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Familiar Faces

Other Mods:
Haven Bag
Aevon-Tor Reloaded
Jaxonz Renamer (rename your chests)

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  • Dritz D27

    Considering how iconic this channel seemed to be (to me at least, when I started with modding a while back) I'm surprised that you're 'only' at 300k Subs. Great stuff, like that this hidden gem series is still going!

  • viciouspics

    How do you make the people dance at the end?

  • Djensky

    whats the house mod at 1:10

  • Liam Hedley

    What is the mod where you could switch between characters like that?? Been lookin for something like that for such a long time

  • TheThoughtGuy

    Where this mod really shines is with World's Dawn. Since the enchantments provided by that game are completely random and impossible to console command into the game.

  • Spectrosity

    love the GoT references

  • Harry P.

    You have found a spell on your warrior, you learn it. Finds same spell? Use skybox!

  • nichtLachen

    How can you load different characters in the original skyrim? o.O 1:37

  • Amozinian

    Woah how was there multiple characters at 1:38, which mod does that?

  • Tanner Lebel

    3:15 I see what you did there.

  • bigbangman99

    Goddamnit Brodual, I just finished clearing out about 30-35 mods off my NMM, Then you show up and add 4 more.

  • Wombat

    whats the mod that allows you to scroll through save games, i need something like that

  • Finn Harrity

    Member oblivion? Member dark brotherhood? Member? Do you member? I member.

  • Gerrald P

    no link video at end credit

  • Esteban Davyt

    how did he changed the word font? which mod it is

  • Facu Pudenti

    Is that what allows you to classify your save files with each of their corresponding characters a mod? Minute 1:35

  • Rama Jakaria

    I need that character tab save mod at 1:36, what the name of it

  • Jeremy Jacob Gutierrez

    What did you use for your loads? The one where it shows different names. That could be very useful!

  • Jason Ji

    I think the mod author can take this further by seeing your other character in the game world where you left them. I have no idea how mods work but this could put another level of play. Imagine a home where all your characters stay (if you left them there when you last played them) seeing the character doing idle things and able to interact with them. This is purely an immersion/aesthetic thing but it add another level of RPG. Creating a guild, family, etc.

  • safrole85


  • fireinthedust

    great way to get the daedric items trophy if you don't want to do quests your character wouldn't want to do (ie: I'm not an assassin, why would I do assassination quests?)

  • Blue Sun

    Does it work with Mod organizer? (since it handles save games with the profiles)

  • Zentyx

    "Think outside the box' Nice one there Brodual :P

  • Vasia Smirnov

    What is that mod for saves ?

  • Gabriel Leonardo

    Before brodual: 22 active modsAfter brodual: 115 active mods. I think i need to unsubscribe

  • conrad j

    What was the mod for organized saved characters?

  • Christian Arroyo

    This could be useful to give one of my characters Thieve's Guild Armor so I don't have to play through the guild questline to get it.

  • Darren Tapley

    hey +Brodual what font replacer are you using?

  • Phantom Assassin

    These brodual Channel mods make my skyrim's size 62 gb

  • Osiris Paradox

    Basically an MMO but just you and not as demanding on your wallet. Is this on SE?

  • Zac Jones

    Can those mods work for xbox 360(i still have one)

  • Lollagurl Y

    What's the mod that allows you to scroll through your characters on the main Skyrim screen?

  • Mauricio José Osuna

    Sadly, it appears to not work with custom placeable storage like the Knapsack Storage from Campfire.

  • Sniping Guacamole

    how do you have diffrent save files under diffrent catgories

  • OptimumSmiley

    variant grafter possibility so can't install

  • Montana Nelson

    Checking out the most recent armor video and sees this one so i thought id check it out, immediately sees the mod i was looking for but could never find at the beginning of the video 10/10

  • SkyBox

    eyyy I am a hidden gem :3

  • Jorrel Tolentino

    Yay, Just Like Diablo!!!!

  • Bernie Mongan

    All the names of he's characters is from game of thrones 😂

  • Finn Driessen

    Im really sorry to say and i dont want to make the mod maker angry, because i loved familiar faces but is this mod not a bit boring ?

  • Raving Requiem

    Me and 3 of my friends are playin' with this mod. We live together and we have different skyrim saves. So its like, I role play as a blacksmith and I create weapons and armors for Josh, who plays as a crusader. Stuff like that, pretty interesting to get profit from that

  • Batonathan

    Are you going to make a top skyrim mods of 2016 video?

  • Dignity

    Oooohhhh I member Brugo! I member!

  • Limitless Beast

    Does this also do the character cross save thing like mentioned in the beginning with also having them as a follower or in a pub? also if so do they fight like a guard with you if a dragon attacks a city they are in? Thanks and of you can answer these I would appreciate it, thanks and also what are some other cool things about the mod! Have a great day!

  • Astralok

    where is the big titty mods?

  • Solleks

    What mod is at 1:37 for the character selection load.

  • jack squatt

    Holy shit! The "treasure hunt" idea is pretty cool! Now if there were only a way to make it so that friends could do this remotely, from their own computers, while you play the game on yours in the comfort of your own home.

  • Bill Cipher

    "Skybox definitely thinks out of the box."Heh.

  • Grom76300

    Seems interesting.Of all the mods I have tested (a shit ton, like many of us), Familiar Faces is on my blacklist. The kind of mod that promises much with great idea(s), and deliver 1% because it's buggy, incompatible with everything, and never works correctly. I wonder if it evolved since the last time I used it.Edit : nope. So, don't use it.

  • Ensgnblack

    What allows you to have a horizontal scroll of all of your characters at the "load" option in the main menu?  That looks like a tremendous addition.

  • Gianluca Horrocks

    I thought Khal Drogo was dead. Just when I was beginning to like him.

  • Milan Henke

    These mods are also awesome to share the game with a friend or family member :)

  • julius sneezer

    this mod would be way more useful for morrowind cause if your mage finds a daedric longsword you cant use it but then you could send it to your crusader save

  • Greenzone

    probably one of the worst,uninteresting,useless mod in Brodual's channel c'mon you can do better than THAT

  • alexiamok

    What is the mod at 3:52 where you can switch your characters? Or is it something else?

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