Skyrim's Most Tragic Story




  • Roberto Daniel Altuve Sanchez

    I always know it, i read practically all the skyrim wiki before at least can play it; and always had in my mind... should i kill her parents to adopt her? But always seems too much creepy for me. But you know what? The fuck with that. Now that i see it in this video is going to be one of my firsts task to do always i reset. Please more lore videos, you do it better than others youtubers

  • 3sfor

    I had my doubts MxR making an legit lore video seemed like a joke but what the fuck I actually did learn something newTime to adopt Braith and turn her to a necromancer living in riverwood

  • Baby Bop

    All these years I assumed Braith was a Gray-Mane. Holy shit

  • The Stoops

    I don't think I can be mad at her again...I didn't know they were her parents

  • Michael Ciotta

    11/10, would murder Braith's parents in order to adopt and subsequently neglect her again?

  • elijah obregon

    wtf you fucking lollicon 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rachelle Arthur

    What fucking player mod does he have that makes people so fucking gorgeous

  • Argusss

    OMG, what the hell's doing that lady cooking the book??That girl has serious family problem, a drunk father and a mother who cooks books.Good job MxR Mods ;)

  • FrikicomputerWizard

    Hahahaha i lost when u killed her parents xd

  • Mr. Bronze

    This was IMMERSIVE as F$#K

  • Javin Azrael


  • Dovahkiin

    Every kid reacts like that. And you got the letter for helping amren

  • Itzpayday 123

    Sad but still fuck Braith

  • OtakuWarlord2

    Lucia and Runa kick her ass every time they see her. Those girls are beasts, my daughters.

  • GalaxiRuleGaming Stuff

    what is the song that played when he said hitler?

  • The666VampireGirl

    normally whenever Braith starts talking to me, all i wanted was to kill her, but now that i know WHY she's like that, it's so sad..

  • Corbin Nitzschke

    You sound like pewdiepie

  • Sarah Laws

    5:10 Braith : im 11 so shut the fuck up 😶

  • Dregorin

    I love the use of the GoT soundtrack of the season finale in the end of the video haha

  • G2Kazoo

    I thought Braith was just being a little sh**. Nice to know that all I have to do is murder her whole family and then adopt her after seeing she's not in the adoption cult.

  • Eclipse wolf

    Hmm I remember the reference from gamer poop "girls need to learn how to play with*

  • Oblius7Perkaiv

    Divines!!!! This was extremely sad-funny.

  • Blunt Honesty 86

    It still beats me why Amren doesn't leave that b***h Saffir. The way she seems to treat him. "You can claim your sword. Or you can keep your wife."He should just turn around and say to his wife. "Ok then, see you."Then just walk out the city gate.

  • De Ha

    So... you can CREATE orphans? If you murder a kids parents, the kid’s A.I. has an “orphan” mode?And actually IMHO that;s not the sadest hidden story in Skyrim. There’s one I won’t even go to in detail because I made myself sad typing it, but, it’s entirely possible for you, through thaughtlessly accepting and completing 2 seemingly unrelated sidequests, to provolk someone to kill herself.

  • Neko Destra

    Pure comedy gold m8😹

  • Kraechtshammer

    Strangely, this is exactly what I have just begun to notice a few days ago, now I actually pity Braith... Maybe I actually will adopt her.

  • HuffleRuff

    Hmm...what will happen if you adopt her BEFORE you solve the problem with her bullying?

  • Froogurt

    I just though Braith was a b*tch...

  • Kynlee Gillespie

    you sound like pewds

  • Israel Castillo

    Do it every month or something like that.

  • Guga Abdala

    That means we can adopt a Nazeem too? : 0

  • leetlebob

    I heard the guard ghost thing as well, my instinct was *FAIL YOUR FUCKING SWORD LIKE A MAD MAN* and so I did.

  • Marie Carie

    Loved this! Your style, pacing and sense of humor are excellent. On top of that, you made an NPC side story really interesting! Make more of these you sloot!

  • shady grove

    I was playing Skyrim and I took up the job to tell braith to stop and she was not in her house she was staying for over a week at the other little girls house.

  • Queen Kat

    ...I murdered her parents without realization of all this.

  • MickMaan

    Soo... you're telling me I can do Amren's quest and get paid then kill him then kill his wife then feed Braith to Grelod then kill Grelod then let Braith experience a nice caring person for a few months before asking her to move in to my home and experience true happiness for a few more months before console command locking her in the basement of my home before I move in to another house and leave Braith locked in the basement of my old home along with 3,000 human skulls for ever?Skyrim is fucked up!

  • Alexis Balthrop

    'In the name of 'Jarl Vignar Gray-Mane' * Turns head 360 degrees *I sMELL A STORMCLOAK

  • Terrell070

    I'd think that Lucia has it worse. Just sayin'.

  • StarstormGaming

    I knew about Braith having a crush on Lars but not about the other stuff with her parents. Man, her parents are crap. At first I thought really low of Amren about how he cares about his mercenary work and starves his wife and daughter from that argument. But since you went inside and saw that Safiir just cooks and reads books, instead of having a job to help feed herself and her daughter makes me think lowly on her as well. Amir is trying to provide for his family, doesn't care that Safiir is a stay at home mom, and how does she repay him? By being a bitch...She doesn't even try to provide for her family either, like the other women.

  • RackhirTheRed

    I...what do you even...wait. What?

  • Ernő Bakk

    I mean you at least "play" with her

  • Nothing Nothing

    He sounds like Felix

  • Ashley Michelle

    This is possibly the best video I have seen today 😂😂

  • Tristen Stevens

    I love cooking books

  • Michael Ciotta

    What I wanna know, is why the hell did Bethesda write a whole book worth of bullshit for this stupid little girl that no one likes or cares about?

  • Lynda Warren

    U sound like pewdiepie

  • Oz Diaz

    What is the name of the hitler video

  • anddyyxx

    holy shit that was such a cool manipulation of the AI. I had no idea this game was so thoroughly designed

  • Pedo Bùi

    wep, ok, her parent gonna die for sure in my next playthrough ._.

  • The Bukkakian From The Planet Dillhole

    Wow for a barbarian soldier guy, Amren sounds so mild-mannered and pussy whipped.Who's Saffir screwing behind his back?

  • Skeletris

    I dont even want to know how many mods you used to make the girls so pretty

  • GalaxiRuleGaming Stuff

    btw now that u used a mod to make ysolda look hot I would marry her other than that id get a divorce and regret marrying her and not serana

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