Skyrim Mod: The Forgotten City - Amazing Mod

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The Forgotten City

The fantastic Musical Lore by Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -
  • ErizotDread

    Anyone have any advice on how much of the gameplay to go through before starting this quest? I have the mod installed, but haven't reached level 5 with this particular character yet.

  • Milan Studios

    Good mod but I got stock in a loop loop loop loop loop loop loop loop so ... The same fat 😲

  • Reeg

    This mod was like a amazing heart touching and badass movie. its sooo good, if you like quest mods you cant pass this one up, its just too good.

  • That Dude Guy

    At this point, skyrim became a game engine, and modders are making games off it"the city went boom"

  • Blake Bauman

    I am quest modding the SHIIITTTTT out of Skyrim. The game is going to be like 788899999999 hours long now.

  • Catzilla

    I had no idea you could go back in time multiple times in this mod.

  • KiserYT

    Majora's Mask: Skyrim edition!

  • Zunaid Ahmed Majumder

    Please tell me where to find the outro music. the link you provided contains lots of musics but can't find this particular one.

  • Jet Blac

    I love how you spoiled the story. 5 stars 👏🏿👏🏾👏🏿👏🏾👏🏿

  • Reed Hale

    do the Travelers covered wagon mod

  • Zero11s

    what timeloops? what paradoxes? superdynamic where? 99% CSI 1% time travel BORING!

  • John Wolfe

    AMAZING Mod... more like a small DLC. You really get attached to the storyline and characters. Fantastic voice acting and the questline forces you to actually think and put things together as opposed to the vanilla game which is pretty direct.Dooley <3

  • eternal8song

    I can say, without hyperbole, that this is my favorite mod I've ever come across.IMPORTANT NOTE, THOUGH: if you leave stuff in the chest in your quarters, it'll stay there, until you restart the timeline. then it will disappear. so dont leave your valuables in there like i did.

  • Necrosis the Dremora Warlord

    The only reason I hate this mod is because it takes too damn long to complete it

  • Colleaf Andrews

    please spoil it for me

  • Sebastian Campos

    3-5 hours?! I spent 10! This mod was incredible! Had to keep replaying it to see the various endings. Each of them was great!


    Is the voice acting good?

  • Colleaf Andrews

    I work for a living I made the mistake of downloading this shit, and my save is stuck

  • Haleophant Green

    Is there a module or option to not have the voice-acted notes? Not that the voice acting is bad by any means, but it's just weird to go from reading all your notes normally in the game to suddenly having them read aloud to you.

  • Firzon

    What water mod do you use?

  • That weird shy guy

    For those of you who aren't sure about downloading this mod, I can tell you that the time portal allows this mod to work similarly to majora's mask. Along with that, I think the story and characters in this mod are just as interesting if not more so than the best vanilla quests skyrim has to offer.

  • Fetchdafish

    There really is some crazy depth in this mod. I've never seen anything like it. It almost gives off a Bioshock feel with how much personality it has, and with the setting being a huge isolated city with lots of intrigue and danger. A warning going in; really think about about what you do and what you say to the NPCs. Try to take it seriously, as if you were really there. Being careless can still get you a nice ending, but you'll miss out on a chunk of content and loot. HIGH speech skill will serve you well in this quest, as may strong magical resistance, so it's best go in late in your game.

  • Dr DeusMD

    Yeah, this needs spoiler alerts. Though it doesn't touch on the end details, it includes way too much game play narration and explanation of what's going on. Very distasteful.

  • ElvenUnicorn

    Poor Console Players.

  • How to kill Yourself 101


  • Samuel Eller the Mega Geek

    Thanks for the spoiler!

  • Adam James Williams-Kilburn

    Just completed this mod, I really enjoyed it 😀 I recommend it. 👍

  • Owltaku

    My story, I accidentally broke the dwarvs law, went back in time, the jarl was a dick to me so i Fus Roh Dah'd him to his death, i ended up back in skyrim.

  • Bak Gan01

    Reminds me of Majora's Mask

  • The Bibabiloubob

    hey, do you guys think i can run skyrim fully modded with beautiful graphics with this comp :-i5-4590 Quad Core 3.3 GHz Processor Intel HD Graphics 4600-GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 960 4GB 128-bittell me if you need more things thx

  • Korial

    69,999th Viewer...Wow.

  • Abbi M

    Who breaks the law!? im stuck

  • BruiserMachina

    This is some Steins;Gate shit right here. And I like it.

  • Average Bear

    I uninstalled this mod as soon as the note started talking to me. A red flag if there ever was one for Skyrim mods.

  • Andrew de la Mennah ☣


  • shadowkillers92

    on steam workshop someone said 10/10 would sit in the bathtub with the jarls daughter again. i want to know why he said that

  • SirSirupy

    I remember how much Altrius' note creeped me the hell out when I played this for the first time!

  • Nukem962001

    Brodual I wish you would do a review on Skyrim Unbound.  It is an alternate start mod with tons of options.  I find it better than Live Another Life, but I will let you decide that.  It is on Steam, but he also has a link on their where you can download it separately if you don't want to use Steam.  The mod author was banned from NEXUS so that is why it is not on the Nexus.  Happy Gaming

  • Papa Alpha

    Where can I sleep I can't find anywhere?

  • Captain Italia

    This is one of my favorite mods of all time. It's amazing

  • Last Dragonborn

    This is the only quest to actually scare me. Going through those dark halls the first time, the music, the lighting, I legit felt fear. This is Touching the Sky and The Forsworn Conspirascy levels of emotional intensity, except it's not sadness.

  • Gerard Reyes

    This mod is like the anime Re:zero

  • Perry Kamli

    My favorite quest mod so far. Really cool idea, great voice acting and music. Getting the "good ending" got a bit tedious towards the end, so I actually prefer the "normal ending". Great town as well, it felt like I was playing Majoras Mask again.

  • Robert House

    Are you going to make the last Ordinator video?

  • Mr Logic

    What is the Skyrim music in the start?

  • Andrew Kresky

    Thumbsd down because "spoiler: he hangs himself" without spoiler warning, posted as a review. hopefully next video is more review and less spoilers!

  • builder680 hotmail

    Mod has lots of script warnings in papyrus logs. Author refuses to answer questions about them and deletes any questions about them. Download at your own risk.

  • ThePieMan

    Brodual, your "reviews" are more like complete spoiler walkthroughs in which you ruin a ton of the surprises without warning. Cmon that's not what a review is about

  • zah fares

    I like the new remix ending song

  • stinkpinkponkdinkconk

    Bugs south clamor nigga!

  • Magi V

    So, if you steal something and nobody notices, does the city still get destroyed? I need to know this for...reasons.

  • Colleaf Andrews

    fuck this quest..... omg..... wtf

  • Raymond Alcantara

    If you remain true to the way of the voice, you will be able to solve the problem of this mod!

  • FoxOwne

    SPOILERS Wait... So if going through the lake house takes you back in time, and if the event was only less than a decade ago... How did Altrius get that old? Either he went through the lake house and reset, or seven something years passed and he didn't, either way he wouldn't become seventy or something by the end of it all.

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