Skyrim - Become Thane of Solitude

This video shows how to become the Thane of Solitude by completing the quest "The Man Who Cried Wolf" and the misc. objective of placing Torygg's Horn at the Shrine of Talos. After completing both of those quests, you are able to purchase a home in Solitude for 25,000 gold.

You must purchase Proudspire Manor and complete 5 misc. objectives to become the Thane of Haarfingar. The reward for this is the Blade of Haafingar and a lusty Solitude housecarl, Jordis the Sword-Maiden. She is a follower companion and also can be married.

See the next video for purchasing and upgrading Proudspire Manor:

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  • Kevin Lopez

    What's with the fucking city jarls with purchasing a damn house

  • Jame Graal

    elisif is my lover now i called her akko kagarii am cheat

  • Jacob Cronk

    what the hell is that moaning

  • Matthew Porter

    1:04 ONE PUUUUUUNNCH!!!!!

  • Seth Leoric

    to me the jarl of solitude looks like zelda

  • Alias

    Where is Jordis? I cant find her and i think im the thane

  • Scrawny C. Bones

    I feel bad because the original Jarl of Whiterun I betrayed because I chose Ulfrics side in the Stormcloaks and I had to make the Jarl of Whiterun leave the title and I was his thane D:

  • smelly batman

    the quest for the cave isn't showing? ?

  • Christy Lynn

    Is no one else disturbed by the guy moaning in the background for most of the video? 0:37 has the subtitle "Necromancer Adept: Uhhh" in Wolfskull Cave, but you can still hear him when back in the castle talking to Elisif. Is he following your character around, just moaning like a creeper??? O_o

  • DarkPerfect1985

    my shit is broken ive done 6 or 7 things but its like it didnt go towards helping the people it just shows 4 out of 5 but ive helped people like 6 times wtf do i do

  • J Rock

    Can you have children in the house?

  • The Duke of Rhode Island

    For some reason I cant marry the Jarl the option never comes up when I am talking to her. I am always wearing the amulet and have completed all the quest. Does any one else have this problem or solutions?

  • Feather

    Hold on I conpleted the war before doing this what'll happen cause the jarl is not dere

  • Cori Lynn

    Ummmm.... I think I mightve done something wrong... I have the PS4 version, and I wasn't even in the tower yet, when at the top of my screen, it said I had already cleared the cave, though I've never been here before. When I got to the top of the tower, the ritual master was already dead, with 4 Ash Piles, along with one dead necromancer. The only enemy left was a female necromancer. I'm confused. Is this a glitch? Or was someone here before me.... (👈🏼Probably not). Help?

  • Adolf Hitler

    HEY PEOPLE WHO R COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS HOUSE BEING EXPENSIVE LISTEN UP there is a glitch to not spend a single coin talk to falk and just before he gives u the key exit the conversation (optional but really helps) use the slow time shout run over to the cabinet put ALL of ur gold in it and then go back and finish the conversation even though you do not have the coins he will give it to u anyway hope this helped

  • Lord Østers

    Theres this glitch that happened to me. I did the elisif mission before i helped falk with the cave and the wolf queen. So i did the quest that elisif gave me, she told me i could become thane if i helped 5 people in solitude, then so i did. But it never marked a check that i had helped anyone. So i was like allright ill check the quest menu. Then the quest was gone. So i tried doing falks quest but that didnt give back the quest elisif gave me to become thane. Then i checked if i could buy a house, and i couldnt do that either?! What to do?

  • mia wallace

    she won't give me the horn thing. this is infuriating.

  • Edwin Thomas

    will you still be able to marry the jarl after becoming thane?

  • David Ahmad

    technically u did place it, but nobody said u cant take it back hehe

  • SaltyWarrior 04

    I don't drop down the ice thing in wolfskull cave

  • huy nguyen

    Anyone has issue where at first elisif allow you to be thane but u have to buy 25k house........I accidently talked to falk firebeard when I didn't have enough money and he won't allow me to buy it. now that I did all the quest falk hands out and still won't give me dialogue to buy house.

  • George Bees

    Great video, very detailed and informative

  • Ethan Wade Willox

    i couldn't find Jordis at all i looked every where in the blue palace

  • James Kirkham

    Falk won't give me the quest for some reason is there any requirements?

  • Trainer Makayla K.C 666

    idk why but i laughed so hard when he punched the shit out of that old lady at around 1:01

  • Tasnim Kaffah


  • Paw Suz

    It's not giving me the option to do their quest

  • xSwisher

    On my way back I got put into a wierd mission with a daedric guy and I dunno how to complete his obj 😖 and I CANT LEAVE

  • Jack Scott

    Who do I go to to assist in solitude??

  • Use the Force Harry - Gandolf

    well shoot...probably shouldn't have saved a prisoner from here. I now have a bounty for 1,000 .

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