Warframe Review | Used to be Trash, now a Compelling Game | Titles trigger people

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Warframe is a 4 player, co-op, Scifi, Dynasty-Warriors style hack-and-slash, over-the shoulder Shooter game where you play as a Tenno or space Ninja. Fighting the Grineer and the Corpus, you go through continuous, repetitive missions. With the principle game villains being Vor and Alad V, at least until the quest Natah which introduces Hunhow as the game's principal villain in the Second Dream. Everything else, including the War Within is spoiler territory and will be covered in the latter half of the video.

I'll be talking about the Game's Systems, Combat, Story, and more. The game isn't without it's flaws, and they are no small nitpicks, the developers have piled system on top of system to ultimately create a really fun game with some issues. ESPECIALLY for new players.

Special guest voice: RabidLemming
Music is all from the Warframe OST
  • Blitz Attacker

    I constantly hear the argument that WF doesnt explain things very well but i didnt have that experience. when i wanted to know something i would merely ask chat, and while id have to wade through some memes the community was very helpful and kind, now i play on xbox one and other platforms may have a different experience. i would say that as soon as accessible, one should go to recruit chat and request a low MR, new player friendly clan, theres quite a few helpful players will to help you if you're willing to put forth the effort to learn. the in game chat is an important resource, use it.

  • Gen Dor

    Pretty much everything is true, I couldn't get into a community and anyone I tried teaming up with would just run ahead and end the mission ASAP while I was still gathering resources and looking for secrets spots, so I stopped playing with others and went completely solo. I hate the game.

  • Zaric Zhakaron

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