Skyrim - Top 5 Best Mods for Beautiful Characters | 2018 Edition

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Showcase and personal comments for the most stunning and qualitative character beautification mods for Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition.
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==== MUSIC ====
Vindsvept - Sleeper:
Vindsvept - Clarity:
Vindsvept - In Winter’s Grasp:
Vindsvept - Deliverance:

==== MOD LIST ====
Bijin Warmaides, Wives and NPCs:
The Ordinary Women:
The Men of Winter:
RS Children Overhaul:

The College of Winterhold - NPC Improvement:
Males of Skyrim:
Improved Bards:
Elisif replacer:
TDN Improved Lucien - Spectral Assassin Replacer:
Inhabitants of Skyrim - NPC Overhaul:

Thumbnail screenshots by amazing Nom:

I do not own Skyrim or Skyrim mods. All credits go to Bethesda. Thank you for all the TES series. Also tonns of thanks to all modders and Nexusmods community who made next-gen Skyrim possible. Cheers!
  • John Curtis

    Also, check out (Dames of Skyrim) this one is pretty nice also.

  • Viral news

    Guys could someone tell me about whether you will loose all the progress if a mod is installed halfway through the game ?

  • Kavinth Amirthanathar

    Subbed for the skeerim

  • KrisPeeBacon

    not much for your walkthroughs but damn dude your mod list videos are very professional quality and if possible do you know of a mod for special edition that does what oblivion did when you went to speak to someone?

  • steakinbacon love the bacon

    If only npc's looked as good as this without mods when will you learn Bethesda

  • Gaming Central

    Thanks Sinitar for all your Mod showcases. It helps a ton.

  • Lord Inquisitor Wightman

    I’m ok with some of the models in bjittin but the female ork models are a bit off, probably the haircut that bothers me

  • Musashi Wasabi

    bro your mods are great :D

  • Craig Davies

    Personally I use Ultimate NPC overhaul 2 despite its requirements along with Bijin series. That way you get the ladies bijin overlooks. Some dudes too. Love WICO but it was too unstable on my potato :P

  • Youshaa Cader

    How do you get the background blur during dialogue

  • Eric Harrison

    Love the vid, as always. Is this showcase for legendary edition or SE? Thanks again!!

  • Cody Burnett

    What enb are you using?

  • Voronwë Calanon

    You didn't have fresh faces? That's my favorite because it is easy to make the npcs use the textures and body type you want, while having the most compatibility compared to the others.

  • Nibulan

    Hey man, your vids are fucking awesome and it is really astonishing how much effort you put in your vids. I adore them a lot. Thank you

  • White Wolf

    I love you mod showcases mate! They are very well organized and choose and You always manage to surprise me with something when I would think I think Im good for now. But then I see your videos and makes me saay " Fuuck I want this in my Skyrim Experience" :)Thanks for all the quality work!I think I got at least 100 mods from your videos just wanted to let you know

  • Phridolin

    love your showcases! you are the hodilton for all things beside ENB's/ Textures and Playerhomes. ;-)

  • Udnas Navzar

    what is this anime - barbie crap .... I don't like them to plastic

  • Bill Jacot

    sounds like he's got a burned tongue or something

  • Kalla Lightheart

    You should check out Ashara's Follower Faces mod. I've been using it for years & love it.Great vid, Sin! Thank you.

  • Dawn Weber

    still the males look ugh

  • Phridolin

    ah and imo the first women mod is by far the best! the men-mod is, unfortunately a "no-go" for me.seems like, when i play Skyrim again, i need to do it myself. :P

  • Wyrmspleen

    play Skyrim not Victoria's Secret

  • zudaha

    it's pretty hard to see the difference with nordic ans imperial now, and for elf is even harder. Also orc should not be beautiful. It will be great if the try to fit more to some racial attribut (for example not smooth hair for redguard). I like the diversity in ordinary women, but through. There some option to change only a few npc ? (and it will be amazing if e can choose and compare with vanilla and the new face before )

  • marc lints

    Your ENB isnt listed in your mod description. Anywhere. Can you please tell us all what your using?

  • Looots 13

    Toccata will always be no.1

  • Jason Dy

    what is the ENB? thanks

  • Mert Aricelik

    okey, i have a mental problem i think. i know that u gave us a link from nexus to get this mods but i want to get them from steam workshop but i cant find them. when i looked for "bijin warmaidens, wives and npc' s " i couldnt find anything. can u help me?

  • MAK

    That was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks.

  • Kavinth Amirthanathar

    The children's faces in vanilla Skyrim must be easter egg references to normal NPC's from Oblivion lololol

  • SloppyJoe's Excursions

    Sooo...Serana is not ordinary I guess, but her mother is? I've been using Bijin's mods since I started modding, but like some have stated they look "Top Model" when compared to the rest of Skyrims female population. Unfortunately The Ordinary Women mod doesn't cover some of the main women, like Delphine for example, so I use both. Load Bijin first and then Ordinary Women, that way whatever Ordinary Women misses Bijin picks up.**A Side Note**I also have WICO installed, and I have never had a problem with it

  • AR QP

    It's personal preference, not to be applied generally

  • davidw706

    Thank you for the overview of the mods!

  • Ugandan Knuckle Sweetroll Thief

    I want that piece of sweet roll plz

  • Tudy UTC

    what mod do you use for the armors/clothing? I've been struggling to find a retexture for quite a long time and the only one I found is Rustic Clothing (for SE)

  • Martin Prince777

    Anybody know why rschildren overhaul got taken down from Bethesda?

  • marc lints

    All these beautiful nexus mods, what do we get on consoles/

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