Skyrim Dragonborn - We've Lost Serana Once Again..

It appears our beloved Serana took a break in the middle of our quest to.. I don't freaking know why, but you should stick around and find out what happened!
Hope you guys enjoy!

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  • Yue Fei

    Two words: Fuckin. Hilarious.

  • Dione Harrington

    Seriously, I lost her and I've never been able to find her.

  • ShadowFlipsy

    those tentacles thats wy i dont like searching for the blackbooks but i did anyway

  • Dingo brown

    Whoo ! my favourite channel has uploaded

  • Sodgerel Nyamdawaa

    my god i love this girl voice so much and you dude you kinde cool and funny (> _ 0) b

  • Robbie Baines

    well it was just intime for me to get home so awsome timeing

  • Gibson Guitar Fan

    In my game serana went missing and I need to do boethias quest so I need to tell getting leaver my survive to get a mercenary

  • WolvesDomain

    i'm chocking on my own spit LOL!

  • JackNewbie555

    Serana,voiced by Laura Bailey,normal companion,daughter of vampire lord,Harkon,good in battle,not much sense of humour,not annoying and help the Dragonborn on his quests. Serena,voiced by ZodicalCandy,GREAT companion,related to Predator(suddenly disappearing in battles and reappearing in battles without warning),GREAT in battle,GREAT sense of humour,annoying the Dragonborn ever since he first met her.

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