Skyrim Guide how to cure Serana.

This is a reupload of one of my old Skyrim guides had to fix an issue for legal reasons.

If you already messed you up watch this!
A friend of mine made a mod to fix Serana's eyes.

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  • Brigette Gillies

    when i did it she left to cure herself and when she came back she still used vampire drain

  • Mario Cardenas

    After i bear her father there were no new diolog so i let her mother out and still nothing and my speech craft is maxed

  • Josh Rivera

    Anyway of curing her after messing up? Playing on PlayStation no PC

  • Matt W

    I wonder if I should've sided with the dawngaurd, but I did kill Harkon. And I didn't fight against the dawnguard, but they seem to hate me

  • King Media

    I hate when you tubers don't put spoiler warnings it didn't matter for me because I did the dawngaurd but bro that's a big part in da DLC

  • Milek

    Cure? CURE?! Its a blessing! Not a curse. The true power!

  • Justin Flores

    can you do this if you did the vampire version of the dawnguard

  • CoolAsianKid

    After she was cured and she came back she had green eyes surrounded by orange?!

  • Adam Elafifi

    Does she always how to dawngsurd when she is cured or does she go to your manor if u have one ?

  • harley 428

    that helps me. i got her to go get rid of her vampire side but I never know where to find her again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-) thanks!

  • Dragon Venom

    Her eyes are probably blood shot because vampires don't sleep so she never slept

  • Toshiro Kazi-san

    Word of advice, don't talk over dialogue. Some people like to hear it. 😒

  • Jaysan Nikan

    So u can only do it if u beat it from the Vampire Hunters Perspective?

  • Nobody Really

    I was so disappointed I couldn't slay Serana when I first met her. I wanted to be an uncompromising vampire hunter, and first mission I get railroaded into sparing a goddamn vampire.

  • Knight Slayer

    I picked "your own person" and she said ok

  • Lance Bratton

    She is hotter when she is a vamp thb

  • Arthur K

    When she was a vampire the answer was "No", now she is a human and the answer stays the same. I guess after becoming werewolf, she may fall in love.

  • Carl Gustav Tessin

    Don't tell her that she can become a person again.

  • philipp plein

    Why is her face so damn yellow?

  • Robert Karp

    There is a mod that you can add on that lets you marry anyone. However, if you have already married, it won't let you marry again. I like Serana the best. "That'll teach em." But I already married Mjoll and keep her at home. I'd like to get a threesome going.

  • Twinkie Monster

    ok so I can't talk to her about it at all until the end of the quest

  • the Prince of Awesomeness

    First time I accidentely cured her, she seemed to be weeker

  • Batman Beyond

    how to tell that you're a horrible piece of ass:Sacrifice Serana for Boethiah.

  • William Hackett

    Do you get only one chance to cure her

  • Antonio Brown #84 #Can'tlockmeup #Juliowho

    that's a lie I clicked u could be ur own person and it worked

  • Jaden Calhoun

    cant u marry her wit mods ?

  • Derrick S. Tran

    She doesn't look right with normal eyes

  • Marty Wittenberg

    You cannot marry Serana period unless you play it on pc and use a mod. Originally she is the biggest tease (And broken goods) in the game wich Bethesda did not think through. Ah well nothing new there. That said i'm playing the game and she looks kinda nice as a hooooman 2. But i will have the last laugh when i cured her and vamp myself up. Suuuuuckkerrrrr.

  • thatoneguy withaanimepicture

    I know this was made a long time ago and I'm not hating on the guy but the disappointment in his voice when he said "you still cannot marry her I've tried"

  • Tholi

    You can marry Serana at the Balkony of Temple of Auriel

  • Cordless87

    She looks creepy as duck like that

  • glich code

    and once you make her human you cannot make bloodcursed arrows so do not do this if you are a vampire

  • Klemen Škoberne

    my serana is still gone... didnt come back...

  • Alastor Lestat

    I gave her a stalhrim armor and boots and gauntlets but no helmet.. she doesn't wear the hood then and still a vampire

  • Goril

    thats mean I can kill that bitch ha sweett revenge

  • ExcessNess

    good video man ty for showing us this, i haven"t played skyrim at lot so this is awesome but sad that you have to kill her father tho.

  • Leonardo Da Slinky

    good stuff, thanks for this

  • TrollForce

    She has lived for thousands of years, you curing her vampirism would get rid of her immortality, so in reality, she would turn into a pile of ash.

  • Ryan Schwiegershausen

    I saw a video that said you can marry her. But is any of this possible on the console version? And if you bring up curing her before Harkon is dead, does it mess it up?

  • SharpJuniorXD14

    Wait so if you use the right dialogue can you marry her ??? Because we've spoken a lot and she always use to say she doesn't wanna talk about it anymore like she got offended

  • Wesley Teague

    Also, make sure your relationship is good with her as well. Other wise the dialog selections are completely different and don't do this.

  • Death Squad

    Those who disliked did it wrong. It's simple 😂😂

  • IIZantesukenII

    You could be your own person doesn't offend her but you're not able to help her. She'll decide to do it on her own.

  • Robert Karp

    I parted ways with her after killing her Dad. She then went to stay with the Dawnguard. I went to partner up with her and she was cured. Didn't do any of that dialog. Changing back to werewolf was supposed to purge the vampire blood from me but the sun still burns us both. So it seems you're never really cured entirely.


    Can you only do it if you sided with the Dawnguard

  • you snoof

    She looks more like a vampire. In fact you you probably burn it and push it off a 1000km drop

  • i couldnt think of a username

    serana i want to kill myself because you wont let me kill you fuck you god damn it i asked you like 10 fucking years ago to get cured and now your mad

  • Jobro 2206

    I did the cure option and she went to cure herself but now she wont come back. She's been gone for 2 weeks now.

  • Memestermemes

    The only person in skyrim I care for and you can't even marry her

  • Dandelion Fluffabunch

    She is beautiful, I have mods to marry her. Lol


    What if I get different options. She says that I mentioned it a while ago and I get three different dialogue choices

  • Alex Pro

    It glitched for me and it doesn't give me the option. She won't talk about it now. Fucking Skyrim...

  • phatommanglethefox Skyrim are go eon

    ugh she looks funny looking

  • thor

    If I do this can she die

  • Marthinus_

    Okay, so, the process for curing a pure-blooded vampire would be different to that of a regular vampire. Pure-Blooded vampires would need a transfusion of regular blood in order to survive the curing process.

  • nukeman1303

    Comments in a nutshell:1%thanks man!99% fuck sake I do everything and I still get friendzoned I should jump off a cliff

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