Skyrim Guide how to cure Serana.

This is a reupload of one of my old Skyrim guides had to fix an issue for legal reasons.

If you already messed you up watch this!
A friend of mine made a mod to fix Serana's eyes.

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  • Carl Richard

    shut up with the cussing

  • Lance Bratton

    She is hotter when she is a vamp thb

  • the non-stop guy !!!

    Super helpful. Thanks

  • Knight Slayer

    I picked "your own person" and she said ok

  • KingReed21

    I choose you can be your own person and she still got cured

  • Christian Gamer

    She can't die as a vampire and she can't be married to as a human also so what's the point of curing her as a human she can die as a vampire she cannot die so what's the point

  • SuperManXD

    you can istall the mod for marry her

  • thatoneguy withaanimepicture

    I know this was made a long time ago and I'm not hating on the guy but the disappointment in his voice when he said "you still cannot marry her I've tried"

  • KrustyKrabPizza Deliverer

    I dont like when you tubers don't put spoiler warnings it didn't matter for me because I did the dawngaurd but bro that's a big part in da DLC even if this is very very old and people have probably already played it

  • Lil B-Rok

    I tried asking her but apparently I asked her before n she told me to drop it n she doesn't want to talk about it anymore 😢

  • Memestermemes

    The only person in skyrim I care for and you can't even marry her

  • XxBoss CookiexX

    Those who disliked did it wrong. It's simple 😂😂

  • Kevin Pickford

    I don't know why they didn't make it an option to marry her


    What if I get different options. She says that I mentioned it a while ago and I get three different dialogue choices

  • Pavel Jelínek

    But she was more sexy as a vampire..

  • Jordan Kimpton

    Shut the fuck up dude, stop talking over the games audio!

  • Leonardo Da Slinky

    good stuff, thanks for this

  • Klemen Škoberne

    my serana is still gone... didnt come back...

  • Roman Tiller

    can you become a werebear

  • Jake Reardon

    Hey for some reason the dialogue for asking her about curing vampirsm is different

  • mrx

    your girl looks like it been a good mate for my char lol my guy will eat her up

  • Milek

    Cure? CURE?! Its a blessing! Not a curse. The true power!

  • GloryToStan

    You can marry her but not in a traditional way

  • philipp plein

    Why is her face so damn yellow?

  • Batman Beyond

    how to tell that you're a horrible piece of ass:Sacrifice Serana for Boethiah.

  • Derek Stapleton

    A crucial part to remember is that this first bit of dialogue is available when you first talk to her at fort dawnguard early on in the dlc. I don't remember the exact choices you're supposed to make here, but if you mess it up, you screw it up forever and won't be able to cure her. I think you're supposed to say something like "are you okay?" or something like that. If you don't say that you'll mess it all up and she'll be a vampire forever.

  • Derrick S. Tran

    She doesn't look right with normal eyes

  • Jack Hammer

    Why would you wanna make your character a woman?..

  • IIZantesukenII

    You could be your own person doesn't offend her but you're not able to help her. She'll decide to do it on her own.

  • thor

    If I do this can she die

  • Jaysan Nikan

    So u can only do it if u beat it from the Vampire Hunters Perspective?

  • Fordo Gaming

    Soooo hold up, I’ve waited for her for like 6 Skyrim weeks wtf

  • Malisen Mättö

    She is sexy if she is vampire

  • Arthur K

    When she was a vampire the answer was "No", now she is a human and the answer stays the same. I guess after becoming werewolf, she may fall in love.

  • Marthinus_

    Okay, so, the process for curing a pure-blooded vampire would be different to that of a regular vampire. Pure-Blooded vampires would need a transfusion of regular blood in order to survive the curing process.

  • Lays Photato chips

    After I told her to go cure herself after that she didn't show up after 2 months real time

  • Robert Karp

    There is a mod that you can add on that lets you marry anyone. However, if you have already married, it won't let you marry again. I like Serana the best. "That'll teach em." But I already married Mjoll and keep her at home. I'd like to get a threesome going.

  • SharpJuniorXD14

    Wait so if you use the right dialogue can you marry her ??? Because we've spoken a lot and she always use to say she doesn't wanna talk about it anymore like she got offended

  • Wesley Teague

    Also, make sure your relationship is good with her as well. Other wise the dialog selections are completely different and don't do this.

  • 1Zerotonine

    this is the 2con time, I got sucked in to becoming a vampire, I didnt know that I had to go back to downgrade..trying to help her to find her mother, I got that shit bow and now, they all want to kill me, well the dragonborn in the game, I cure my self.... no more wolf or vampire... looks like I have to kill them all some how, or keep going back to vampire and finish downgrade, dint think of saving them to just deleted them when it got to many saves... its not about sarina or what ever she is....

  • The Crow

    You can marry have to pick the right speech shit

  • you snoof

    She looks more like a vampire. In fact you you probably burn it and push it off a 1000km drop

  • BiggieBoyK

    Yeah i got married to that Ysolda girl but i spend like 99% of time with Serana. Ysolda is jealous of me and her spending so much time together so now shes sent me divorce papers which for some reason were delivered my a naked Nord guy. Now she taking half what i got, she took all of my three hand build homes and the bitch is taking the kids. The thing that i am left with is the power of a Dragonborn.

  • ExcessNess

    good video man ty for showing us this, i haven"t played skyrim at lot so this is awesome but sad that you have to kill her father tho.

  • Ryan Schwiegershausen

    I saw a video that said you can marry her. But is any of this possible on the console version? And if you bring up curing her before Harkon is dead, does it mess it up?


    Can you only do it if you sided with the Dawnguard

  • The Chaulk Man

    My boi still on the 360 in 2017

  • Christian Gamer

    Is there a real point in curing her apart from looks

  • Toshiro Kazi-san

    Word of advice, don't talk over dialogue. Some people like to hear it. 😒

  • Robert Karp

    I parted ways with her after killing her Dad. She then went to stay with the Dawnguard. I went to partner up with her and she was cured. Didn't do any of that dialog. Changing back to werewolf was supposed to purge the vampire blood from me but the sun still burns us both. So it seems you're never really cured entirely.

  • Phil Loko

    Damn shame. There was something about her that I liked. Too bad you can't marry her.

  • Ondra Král

    i think with hack can be marry

  • Matt W

    I wonder if I should've sided with the dawngaurd, but I did kill Harkon. And I didn't fight against the dawnguard, but they seem to hate me

  • harley 428

    that helps me. i got her to go get rid of her vampire side but I never know where to find her again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-) thanks!

  • nukeman1303

    Comments in a nutshell:1%thanks man!99% fuck sake I do everything and I still get friendzoned I should jump off a cliff

  • Cordless87

    She looks creepy as duck like that

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