Beyond Skyrim: Bruma | Going To The Imperial City!

What the devs never intended us to see. But, it really surprised me!
  • Moon Kitten

    I want to follow you just because your random backpack talk. Lol

  • Sabah Waifu

    I actually traveled here on accident. I was running away from the Ogres and fell down 5 waterfalls and swam to the city and was like...WTF, why is the grass plastic. Then I went into the city and was so confused when i kept phasing through everything. xD

  • The Reformed Christian

    What's quite funny is If you undownload the Burma Mod you'll notice the Imperial city as well as Most of Tamerial is at least shown. The Imperial City was created by Bethesda and wanted to be used again in DLC but it never happened

  • Samrux

    Why does my map not look nearly as pretty?

  • I sense a mystery

    I want to travel forward in time until the Beyond Skyrim project is finished...though the world will probably have come to an end by then :PAlso, I believe Roscrea is going to be the next release after Bruma, though that's not in Cyrodiil of course.

  • GodofGames2468

    let me tell u, itll ether be a LONG time before they finish Cyrodiil, or they will stop and be done with the game....... I hope they finish Cyrodiil at LEAST

  • Zzarcon1

    It's just the LOD. Not a physical model.

  • PixelMaking Boy

    Wow the great war really messed up the imperial city, lol

  • Dylan Block

    So are they eventually going to add in the imperial city?

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