Best New Mods - Skyrim & Special Edition - Week 12 - NAZEEM'S LUCKY DAY

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===== MODS =====
Neocatzeo's Resurrection Rod:
Crude Iron Weapons Expansion:
Curse of the Wereshark:
Diin the Ice Mage:
Draw - A Dueling Mod:
HD Reworked Ores:
Nordic Dragon Bow:
Protect your People - PyP - Better NPC Protection:
Skyrim Textures Redone - SkyHaven (LE version soon):
The Lofty Loft - A Thalmor-Themed House:

===== MUSIC =====
Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Blades of Might:
Vindsvept - Wanderer:
Vindsvept - Spellbound:
Vindsvept - Chasing the Traitor:

===== ENB =====
Rudy ENB Vanilla (in Skyrim):
PhoenixVivid ENB-Reshade (in Skyrim SE):

My load order:

==== FOLLOW ME ====

I do not own Skyrim or Skyrim mods. All credits go to Bethesda. Thank you for all the TES series. Also tonns of thanks to all modders and Nexusmods community who made next-gen Skyrim possible. Cheers!
  • Elfilion De Leon

    bro what is your doge mod used?

  • Mikey Raymundo

    Hi Sinitar, can you list down all the graphical mods you have loaded in this video? The game looks incredible

  • Eom Hongsin

    What's the enb name?

  • kuba bak

    Can any one help me when ever I try to travel somewhere on I'm stuck on a loading screen and it just doesn't load I'm on Xbox one

  • dangerous Revolution

    Sinitar Gaming Make a beautiful graphic mods that gives the most life pro skyrim a live was good like to you

  • Meridia's Bacon

    after i installed flower girls se x. i quickly installed diin the ice mage and married her and...... FUS ROH DAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kirin Kappa

    Man, stop thinking u going to make money by putting ads every few minutes of the video. All it does is annoy people, and how much can you even earn on those ads? can u even get 1$ per video? Better make a patreon account or smthing.

  • Zouikri Gorn

    i know i'm late but congrats on 10 k subscribers

  • Emerald Glow

    Could it be?A great alternative to MxR's show?I think we have a winner.

  • Waya Night-Crow

    know any Xbox one dueling mods?

  • Peter Tremblay

    It's easy to spot amateur modders with their overused of normal maps! Even bethesbug staff do the same!

  • Brian M

    lol good humor. Your english is getting better too.

  • Ivan 2.0

    Resurrect, Ressurect, Res....

  • Scarlett Modest

    Great job again hehe :) Keep going on!

  • Simone Pagnotta

    It just occurred to me: is Nazeem the new Adoring Fan? Just like the Adoring Fan was in Oblivion, Nazeem has (justifiably) been the most abused NPC in all of Skyrim.

  • Razor Nitroux

    wht animations u use i mean wit dat sword on ur shoulder

  • HandMeTheMaik

    What ENB do you use? I must know

  • Sinitar Gaming

    Best New Mods weekly playlist: to Week 12! New episodes on Sundays - be sure to enable channel notifications to not miss them. If you like the series, support it by your subscribe, comments or share it with your friends :) Thank you for watching - and I hope you enjoyed :)Dat greatsword & nightingale armor: movement animations: ninja combat animations: list timing:Neocatzeo's Resurrection Rod - 00:27Crude Iron Weapons Expansion - 01:35Curse of the Wereshark - 02:32Diin the Ice Mage - 03:24Draw - A Dueling Mod - 04:13HD Reworked Ores - 05:34Nordic Dragon Bow - 06:23Protect your People - 06:49Skyrim Textures Redone - SkyHaven - 07:52The Lofty Loft SSE - 08:48

  • Brandeis ?

    My load order just keeps growing...

  • C0ldshock

    Nope,you weren't a mistake Nazeem.

  • Sotha Silk

    Wow, I wanted to play as a wereshark for 20 years, since I read about them in Daggerfall. Spikedragonlord and Jboyd4 are currently my favorite modders.Also funny video man. That ressurect sequence with Nazeem was so fun xD.

  • kuba bak

    Can any one help me when ever I try to travel somewhere on I'm stuck on a loading screen and it just doesn't load I'm on Xbox one


    Do old ENBs such as Rudy work for SE?

  • Victor Nikiforov


  • Felipe Assumpção

    Dude what mod did u use to change your battle style, i'm new here and i thought is astonishing!

  • Akshay Prakash

    love your mod reviews 😄

  • Dj LZP

    What happened to Aeon Enb??

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