion get set up with the most complex series of overhauls, the FCOM package. With the FCOM package you will have many, many new features:

You have a backpack now, your inventory is inside of it, hotkey B to drop it. Carryweight is a gradual speed reduction, but droping your backpack fixes it until you pick your inventory back up. You can't pick up more than 60lb without your pack.

Dungeons have minimum levels. Oblivion Gates are MINIMUM Level 10, a level 1 player would probably get slaughtered.

Most bandits will NOT get Glass/Daedric armor, but the Bandit Leader/Dungeon Boss will.

Crime has witnesses, just like skyrim (this mod came first).

Hunger, thirst, fatigue.

Torches/Magelight are REQUIRED now, DARK IS DARK.


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  • peace tranquility

    the super pack has been discontinued apparently.

  • James Riggs

    I followed what this guy said and I think its working but in the mod list theres nothing active besides the original game and dlc files yet the game looks and functions better what do I do.

  • King Osmi

    What are the system requirments

  • Lance Hancock

    What about the FSP Patch v6.4.2 in the folder. I ran it and it added new hot bars but they were covering existing vinnila hud stuff

  • Prince Abassi

    What app do I use to open the super.rar file?

  • IvorySoul696

    Where is the mod list for the latest superpack? I literally can't find it anywhere.

  • King Osmi

    Does the pack include an enb or support one

  • Zaric Zhakaron

    I did not create, nor maintain, or offer support on the Danwood Superpack. If you have questions, check the Superpack Forums ► http://www.superpackden.mastertopforum.net/

  • Attorney Macro

    Nope. I've done this 5 times now and NOTHING. Modding just never works for me even when it's this easy. Fuck me

  • Primexp

    lol I deleted my cracked version and bought the it on steam just for this video :)

  • King Osmi

    Help backpack not working

  • Primexp

    when i launched my game it said it wasnt in the same folder as my oblivion.exe and it also crashes

  • Yipsnake

    Ever since I downloaded this, my whole computer is working a lot slower and due to different reasons every time, I cannot restore to any previous version

  • Troy K

    good guide. better at 1.5x speed

  • The Daily Oven

    what do you think of Predcaliber's super modded oblivion?

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