The Great Battles of Skyrim - Part 6

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  • Daniel Outlaw

    why do the blades not use bows and yet hunt dragons??????????that makes no sense

  • Nicoloo

    Noooooo plz make more about skyrim

  • Jotivated

    This was weab as fuckkkkkk I love it

  • Silentcalling

    I like the total war Shogun 2 sound track

  • Julius Flynn

    Please make another one. My friends and I love these battles.

  • Tony Pringles

    a spell that launches swords from the sky??? what mod is this?

  • steven green

    Tyrannicon your serious works are waaaaay better than the parodies so please consider making more thx. :)

  • 97Multiphantom

    Can we just talk about how this had Shadow of the Colossus music?!

  • tavi921

    2:50 Onimusha 3 music

  • Delta Eagle

    Could you please tell us which mods you used?

  • Psychotic Flowers

    8:18 Somehow that reminded me of Legend Of Zelda Twilight Prince$s...

  • 117andarbiter

    6:38 Fucker went and used Unlimited Bladeworks...

  • Razzrazz90

    Yo PLEASE someone tell me that that Rain of Swords fuckin dropping from the sky is a real mod spell and where may I find it. Thank you

  • Patrick

    Unlimited Blade Works

  • swagmaster 3000

    why do dragons always come out of nowhere?

  • Anthony Mejias

    I feel like Bethesda could make an Amazing Japanese Samurai/Ninja rpg, but with better fighting mechanics like way of the samurai not like skyrim, and with two handed wielding katanas because that's how you're supposed to wield one

  • Evan O'Keeffe

    Sadly, the last battle

  • headhunter 9865

    what armor mods were used in this

  • Gareth Otaku

    The sub is wrong. I know cuz I'm half Japanese :/

  • Aaron

    Why are all the samurai white people?

  • Nefarious Anxiolytic

    Its weird that i understand japanese and reading the subtitles misleading me . . . . Huh talk about irony

  • T0X!C K!LL3R

    What's the music in 8:38??

  • Ketotsu

    What is the mod for the giant creature?

  • Raef

    Do ottomans vs Crusaders

  • Justin Reynolds


  • OtomostheCrazy

    Would be more awesome than it already is if the guy disappeared and said "Until we meet again..."

  • Jack Jaeger

    Loved the Unlimited Blade Works mod

  • laila amell

    he stopped becuse people was hatefull of these vids i think its for they themself cant make it so they must make it go away too keep their pride

  • Shix Lo The Crusading Slav

    Yet another great Skyrim battle

  • Wisemen - NPC Battles

    +Tyrannicon These video's are still the best. They deserve much more views!Your Great Battles of Skyrim video's were the biggest inspiration for me to start making battle video's, so thanks for that!Still enjoy them very much from time to time :)

  • Sebastian Schwärzel

    their general has fallen  a cuttong Blow !!

  • Revanite67

    He needs to make the battle of the bastards in skyrim

  • Kiflan Ghifari

    Reality Marble,eh? the world of unlimited blade works. Cool video btw, keep on going #2017

  • Tavo

    I like this battles I like all your videos about this amazing battles.

  • Awesome Channel

    Great videos! But this one is my favorite.

  • Sniperfox2006

    I forget which dlc is this area from?

  • Eric Griffin

    The dragons don't burn unless their fighting the dragon born

  • Baron Bruehl

    Awesome video make more dude rock on

  • Dries Peeters

    7:00 Senkei Senbonzakura Kageyoshi

  • Black Dahlia Gaming

    these videos are all so awesome props for all the effort. I have to say though I kinda liked it more in the first one though where they were kinda just anonymous warriors. someone should make a full length movie with skyrim. all red vs blue style animated fights scenes and a good story too, it would be so awesome. makes me eager to see what elder scrolls 6 is gonna look like after people mod the shit out of it and make stuff like this

  • Jack Jaeger

    Loved the Unlimited Blade Works mod

  • Jack Jaeger

    Loved the Unlimited Blade Works mod

  • Grey Crimson

    Might rival part 1, my favorites so far

  • alex alexandre

    shadow of the colosus song OMG

  • Epic Engies

    WHAT SPELL MODS DID YOU USE???pls, I need to know

  • Mephisto57

    What music on 8:19 ?

  • Robert Jimenez

    This guy must have watched the fate amines

  • AJ Briones


  • Robbie Jarrett

    is the boss inspired by ares from injustice gods among us?

  • Pat Lapete

    So you were featured on Kotaku for your Synth vs Raiders video so I decided to stop by. You sir are highly talented. Excellent cinematography and camera work! Good pacing and storytelling without tons of dialogue. I have some questions though. How are you able to coordinate so many creatures at once? Is it strictly the games AI running itself? I find it extremely hard to believe that it could be THAT well coordinated on its own. This is a Bethesda product after all. Then add to that chaos excellent free camerawork that highlights great kills or heroic/villianous moments. These episodes were a huge treat!!! I look forward to seeing more in the future!!! +1 subscriber!

  • Lord Metri

    Why do the good guys have to win! As The Master said, without destruction creation would be unbalanced and things would stay the same or keep growing forever...

  • amsablan

    LOL! Shadow Warriors running out in the open in broad daylight? Didn't the Shogun say to INFILTRATE?

  • MartianManFromMars

    6:42 Uhhmm Unlimited Blade Works???

  • pearfence28

    loved the fate/stay night: unlimited blade works reference"I am the bone of my sword"

  • Blind Sniper

    some dantes inferno music

  • Crimson Dragon

    (soldier to the right at 2:16)k bye

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