Skyrim Guide how to cure Serana.

This is a reupload of one of my old Skyrim guides had to fix an issue for legal reasons.

If you already messed you up watch this!
A friend of mine made a mod to fix Serana's eyes.

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  • KingReed21

    I choose you can be your own person and she still got cured

  • SuperManXD

    you can istall the mod for marry her

  • The Crow

    You can marry have to pick the right speech shit

  • mrx

    your girl looks like it been a good mate for my char lol my guy will eat her up

  • jake spencer

    But the thing is I already asked her before

  • Christian Gamer

    She can't die as a vampire and she can't be married to as a human also so what's the point of curing her as a human she can die as a vampire she cannot die so what's the point

  • Pavel Jelínek

    But she was more sexy as a vampire..

  • Lauren Gillis

    I've heard that you can marry her by going back to the soul cairn to inform Valerica of Harkon's death, and bringing her back.

  • 1Zerotonine

    this is the 2con time, I got sucked in to becoming a vampire, I didnt know that I had to go back to downgrade..trying to help her to find her mother, I got that shit bow and now, they all want to kill me, well the dragonborn in the game, I cure my self.... no more wolf or vampire... looks like I have to kill them all some how, or keep going back to vampire and finish downgrade, dint think of saving them to just deleted them when it got to many saves... its not about sarina or what ever she is....

  • cosgrove360

    She uses lighting and ice spikes anyway. Even when she is a vampire.

  • Phil Loko

    Damn shame. There was something about her that I liked. Too bad you can't marry her.

  • Dovahkiin Warrior

    Dovahkiin is disappointed he can not marry serana

  • Grostfreak

    who the hell wants to marry her anyway?

  • enel777

    1- she still wears hood2- she still uses life drain3- she has lightning even when she was a vampire

  • FUGGIE CUP !!!

    Super helpful. Thanks

  • Sharla Sadler

    Wtf why would u do that you get nothing out of it plus you take away here vampire powers oh and I told here that we should part ways cause I needed to do something without here but when I came back and talked to her all it sead was can I treat Errows with your blood it sead nothing else just that can u help me ): that’s the only dialogue It sead and you can’t make bloodcursed errows enymore

  • GalaxiRuleGaming Stuff

    You sound like obama man FUCK TRUMP

  • Kyle Hearnsberger

    Sometime tomorrow, I'm thinking of doing the quest that has me do the negotiations to keep war from breaking out, then kicking Alduin's butt, then maybe starting the Dawnguard quest-line, but undecided. I did - this afternoon - get the scroll from Blackreach and a mess-load of Crimson Nirnroot (A group of the Crimson Nirnroot I can turn in to Avrusa Sarethi and a few extras I kept for myself - and what I find hilarious is that, I got every Crimson Nirnroot from the list on the wiki page, haha !!! :) ), then after putting items up I got in Blackreach and that one place before Blackreach (I forgot the name, embarrassingly....), I decided to save and quit for either the evening, or maybe a few days. Considering a few-day-break from the game since I play it so much.

  • Connor Reilly

    What do you do if this dialog isn’t their?

  • TheHornet79

    "You cannot marry her"Well....that was a waste

  • Alfie Tubb

    just wanted to say while were on the topic if serana has a bit of dialogue saying that she became a vampire right after she was born shouldn't she look like a baby as Babette from the dark brotherhood says that vampirism keeps you remarkably young

  • WolfiesAdore •

    I killed harken but I didn’t get that dialogue

  • Afrofrenchtoast

    I did this and she literally does everything that she did as a vampire but I lose the dialogue options that she had when she was a vampire

  • Ondra Král

    i think with hack can be marry

  • robodino _

    You can marry her you have to summon her first

  • Razeel Nightfall

    There is a way to marry her. A few guides on YouTube on how to do so. You just can't do it the traditional way, through Mara.

  • Kevin Alvarado

    This dialogue pops up before when you're still kind of new to her.

  • BiggieBoyK

    Yeah i got married to that Ysolda girl but i spend like 99% of time with Serana. Ysolda is jealous of me and her spending so much time together so now shes sent me divorce papers which for some reason were delivered my a naked Nord guy. Now she taking half what i got, she took all of my three hand build homes and the bitch is taking the kids. The thing that i am left with is the power of a Dragonborn.

  • Funny Foot

    I hate the first part of dawnguard i dont like becoming a vampire thing even if i refuse it makes me part vampire

  • Lil B-Rok

    I tried asking her but apparently I asked her before n she told me to drop it n she doesn't want to talk about it anymore 😢

  • TheSuper Savage

    Bro 1st And Second Work Get Ur Shit Strait

  • kyleplier

    There is now a mod everyone, regardless of PC, Xbox One, or PS4, the name of the mod is called marry me Serana...

  • Brent

    Bullshit, I just chose "You could be your own person again" and she went and cured herself.

  • Fordo Gaming

    Soooo hold up, I’ve waited for her for like 6 Skyrim weeks wtf

  • Soviet Doggo

    why u would cure her?

  • Carl Richard

    shut up with the cussing

  • Jack Hammer

    Why would you wanna make your character a woman?..

  • Griffball 1438

    Good to know I get to start the game all over again.

  • Mike Mason

    So to "cure serina from vamirism" you just have to say the right lines and she goes off and cures herself?

  • isaac martinez

    The second one is better

  • Jake Reardon

    Hey for some reason the dialogue for asking her about curing vampirsm is different

  • Jordan Kimpton

    Shut the fuck up dude, stop talking over the games audio!

  • Kyle Moore

    What about bloadcursed arrows

  • xDeadshade

    She looks hotter as vampire tho

  • Lays Photato chips

    After I told her to go cure herself after that she didn't show up after 2 months real time

  • Lit Elama

    She is sexy if she is vampire

  • Daniel Bob

    All I want is to marry her

  • Roman Tiller

    can you become a werebear

  • The Lich King

    I love her vampire eyes though, who would want to cure her? She looks much prettier as a vampire!

  • AggressiveNegotiator

    3:29 I think you mean sparks not lightning bolt.

  • Christian Gamer

    Is there a real point in curing her apart from looks

  • Keith

    Yeah, it would've been nice if Bethesda had included the option to marry Serana in the Dawnguard DLC as an extra reward to earn upon completing the Dawnguard or Vampire questlines. It could've made perfect narrative sense either way.Either she develops the capacity for romantic feelings after you help free her mother + stop Harkon + cure her OR you can fall for each other as vampires and spend eternity together (Sounds awful imo but live your Twilight fantasy, fans).Given her past and what you go through as a team, she's perhaps Skyrim's most unique/compelling follower. Imagine your bond giving her a second chance at truly living: Love, family, hope for the future? Sigh, such a wasted opportunity...

  • Happy Jack

    Yes you can marry her how ever it has a lot to do with the dialog options while questing with her. It's in the mega size strategy guide.

  • James Delahunty

    Will she still raise dead people?

  • viperstudioshass

    Major downside, she will not be able to corrupt your elven arrows if she is human so if you want to get her to be human but you also want those arrows stockpile them first

  • Donovan Fry

    She never came back 😭😭😭😭😭

  • kenny the dragonborn

    Can she still give bloodcursed arrows after this?

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