Anime USA 2013 = Travis Willingham & Laura Bailey (1)

Questions asked:
Travis~Is Laura's cooking as bad as Maka's?
Both~Which is your most meaningful role?
Both~What are your impressions of Usa-chan?
Travis~Do an Ace line.
Laura~For Persona4 Golden, did you have to redub all the lines?
Travis~Happy birthday in Mustang's voice.
Laura~Tokine's voice / Is Tokine one of your favorite roles?
Travis~Did you know about what you were getting into for Ace's role later on? / What was different between 2003 Mustang and Brotherhood Mustang?
Both~What was it like being in Street Fighter?
Both~How does it feel like to be in Sonic the Hedgehog?
Both~Can I have a hug?
Both~What were your biggest regrets in your career?
Laura~something about Keiko on Xbox Live
Laura~something about Anime Boston
Laura~Do you like playing as Anko?
Both~Any fun stories from recording Sengoku Basara?
Both~How you became voice actors?
Both~How often do you meet up with other VAs in studio?
Travis~How was Mushishi different from other shows?
  • JAMation

    Randomly found this, but that is some good sound quality you got there

  • Kieran Tansey

    Have got to be the best and most attractive couple on the web

  • Mikkel Hedegaard

    i have now for 30 min tried to find the fruit basket commercial and cant find it... :(

  • smooothiebomb

    i love this! travis is so amped that they're married haha he just wants to keep bringing it up <3

  • James LeBeau

    Right when Laura said "I wonder if it's on YouTube", I typed in "fruit" and it said "fruits basket commercial laura bailey".

  • Guy Smith

    This looks like it was before Critical Role.

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