Skyrim Hearthfire How to get Sawn Logs

This video will show you how to get sawn logs to build your house. This resource is infinite but does cost 200 per 20 logs.

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  • TFO1

    Thanks bro I did heaps of the dark brotherhood quests and killed all other mill owners and was stuck with this for 40 minutes

  • theflyingegg

    I killed the person at the half moon mill and thought I was scrood if I wanted to buy lumber. thank you so much!

  • MineCrack

    Shiet, i fucking kiled hod like in the beginning of the game........

  • xYungWxlf

    appreciate the help!

  • PSan

    It's better to go to Anga's Mill

  • Troy Manera

    i got 60 logs but then my retard helper fucking killed him is there another way to get more sawn logs if i need them ??????

  • TehDankKnight

    thanks man good quality

  • Almond

    HELP! I can't buy sawn logs from anywhere! When i go to Hod his says only things like "Hmm?" "Yes?" "Yes Elf?"

  • HoovesAndpaws

    This helped a lot thanks 😊

  • EmErGe_619 :P

    Thanks I did have a wood dealer called hert but I smashed my hammer into her face 😔

  • Crow Uchiha666

    Seriously, thank you!

  • Molly Peck

    THANK YOU! Ahhh lifesaver.

  • Recklezz Thoughts

    Damn it's 2017 an I'm still lookin up tips and tricks for skyrim fml

  • rarr10

    In my case that NPC is dead and I cant buy logs :S

  • busterbassflash lynch

    Are the houses in different places because mine is outside on dawnstar.

  • Narthwrongway

    wtf.. there is a completely other guy living there in my copy.. I have the complete edition with all DLC

  • VANNIGHT gamer / VG

    200 gold? m8 I have 80k

  • William Richards

    Doesn't work. I am so confused. I have gone to every sawmill and no one will sell me logs! why! this is on exbox 1 remastered. I have mods installed

  • Discokrieg

    Thank you for clarifying this.

  • brainsteam

    it was very helpfull

  • LamaLennart

    you rock man, thank you so much

  • Panda Bear

    Dude! This was so much help! I was spending 500 per 20 logs in falkreath but not I can get twice as much for 100 less!

  • Flint Erander

    super helpful thank you

  • T McDonald

    And I was out here cutting up logs for no reason 🙄

  • Djaireni Hovel

    I am cutting the logs but i dont get the logs

  • Jaroslaw Chodynski

    Thanks you SO much ! :)

  • Finbarr Saunders

    I cant find anyone who sells lumber because i found Had and the girl at half moon dead

  • Ahmed Games

    thenks man you cool you very cool

  • Erike

    My guy does not come out of his house and I If I go in he tells me to get out and I can't talk to him 😢

  • Hegres Aljubury

    Straight to the point. Much appreciated!

  • Léo Sena

    Bem mais rápido aí xD

  • SoulSeeker

    Thank you for making this!!!🙏🏻💕

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