Skyrim Guide how to cure Serana.

This is a reupload of one of my old Skyrim guides had to fix an issue for legal reasons.

If you already messed you up watch this!
A friend of mine made a mod to fix Serana's eyes.

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  • Schlecht Mensch

    Its a pretty bad idea to "cure" her ther are no positiv efftects you hafe only bad effects. If she is a vampire she can turn you into a vampire and i think she can make these arrows.There is only one positiv effekt it can have if you are rollplaying and and dont like vampires ..... But if you see it from this perspectiv youll also have to notice that healing her vampirism is going to kill her son or later.If would do rollplaying (i dont) one of the biggest goals would be to become inmortal and being a vampiere is a good option.

  • AggressiveNegotiator

    3:29 I think you mean sparks not lightning bolt.

  • GalaxiRuleGaming Stuff

    You sound like obama man FUCK TRUMP

  • TheHornet79

    "You cannot marry her"Well....that was a waste

  • Afrofrenchtoast

    I did this and she literally does everything that she did as a vampire but I lose the dialogue options that she had when she was a vampire

  • kenny the dragonborn

    Can she still give bloodcursed arrows after this?

  • Stefan Bentsen

    The options after asking if she has ever thought of being cured won't pop up! Help!

  • Grostfreak

    who the hell wants to marry her anyway?

  • Lord Wolfsbane

    Do you have to be in the dawn guard

  • Sarah Elizabeth

    I think the “You can be your own person” dialog was actually okay, however, the very last one was a sure offender.

  • Kyle Hearnsberger

    Sometime tomorrow, I'm thinking of doing the quest that has me do the negotiations to keep war from breaking out, then kicking Alduin's butt, then maybe starting the Dawnguard quest-line, but undecided. I did - this afternoon - get the scroll from Blackreach and a mess-load of Crimson Nirnroot (A group of the Crimson Nirnroot I can turn in to Avrusa Sarethi and a few extras I kept for myself - and what I find hilarious is that, I got every Crimson Nirnroot from the list on the wiki page, haha !!! :) ), then after putting items up I got in Blackreach and that one place before Blackreach (I forgot the name, embarrassingly....), I decided to save and quit for either the evening, or maybe a few days. Considering a few-day-break from the game since I play it so much.

  • bezeker night core

    U can marry serana but it takes a certain method not the traditional way

  • Sharla Sadler

    Wtf why would u do that you get nothing out of it plus you take away here vampire powers oh and I told here that we should part ways cause I needed to do something without here but when I came back and talked to her all it sead was can I treat Errows with your blood it sead nothing else just that can u help me ): that’s the only dialogue It sead and you can’t make bloodcursed errows enymore

  • Daniel Bob

    All I want is to marry her

  • Soviet Doggo

    why u would cure her?

  • Kevin Alvarado

    This dialogue pops up before when you're still kind of new to her.

  • Shadow Nightmare

    Its dumb. You should've been able to marry her at first.

  • isaac martinez

    The second one is better

  • Brent

    Bullshit, I just chose "You could be your own person again" and she went and cured herself.

  • Crexer Lp

    You can heal her with heal undead

  • BrownieMuc

    The dawnguard doesnt like me,after i defought Harkon.

  • Fross Fairy

    I prefer her to cure me of mortality.

  • Brandon Ninja

    How many days do you have to wait?

  • jake spencer

    But the thing is I already asked her before

  • General Grievous

    To be clear everyone serana can not be married in the normal game. U can only marry with mods and console commands

  • Lauranemia

    I chose "you could be your own person again"and still got to cure her. She still says it's too bright outside tho :D

  • Charles F

    I would loved to marry Serena but out of the followers she ranks #1 in my rankings

  • Happy Jack

    Yes you can marry her how ever it has a lot to do with the dialog options while questing with her. It's in the mega size strategy guide.

  • anonymous

    I married Serana. Also, if you get her to be free from being a vampire can you later turn her back into a vampire?


    Can serana die after she’s been cured of vampirism like most followers?

  • enel777

    1- she still wears hood2- she still uses life drain3- she has lightning even when she was a vampire

  • Eric Duvall

    I sided with the Dawnguard but everytime I ask her if she would ever get cured she just tells me she isn't talking about it anymore and ends the conversation lol

  • matthew owens

    game got bothersome thanks to serana i had lydia and we were ok while it was helpful to have a third fighter but serana wouldnt stop attacking lydia sometimes shed turn on me if i cast a desctruction spell so ya no love for serana

  • Razeel Nightfall

    There is a way to marry her. A few guides on YouTube on how to do so. You just can't do it the traditional way, through Mara.

  • Lauren Gillis

    I've heard that you can marry her by going back to the soul cairn to inform Valerica of Harkon's death, and bringing her back.

  • LionKing04 _

    I can't cured her cuz before I completed the Dawnguard I asked her about curing herself

  • robodino _

    You can marry her you have to summon her first

  • Mr Pineapple

    You got COCK BLOCKULAed

  • Grey Goose

    I asked her before I finished the dlc and I ruined it

  • Alfie Tubb

    just wanted to say while were on the topic if serana has a bit of dialogue saying that she became a vampire right after she was born shouldn't she look like a baby as Babette from the dark brotherhood says that vampirism keeps you remarkably young

  • TheSuper Savage

    Bro 1st And Second Work Get Ur Shit Strait

  • James Delahunty

    Will she still raise dead people?

  • Khajiit The Listener

    I live my vampire bae

  • Alexander Torres

    I like to mod it so her name is Lucina or Jaina

  • Funny Foot

    I hate the first part of dawnguard i dont like becoming a vampire thing even if i refuse it makes me part vampire

  • Aaronmarq

    A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

  • Matt Smith

    hmm, for some reason on this playthrough I'm currently on she's still being stubborn. Instead of those three options that are supposed to pop up she just says "I'm not talking about this with you anymore."I screwed something up somewhere.

  • Donovan Fry

    She never came back 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Griffball 1438

    Good to know I get to start the game all over again.

  • Rinnegan Ice

    The question is why cure her..

  • Dovahkiin Warrior

    Dovahkiin is disappointed he can not marry serana

  • Kyle Moore

    What about bloadcursed arrows

  • WolfiesAdore •

    I killed harken but I didn’t get that dialogue

  • Starrixx

    i prefer to keep her vampire and stay vampire myself cuz i like the idea 1000 years in the future when another issue pops up in the world and a new dragonborn is born to solve it im still around and i could guide him in a sense while slowly ruleing apart of the world where my followers who has been made vampires to be with me forever

  • Caleb Hill

    why would you want to cure Serana? She dosn't look sexy anymore!

  • Connor Reilly

    What do you do if this dialog isn’t their?

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