Skyrim's Most Tragic Story




  • Ye Dark Crusader

    Head bobbing cult...LOL

  • 666koolz

    Wait those were her parents why isn't she darker in complexion. I just tried to murder her three or four times and moved on.No idea u could adopt her, but jeez it's actually kinda sad if u kill her parents.

  • jay

    He sounds like a mix of Kyle David hall and pewdiepie

  • DarkZholt

    I never payed attention to Braith, or most of the other children since they look all the same, except those ones that are made to manipulate you into adopting them but you can only adopt two of them and then you have to watch while to other ones keep living in misery, begging for money on the streets and sleeping on stables or on top of a rock and you can't do anything even though you have houses in every hold of Skyrim and WHY BETHESDA? WHY?Even the mod that allows you to adopt more kids doesn't work for me ...

  • David Soetjipto

    There's something hidden.... Maybe cutting room floor mod can help?

  • Robert Hendricks

    Can you can you adopt your own vanilla cuz I have an Xbox 360

  • FifthSkip

    Goddammit I thought I was at Oxhorn again

  • tymtraveller

    That was really good!

  • Pointless Channel

    8:34 what mod is being used for the walls

  • Game Knight

    Please continue with lore vids this one were awesome!

  • Helen Taylor

    Can you please link me to the other Braith video?

  • jim ohaire

    I prefer her as a adult

  • Joseph Reed

    When you watch a 5 minute ad so mxr makes something off the video...

  • It's yer boi da mane

    5:20 the plate moves

  • Charles Forward

    amazing video, loved this hilarious but also interesting side trip. All the time I've spent playing the game and never knew that random npc girl has a backstory like this!! crazy!

  • Kappa Youu

    Yeah sure the story is sad butwhat is that graphic mod you got there

  • Chimpanzee Vlogs

    5:31 when you remember roasting someone in the 1st grade!

  • Jaquez Jones

    Mar this was an awesome vid bro keep up the good work, and holy shit you damn good at lore vids, continue this aside the mods my dude because your doing really wll

  • Young Basura

    I adopted her just to kill her with the ebony blade, worth it

  • brianthao102

    I love extorting the adoption of children by killing their parents.

  • Taz Keddie

    HAHAHAHA I love this video omg it made my day. The amount of people I shared this too xD

  • Rebekah Dowling

    wow... okay never messing with her again

  • Synthra Official

    I couldn't tell that Braith was Redguard.

  • Adam Davies

    Do you consider yourself a "she" , cause every time another you tuber mentions you they call you "she".

  • I Have No flippin Life

    Those 2 people talking about the sword are Braith's parents?!O.o

  • Derek Johnson

    A very interesting video, i actually learned alot i didnt know, i think more videos like this one, exploring npc's background would be really cool.

  • Dovahkiin

    Am I the only one who can hear Light of the Seven near the end of the video?

  • D FRAG

    This guy sounds like pewdiepie

  • hunter doughty

    Yo I didn't kill here parents but I still adopted here explanation

  • Kevon

    My theory is that braith once kissed lars and gave him syphilis, him beeing so young didnt know, but was scared so he didnt tell anyone, braith then mugged him to make it look like he gave her syphilis.

  • Link

    I thought the humor was really good here. Keep it up my dude.

  • Christoffel

    Wow, amazing video, I was very impressed! Didn't know this about Braith at all. Brings a tear to my eye.. (yeah okay maybe not but still)

  • Teddey

    I enjoyed this shit so much

  • silviu ciortan

    grow a backbone braith

  • Eight 7Threes

    Using SMIM I see OwO


    I bet Braith was an accident child.

  • Normal Fag

    MxR why dont you use Dolls - Children Overhaul ?

  • grimSleeper59

    I remember seeing that Braith music video a couple years ago, such a great video I’m surprised it wasn’t more popular tbh

  • InputWriter17

    no sympathy for this little shit still love killing her

  • merrypeary

    Who is the blue eyed, light skinned young woman? Braith is at least part red guard like her dad and has very dark eyes.

  • WritingASMR

    When you read "from Jarl Graymane" all I could think of was "you rebel scum. You sided with the stormcloaks!"


    Naw, man, this isn't Camelworks. I like your style. Don't change. We already have enough "serious" lore (i.e. Fudgemuppet).

  • Skoll Fenrirson

    This is actually pretty cool. I hope you do more of these, and especially if you keep it grounded to like small part players.

  • مهدی کرمی

    I fucking loved it :)))))))))))


    "DAAADDDDYYYY!!!" - PaPa Franku

  • Lemony Squidge

    I don't know why but you sound like Pewdiedie

  • Emily TellTale


  • UsersUser Of USERS

    What the fuck just happened? I accidentally click a video, then something about hitler, and explosions I think? Is this drugs?

  • Prime Aggravator

    aha ha haha thanks again Mxr fcking love your channel la

  • pokemonman477

    Where have u been all my life I loved this style and I find if a video is serious 1 the creator most of the time dos t have fun and 2 they can be funny with out them sounding like a douche 90% of the time

  • WritingASMR

    I never actually tried this route before but I actually like that they added that part in. Killing her parents and then adopting her can be seen as the dragonborn liberating her from a loveless family. Who knows, had she continue to grow in that dysfunctional household, she could be the next terrorist in skyrim, doing mass shootings..err slashing.

  • DrVetSaveYourPet

    Carlotta looks like Kristen Stewart

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