How to make Skyrim Look Even More Next-Gen - Updated TES 5: Top Graphics/Visual Mods (2017)

Skyrim has been out for over six years now, however thanks to the efforts of modders we can still make the game look modern. Today we'll be taking a look at my personal favorite Skyrim graphic/visual mods, which includes everything from ENBs to 4k retextures.


Nyclix’s ENB Reshade:

Enhanced lights and FX Mod (Xbox One/PC):

Vivid Weathers (Xbox One/PC) :

Verdant: A Grass Plugin (Xbox One/PC):

Skyrim Flora Overhaul:

Simply Bigger trees (Xbox One/PC):

Skyrim 3D Trees:

Gecko’s 4k mountain textures:

Nordic Snow (Xbox One/PC):

Osmodius Texture Pack (Xbox One/PC):

Skyrim 2017 Textures:

Enhanced Textures Detail (UV-tweaks):

Static Mesh Improvement mod (Xbox One/PC):

High Poly project (Xbox One/PC):

Books of Skyrim:

Windsong immersive Characters Overhaul:

Beards (Xbox One/PC):

Improved Closed Face Helmets (Xbox One/PC):

Real Bows (Xbox One/PC):

Semper Fi:

Imperial Sword 4k:

Footprints (Xbox One/PC):

Wet & Cold (Xbox One/PC):

Static Mesh Improvements Mod (Xbox One/PC):

Realistic Water Two (Xbox One/PC):

I personally run this all with a GTX 1080, Intel core i7 and 16 gigs of RAM, however I've been able to push through (60ish fps) with as low as a 1070 and i5.

Outro Music: Good Ol' Days - Martin Landh
  • Jesse Esparza

    What's the LO on this?

  • TheParrot1000

    too bright enb and washed up.... no thx

  • Philo Jewett

    I'm rocking a laptop with a GTX 1060 6GB (overclocked 175mhz core, 750mhz memory), 16GB DDR4 2400Mhz, Core i7 7700HQ (quadcore) and with this setup I get 50 - 60 FPS anywhere I go. Very smooth. Looks gorgeous. :)

  • Phil Phumpernickle

    A mod that wasn't on here, but I cannot play without is Leanwolf's Better Shaped Weapons. It takes Skyrim's heavily stylized weapons, that are ALL super thick, and makes them a lot more realistically shaped

  • Balázs Ötvös

    Can you make a mod list which needs only installing?

  • KarebuLikesMusic

    The Footprints mod isn't on Xbox One...

  • Vendrick Yezdan

    For special edition, If you dont have a 1070 or higher, youll not be able to mod that much.

  • Bianca

    I wonder if there is a mod where if you would like to play as a snow elf, draugr or skeleton (to name a few) you could either unlock a race by earning it (by completing a challenge or obtaining a certain rare item such as a scroll or book or even a ring similar to the ring of hircine allowing unlimited werewolf transformations) or by completing a specific quest.Would be a mazing if your dragonborn becomes a skeleton after defeating the guardian of the soul carin or a snow elf thanks to dawnguard. If someone would say it is impossible, I beg to differ. When a player decides to become a vampire or werewolf. The can have the opportunity to save. When looking up the save file, the race will now be the transformed creature and not the race you started with in Helgen.Even if it would not be preferable to change a character in mid game. But saving the achievement to allow a player ot play the new race in a new play though would be fantastic.Skyrim is a huge game with so much potential. It may be possible to even just remake the game with the latest upgrades and fixes and selling it as a new game. If nay sayers are unhappy, they must understand the game is understandably large and it be fair to have a second chance than nothing being released in the first place.Thank you Bethesda for the amazing game and also thank you for allowing fans of the game to expand upon it

  • AdamTheSnidge 05

    I usesurreal lighting

  • John Tebbe

    Tried out this mod order. Now caves, dungeons, etc. are all super dark! Which mod should I look at to change the settings? I can't see anything without a torch! Thanks!

  • Zeref Dragneel

    Can someone tell me/make video with ENB installing

  • Sudden Lee

    hey there are these mods for the SE or the normal edition of skyrim

  • The Herald

    Okay so when I try to download the graphics pack it keeps saying there's not enough memory even tho I have more than 2 GB free. Does anyone know what I can do or what's wrong

  • D B

    That font you're using is awesome, whats it called?

  • Life Lessons By Jesse

    Minus the ENB’s can anyone tell me if my Xbox one S will be able to run all of these with some others as well?

  • Pulse Fel

    the fact the game's engine can handle the mods in the first place kinda speaks to how well its aging. modern games go "ooo look what we can do now!" while skyrim just goes "give me a month"

  • Proactivealex

    can someone help me out with the load order for these mods? im completely new to modding

  • Vaginbob

    Good video man earned my sub

  • Caniboss

    I don't understand how you say for xbox one and when i click on the link almost all of them say ONLY for pc or its just impossible to install for xbox 1

  • Vendrick Yezdan


  • MetalGamer

    Sure it will look next gen like this but it will certainly not feel next gen.

  • Dothurnaax

    Will a GTX 1060 handle well with 1k grass mods?

  • GodYonder

    I downloaded almost all of these mods on xbox one thinking that he was on xbox one too, wish me luck..

  • Krikaro

    You need to redo this vid or at least change the description cause it's all messed up

  • skapiche

    Man I wish there's was an easier way of getting all these mods and having them work properly, ain't nobody got time for this.

  • ehh Max

    But of course I'm a Skyrim player on Xbox 360, and game developers are rarely updating games on that console. Sooo no mods for me

  • JB Markowicz

    Literally none of these are showing up on XB1, but it says they're on it in the description. Were they taken down?

  • Jim Beam

    Great guide! You say you only use some of the Skyrim 2017 textures, the ones the other mods don’t cover. Looking at all the options on the nexus page, could you tell me which textures I should install (assuming I’m using the same mod list as yours)?

  • lucie vydrová

    i want to be sure can you use all of these mods at the same time

  • Chris Ramsey

    My big issue with Simply Bigger Trees is it clips so much with several other mods that add add-ons to cities or structures into the wilderness, my solution was a little mod called Dark Forests of Skyrim. It creates all new (Yes, larger) tree assets including an Oregon-style redwood forest to the east of Solitude (think Meeko's shack) that includes high-quality bark, more detailed and lush leaves, as well as that diversity we all crave. Basically, I was able to remove three or four other mods by just switching to this AND it looks AMAZING. It can be paired with the Blue Forest of the Rift as well, if you feel so inclined.

  • FAMOUS Crazed

    May be a dumb question, but would this combination of ENB and mods run fine (stable 60+fps) on a system with a 1070 ti, i5 8600K, a 240gb SSD and 8gb of RAM?

  • Great Lakes Rider

    Are the mods available for Xbox one also available for Play Station?

  • Harrison Paine

    I'm glad to see that I use almost all of these already!

  • Rogue Klein

    I’d love to watch a Let’s Play of Skyrim from you, especially if it had a roleplaying aspect to it where you made the character different and feel more alive.

  • Ausintune

    the fucking color palette of their fucking game engine makes everything so dreary i understnad for fallout 4, but skyrim should have some color and not literally 4 dark colors smudged together

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