Beyond Skyrim: Bruma | Going To The Imperial City!

What the devs never intended us to see. But, it really surprised me!
  • Adam Davies

    This seems to be winning the race, I wonder who will finish first, skyblivion or this.

  • BF COD

    why do they not have the imperial city if they have it done

  • Boston Towny4life

    Also, they are allot further done than what is shown here, obviously they are not going to put all their work Beyond Bruma yet or else they would spoil it, these are just place holder LOD, they are about a year- 6 months away from finishing Cyrodil.

  • Throwneb

    You know that this is the LOD stuff, right?Also, whoever really wants to go there literally, just reveal all locations (console command: tmm 1), then you can teleport to a location that's behind that invisible wall..Still there's nothing there, aside from some grass and some cave entrances (cannot enter). At some point you even do tcl to prevent falling through the map ._.

  • Sig Hoovestrong

    It's LOD version of the city. But yeah it may be taken out oblivion that asswell.

  • Boston Towny4life

    This is not the scale of what the real Cyrodil is going to be, it is much bigger. This is just a place holder LOD.

  • Meme Dreams

    What is the weird noise when he talks?

  • Callum Reilly

    "Just need to add textures, npcs, and quests" ,also the rest of the city and the surrounding area

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