Warframe Review - "Destiny Improved" | Used to be Trash, now a Compelling Game

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Warframe is a 4 player, co-op, Scifi, Dynasty-Warriors style hack-and-slash, over-the shoulder Shooter game where you play as a Tenno or space Ninja. Fighting the Grineer and the Corpus, you go through continuous, repetitive missions. With the principle game villains being Vor and Alad V, at least until the quest Natah which introduces Hunhow as the game's principal villain in the Second Dream. Everything else, including the War Within is spoiler territory and will be covered in the latter half of the video.

I'll be talking about the Game's Systems, Combat, Story, and more. The game isn't without it's flaws, and they are no small nitpicks, the developers have piled system on top of system to ultimately create a really fun game with some issues. ESPECIALLY for new players.

Special guest voice: RabidLemming
Music is all from the Warframe OST
  • Juanxtr

    I'm new to the channel, only have seen the ideal Elder Scrolls videos so far, but the video felt not very much structured, specially being a review. I personally didn't mind it but I guess other people will.According to steam I spent way over a thousand hours on this game since a couple of friends recommended it 4 years ago (I think I started with Update 7). I've been playing it on and off since then, always in the same cycle: play extensively for a month or so, exhausting all content (missions, warframes and weapons), and then I put it aside for several months until there are some big updates with new content. That way I avoided getting annoyed.Being a cooperative game, the community is way better than almost all other online games I played, specially Free 2 Play (FFXIV being the only other example i experienced of a good community and its a subscription game). I often got help while playing a mission or asking on the regional chat. And of course there are idiots, its the internet, they are everywhere, but in my experience they were a minority in this game.I completely agree that the game gets really obscure in several mechanics. I always notice that when I start playing it again and I can't complete one of the new missions or unlock a specific weapon. For that, the wiki its the perfect companion, the community keeps it up to date and it contains almost if not all of the information required to do anything in the game. I personally don't mind spending hours reading wiki pages learning all the tiniest details, but I understand most of the people wont do that.If it wasn't for the wiki I probably would have stopped playing when my friends did around 20 hours.I think the existence of that wiki made the developers lazy in terms of explaining things, since we get the information anyways. I haven't checked in a while, but the devs always interacted a lot with the community, and I'm surprised that topic never came up (maybe the part of the community that interact with the devs are always the ones that already knows everything?).So it's an important flaw that should be fixed and I don't think that would be that hard to do, adding complete mechanics info to the UI should be way easier than revamping mechanics or create new content.

  • Zaric Zhakaron

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  • Butcher Pete

    This was a great review, had me engaged the whole time and actually got me to download it. This comment section on the other hand, wish I never scrolled through it, the amount of "skillup copy" claims made me sterile.

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