Skyrim Mod: Become a Bard

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Become a Bard

Other mods:
LIAT - Lively Inns And Taverns -

Intro/Outro Music:
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Carl Jhonson vídeos :v

    what button do I have to touch to open the music


    what is the armor at 0:48

  • Alexandre

    Each time I'm looking for a mod I have Brodual videos !! ;) thanks SEO and Brodual for your videoos they are always awesome

  • Martijn Bakker

    I just want a mod that gets me a bard as a follower who constantly follows me and plays my theme song whenever I enter a room.'No Lydia, I don't need help with these bandits! Just keep playing! I know you know that song, we've just played it in the tavern!

  • creepy old man creepy 45 year old man

    Mod 0/10 I play as a orc sings in nord voice

  • KleisterMeister

    I can play mask off on my flute in skyrim?Sold

  • 1oAce

    But do we get. An electric lute?

  • Sloan Blackhart

    and don't forget, one of the songs is literally the chicken dance

  • Nuclear Intoxic #Ricciardi66 10k

    1:51 i saw those moves tho,those are some sick moves

  • Asbestos Fish

    I'm going to invent Beethoven!>begins playing ode to joy<


    What are you using for that sexy head bobbing?

  • nickclark89

    my custom songs dont work, dunno why, all have the rights names Custom01.xwm and they are in the right place Skyrim\Data\Sound\FX\Mus\Bard\Custom... the mod is cool regardless

  • LucineAura

    Does anyone have trouble with female bards? My character's hands don't touch the lute, well at least the strings. It kind of hovers over it, kind of looks absurd. Any advice much appreciated.

  • Scormern

    It sucks that you can't use this mod on PS4

  • EJ gaming

    I only became a bard to play songs and I don't have any mods so I have done that quest for nothing yay hate my skyrim day

  • Gregg Acuff

    what is song #8 on the lute?

  • Tyrael

    Great video! But there is one qestion left... why are they having like 40 people in the bannered Mare??

  • Extreme Subtlety

    Innkeeper kicked me out for playing a full metal instrumental on my drum

  • Ryder Hall

    What is the music of life uhh da best music welcome brother

  • Jerrone

    I want to know how Sven danced in 1:50 XD BTW~ it is time to play some Guitar Hero musics in Skyrim !!! \m/

  • Samuele Labella

    Game says me that i can't equipe this object. I activated "play liute". But it doesnt work

  • Minster maro


  • Nipple Collector

    nobody is gonna play the fucking drum nerds

  • Raving Requiem

    Imagine this: Dragonborn and his companions sit by the fire in the camp, probably on yet another adventure in the middle of Sithis' ass. Dovahkiin just pulls out his lute and starts playing Darude-Sandstorm. Perfekt!

  • Vaughn Dayen

    how do you add audio to the custom music?

  • Fastward

    I will be a power metal bard my dreams will come true!!!! opening song thru da fire and the flamez

  • G Studios

    and here is me, wishing i still owned skyrim, lost mine and all its dlcs during the mass steam hacking few years back.

  • yoyo asaad

    can you please upload the files with out the site (nexus mod i have a problem in sign in the site

  • Eric

    I posted a link to your video at @ (a Bethesda Thread). We can quickly & efficiently tell Microsoft to increase the Total Mod Limit on the xBox One (& 1x) by voting here: (an xBox Live account is required). Please feel free to share this to get the word out! Thank you.

  • Fraser Thompson

    How are your shadows so smooth? My shadows are so damn jagged

  • Jorge Lobo

    any chance this mod would be someday on ps4? :(

  • GamerGeek TV

    my fav is no. 6 from songs of elsweyr

  • Dimitri Rufino

    eeey theres a song with my name on it c:

  • Dank Potatoes

    I fucking love this community

  • chaoseclipse01

    I misread and thought the title was Skyrim Mods: Become Bad instead of Become a Bard at first.Meh. Same difference.

  • Rambo_ Gameing

    Skyrim Mod: Become a bro

  • Kng Zigg

    >gets this mod>adds through the fire and flames>best bard tamriel's ever known>???>profit

  • MGTOWica

    my favorite song is track 3 Elsweyr, I wanted to learn that song on guitar but the original artist doesn't seem to have that particular piece of work available for listening or download. Gorgeous mod, I went from playing hours on end exploring or spawning armies of enemies to kill to sitting down with a beer, toggling a song book and enjoying the glow of the taverns I've played in. Solitude and Winterhold are definitely my favorite places to chill with this mod.EDIT: i wanted to throw one improvement out there however, if there is ever to be one with this mod. Spells to enhance your performance. I like having an orb of candle light while playing but it'd be nice to have special effect spells you can cast to enhance your stage or your presence while playing. like snow falling on the performers from a cold shaft of light or perhaps a background surrounding, like an opening into the afterlife, featuring an ethereal crowd listening or even performing with you. That'd be sick as fuck. A simple ring of fire(would add some johnny cash to the game just for that!) or perhaps you can cast a spell that grows vegetation like plants flowers at your feet and butterflies in the air, for the more summerset like songs. An evil daedric-like ambience for metal songs... it's too easy to think of an environment a spell could create.

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