The Secrets Of Skyrim's Sound Design

Mark Lampert, sound designer and audio director at Bethesda, talks about how he constructs the sounds of Skyrim.
  • Jerred Williamson

    looks like white obama

  • Kinkoyaburi

    The camera operator at some point randomly decides to film extreme close-up of Mark's ear. Because - sounds - ears - get it? Get it!?

  • UpInFlam3z

    Best "WTF" laughter I've had in quite some time.

  • NonsensicalVids

    can we see bethesda bug team...oh...nvm

  • lawlorcoaster

    Ok you bird watchers out there, can you identify what species made that call he played, and would it be found in real life in an environment as cold as Skyrim?

  • Dmitry Akimov

    This guy is a genius.

  • Gongasoso

    I hope he could see this. Mr. Lampert, if you ever find yourself in the need of a sound for some robotic flying bug, for instance, that the player could control, and land on it's hand or something: Try tossing a key set in the air, then grabbing it again. Notice the sound it makes. I just think it fits...

  • Flylikechris

    I love these types of videos!

  • G Lander (2018)

    That is not much, and for secrets of Skyrim's sound design it is pretty short to be even just to scratch the surface of it. This is also very basic, regarding settings, gear , and out of topic.

  • DayCraftMC

    This is really interesting! I love watching videos like this cause it inspires me to do it myself. Must say that the cameraman was not as talented, zooming in to the ear like wtf?!

  • me700gnomes

    Well. He recorded an African Swallow, which doesn't make sense because They're not migratory and wouldn't be found in the climate of the Euro-esque region of Skyrim like, say, the European swallow.

  • warnexus

    great interview, GI!

  • Obyvvatel

    Wait, so Skyrim had only 1 sound designer?

  • dotdotdot

    you just inspired me to find a sample of an old steam engine and use it for an electro house song:D

  • J Ramos

    He didn't do a good job at all, the sound mod on steam sounds alot better than the original. I can barely bring myself to go back.

  • mellodge

    3:27 Mackie big knob great piece of kit. I totally regret selling mine and now can't afford another. By the way I wouldn't attempt sound design on Fruity Loops LOL! Correct me if I'm wrong but FL studio is MIDI only no?

  • Mitcho

    its deffiantly not fruity loops lololo


    Faggot camera man, i can do better with no experience

  • Eric Wycoff

    Really sick video! Ableton Live is a very good DAW for making sounds for games as well :D

  • UpInFlam3z

    hahahaha omg he really does!!!

  • Klaus Overmeire

    That shot of his Darjeeling tea was so out of context

  • NINedStark

    How can i use automations for video game soundtracks? Like Pitch automation, Cutoff filter automation.. i can make inside the DAW but would be better if the engine game trigger some this effects, for example: if the player are inside water, the sound will be pitched down, cutoff (its just a example, i dont know sound design techiniques yet..)

  • Kyle Segovia

    2:02 I wouldn't have been able to understand this video if I never saw that closeup of Tea... thanks for including that!

  • Totally Awesome!

    cool thanks, I work with sound design too, it's fun!  :) thanks for sharing

  • Digital-Scratch

    i think that quest update sound he didn't use is better than the one the game has

  • Random Guy

    100% Cubase...... Great interview

  • Daniel Blanco R

    The camera man was either high or bored as fuck

  • Tymprasta

    The shot of the tea shows what he uses to teabags newbs in his spare time.

  • Sgt Pepper

    He says he sits there with recording equipment trying to be as silent as possible in the middle of a forest

  • Ferdy Hoshigaki Tube

    how is he collect this sounds? i mean there must be the source

  • RyonRykal

    Great interviewee. The way he talks and explains it in this calm and clear way is very good to listen to!

  • The Panacea

    Man this camera work is really...something else...and the editing is also...unique...

  • Marco Martinez

    4:22 why zoom in on his ear like that?

  • Zakary Best

    Before you freak out about them using Cubase... that is Nuendo not Cubase. Nuendo is built from the ground up for film and video game audio. Cubase on the other hand is built from the ground up for music, which is not Ideal for working with video game audio.

  • GamingOtaku1000

    OK with the dwarven sphere ... how the GU k do you defeat that?!?! That just popped in my head:/

  • lawlorcoaster

    Haha, thanks man! I was really curious about that, you're awesome for answering.

  • dacasman

    all that hard work and people replace the sounds with mods lol

  • mlg noscope

    but in tchernobyl there are acually animals running around so why is it far fetched to use bird sounds or normal wild animals in general ?

  • tasty scrib

    That shot where you get a good look in his ear for 5 seconds

  • Miserable Shrimp

    I was the 1000'th liker.

  • Lord Krythic

    What program is he using on the left monitor? I'm currently using Audacity for sound/music in my game development.

  • Inceptor 100

    If he only knew what the current DAW version 7 of Nuendo will offer him in regards of game sound, special FX editing and integration. It is amazing... He should be a happy man, these days. :-)

  • overtheB

    fuck this camera-work

  • WillyJ

    lmfao the closeup on his ear @ 4:23

  • KrySoar

    I think its look like barack Obama o_O

  • DaGroove Tom

    Thats Cubase.. not FL studio's ... both are digital audio workstations, but different formatting.. Fl studio's is alright, i deff wouldn't use it for mastering tracks, but it seems like he goes about making 4 to 10 bar riffs of layered sounds and then bounces it out to place into a library which from there probably reuses it an different arrangement patterns .. reprocessing over and over 

  • Best Username Ever

    I love the sound of the Soul Trap spell being used. Best sound effect in Skyrim.

  • SyotosGod

    Is he using Pro Tools? Does it make sense to use FL Studio or Ableton for Sound Effects and BG Music for games?

  • nagol1000

    Can I work with you?

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